This Kickstarter-Backed Gay-Themed Horror Film Might Just Scare the Pants Off You – VIDEO

Filmmakers Matthew Chilleli and Ben DeLoose have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a horror movie with two gay main characters.


Filmmakers Matthew Chilleli and Ben DeLoose have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a horror movie with two gay main characters.

Escape The Dark, about “a haunted apartment, depression, and what's waiting for all of us in the dark,” follows two sets of roommates experiencing mysterious events while battling their own personal demons.

With one week to go, the campaign has so far raised over $11,000 with a goal of $15,000.

Watch Matthew and Ben's eerily entertaining campaign video, AFTER THE JUMP

Escape the dark


  1. says

    Alexbh, I’ve watched some pretty crappy Kickstarter videos. Matt and Ben have come up with a pretty watchable one here. C’mon guys, pitch in, say, half of what you’d spend on a Saturday night out at your fave bar!

  2. Matthew Chilelli says

    Alexbh, waaaay more entertaining! For example: we won’t have to ask for money in the film. Haha.

    Thanks, Jon, half a Saturday night bar tab would probably put us way over our goal!

    I can’t believe we made it here. So flattering! So cool!

  3. LA says

    Gay people are menaced and marauded and tormented enough in reality. I find the notion of a horror movie centered on gay people being terrorized and hurt to be incredibly offensive. It’s definitely not something positive.

    By contrast, I’d consider pitching into Kickstarter for a movie that was about PROTECTING gay people from the harm and threats that we face.

  4. Matthew Chilelli says

    Hey, LA! That is a good point, and you might be happy to know that our film is not about gay people being terrorized or hurt because they’re gay.

    I think being scared and dealing with overwhelming problems is part of being human. I see no reason that gay characters shouldn’t be portrayed doing that as much as straight characters. Horror films are special in that the problems are so great that when they’re conquered it’s that much grander a victory.

    I think that seeing gay characters overcome the kinds of odds one sees in a horror film is more a message about bravery and perseverance than anything else.

    By the way, I would love to see a Kickstarter for a movie about protecting gay people from harm and threats, too! Sounds like someone already has a movie premise worked out!

  5. Matt says

    I think its a wonderful and positive step that characters can be put in situations and that they may intereact with their significant other regardless of whether that person is of the same or opposite sex. Awesome to see characters who happen to be gay given full three dimensional personalities and not just painted with the same old broad brush. Proud to back this project!

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