Vladimir Putin Denies Persecution Of Gays In Russia – VIDEO

Vladimir Putin has said his support for “traditional family values” will not lead to the persecution of gay people in Russia

PutinVladimir Putin has said his support for “traditional family values” will not lead to the persecution of gay people in Russia, reports ZeeNews.

In January, Putin said that Russia should cleanse itself of homosexuality.

In a state-of-the-nation address last Thursday, the Russian president said "healthy family" and traditional values were among the country’s top priorities.

However, he added that although “traditional family” is preferable, “this should not look as if we intend to persecute people of some non-traditional orientation."

Despite introducing a controversial anti-gay law last year which bans the “promotion” of homosexuality and has been seen as an excuse to crackdown on LGBT people, Putin added that criticism from other countries is merely "a label."

Watch Putin defend Russia's anti-gay laws, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Jeff says

    Putin’s willingness to pass anti-gay laws to strengthen his political advantage is no different than what American Republican politicians have done for the last 40 plus years in terms of pushing racist (Southern Strategy) and homophobic policies (Bush’s push for anti-gay marriage ballot initiatives in 2004). It’s silly to pretend otherwise. Putin’s use of bigotry is no more monstrous than what we’ve seen here in the U.S.

    Yeah, I know people are going to disagree. But you’re kidding yourselves. European politicians like France’s Sarkozy have jumped on the anti-gay marriage bandwagon for similar effect. Demonizing a minority to gain advantage is a long successful political strategy. European politicians did so with antisemitic rhetoric and policies for centuries. They continue do so with anti-Gypsy/Roma laws.

    It’s evil but effective.


    Let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton used Geraldine Ferraro to spout racist attacks against Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign to win votes from racist white voters. Mitt Romney used John Sununu to do so in 2012.

    Obama, who had been pro-marriage while a state senator in Illinois, had switch his position to run for the presidency. He then became pro civil unions and went through the farce of evolving his position towards legalized gay marriage. While not outright, it does show the political will to sacrifice principle to appease bigotry to win.

    This is a game. Twisted, horribly destructive and vicious but most politicians who rule empires like Russia and the U.S. are not good people. They all have the killer instinct and will either do the dirty work themselves or hand it off to a trusted proxy to do so for them.


  2. calpoidog says

    I always love the use of the word “traditional” to imply that we are something “recent” or “new” rather than we’ve always been here, we just weren’t allowed to identify as such. Gays “traditionally” got married or entered the priesthood but have always been a part of the fabric of every society.

  3. Ellamangave says

    Oh I see. He has to be a closet case to not want to be promoting homosexual. Is that what you tell yourselves to be able to accept the fact 50% of people find gays repulsive?

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