Harry Styles Asks Niall Horan if He Can Sit on His Face


According to Yahoo! UK, One Direction's Harry Styles responded to this Instagram photo posted by bandmate Niall Horan with a simple request:

"Can I sit on your face? Please?"

Of course the alleged screengrab of the comments could be some Directioner's photoshopped attempt at wishful-thinking slash fiction.

But it has once again sent the 'Harry is gay' fans (see here, here, here, here, and here) and opponents into a Twitter frenzy.



  1. Dave says

    These kids have great handlers who’ve taught them well the art of attracting free publicity.

    1D is a marketing machine!


  2. arianna says

    we gays needs to start having some self respect.

    these boys are not gay, stop forcing them to be gay or bi. they are straight, deal with it, get a new fantasy. sam smith is gay lust after him, frank ocean is gay lust after him, they are both talented when compared to one direction or nick jonas.

  3. Pervy McPerv says

    I’d rather sit on Niall’s face than have Harry sit on mine. Unless we’re talking about Prince Harry.

  4. Beef Jerky says

    We all know that the tongue is the most important part of sitting on someone’s face… But that tongue looks kinda weird and unhealthy… So Harry, sit at your own risk.

  5. oreo2390 says

    You people are really dumb people can fake it and act like there them and even if it was them it dosent matter and there not gay you take everthing the wrong way so why dont you stop being so rude to people when u dont know there life and accusing people of stuff. I hope this helps u with your pesonality cause you people are truly cruel

  6. EM says

    OREO, lolling at your 12 year old fangirl self.

    Did mummy hold your hand to find Towleroad?

    Being gay, or considered gay or bi is neither crime nor insult, and you are info a big wake up call to your 12 year old self some day about at least one, maybe two or more of these boys. Harry loves and encourages people talking about his sexuality, he doesn’t care, so you stop being an uptight!