Kelly Ripa Grills Anderson Cooper On Whether He Wants To Sleep With Her Husband Mark Consuelos: VIDEO


On last night's Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen handed off his hosting duties to guest Kelly Ripa and let her run a little game of "Plead the Fifth" on fellow guest Anderson Cooper. The game is one of the recurring gambits on WWHL where a guest is asked three questions, may plead the fifth to one but must then answer the other two. Ripa dove in by asking Cooper whether he would rather have sex with her or her husband, Mar Consuelos. The answer may seem obvious (for obvious reasons), yet the banter that ensues is awkward enough to illict a chuckle from even a Scrooge.

Watch Anderson get up close and personal (and also deal with the gay man's Sophie's choice), AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. bandanajack says

    you two that are geo blocked, download a free proxy handling program called HOLA. magically changes the way web site see you allowing you to navigate their sites and see their videos as if local. i used to have that happen all the time with shows from australia and the UK. no more. seriously don’t hesitate.

  2. Kieran says

    I wonder if they would ask Tom Brokaw or Wolf Blitzer who they’d rather bang? I guess if you’re an openly gay man you’re supposed to be treated like a Jerry Springer guest.

  3. WA Mike says

    If anyone needs more proof that Andy Cohen is an absolute total idiot, look at his reaction when Coops says of course he’d pick Mark over Kelly. All of a sudden I was transported back to middle school.

    Coop should have answered that inane question with “You do know I’m gay, right?”

  4. Beef Jerky says

    Really, Anderson? Kelly gave you another chance to pick her for sex, and you still chose Madge instead? Rude.

    And why do both Cohen and Ripa not pronounce the second “f” in “fifth”? I now realize it’s an alternative way to pronounce the word, but it still bothers me for some reason.

  5. Kim says

    GMAB Brian Williams participates on that stupid Fallon Show and Wolf Blitzer dances on Soul Train Awards . How is Anderson any worse. Oh yeah Barbara Walters talked about her vibrator on the View

  6. Mar says

    I’m so grossed out by Kelly’s constant stupid innuendos. She makes these dumb suggestions and jokes, the audience barely laughs, but clearly she get a kick out of herself. Panderer.

  7. budcat says

    Out of country as well but google search found it and watched on YouTube. AND I watched All My children and John above is totally right. Never had I read such fan fiction that was based on Mark´s All My Children persona….OMG is he HOT

  8. TimF says

    KIM, Anderson has been in the public eye his entire life, being the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. Can’t blame him for wanting to keep some part of his life to himself.

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