Murray Bartlett Brings The Beefcake On Instagram: PHOTOS


Looking star Murray Bartlett brings his considerable beefcake to a series of new photos shot by New York photographer Luke Austin-Paglialonga that the HBO show has shared on Instagram. The photos are part of the show's #LookingArtistSessions.

The second season of the San Francisco-based gay drama starring Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez, Raul Castillo, Russell Tovey and, of course, Bartlett, is set to air tomorrow. 

Catch two more snaps of Bartlett dishing out the beefcake while flashing his bedroom eyes, AFTER THE JUMP…

Check out the trailer for the upcoming season HERE.

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  1. what's old is new again says

    You boys today can keep your shaved overly muscled steroid queens.

    THIS is a man.
    This is our ideal in the 70s, and he is still perfect today.

  2. BrokebackBob says

    @Lupin Okay we’ll stop pushing them down your throats, you won’t know what you’re missing because the older men (like myself) KNOW how to make love to a man. Your refusal means that much more for us. Murray could make any show better and his relationship with Scott Bakula makes me do another load of laundry. When I first say Murray fully clothed on the show, I concentrated on what kind of person the character is and no so much on the physical, but that shot with him and Scott B in the steam room made my mouth water ANG my lower jaw drop. It was embarrassing and I was the only one in the room. Like Tony the Tiger says: Heeeeeeeeeeee’s GREAT!

  3. BETTY says

    Yes LUPIN because this site NEVER posts pics or articles on young, twinky guys. It’s just a daily barrage of “old hairy men” around here.

    Your tune will change when you hit 30 and all the young guys want nothing to do with YOU. You are in for a rude awakening child.

  4. stanhope says

    who gives a shyt about Lupin’s comment? Shallow as a thimble and probably not all that cute with proven ignorance…why bother? This Murray guy is OK looking, the character he plays doesn’t appeal to me personally.

  5. Kay says

    Well, I am a woman, and this guy is much more appealing to my het loins than all the shaved, waxed and plunked “twinks” put together.

    Out of curiosity…Why do gay men have a label or category for every different kind of male? Who comes up with the terms? And would this guy be considered a “bear” because he is hairy? Or do you have to be overweight to earn that label?

  6. Ingmar53 says

    The show doesn’t suck. For those with an attention span more than a gnat’s, LOOKING has proven to be a tapestry of gay life at one place and time — warts and all. For those who took the time to let characters develop in half-hour intervals over the first season, the show has been both fun and an insightful mirror reflecting our community’s ageism, racism and classism within the camaraderie that we celebrate. I can’t wait for season 2.

  7. Clayton says

    @Kay — I come up with all those names. I have a 40 hour a week job in a place called Branding. All I do is come up with names. You can also thank me for Tomboy, Princess, Trophy wife, Starter wife, Cougar, and MILF.

  8. Clayton says

    I have to say that I think Bartlett is HAWT. I went through my terns in the 70s when brooding,hairy guys with thick moustaches ruled. Just looking at him makes me quiver. I also like the show. Its a gay version of Sex and the City, but the characters are much more interestingly flawed than the entitled,narcissistic, consumerist whiners that all four of those women became.

  9. Kay says

    To Clayton…point taken. My intention was not to offend. Actually, I would like to know how those terms for women came about as well. Your list actually saddens me.

  10. Will says

    As we say in this part of the country, Lord have mercy…That jaw line, the lips, the strong nose, the squared shoulders and all the rest – its the eyes that I could fall into and never return. 😉

  11. ChrisGa says

    Not a fan of porn staches but this man is walking perfection to me; the face, the body, the hair. Never change Murray. And, most importantly, NEVER lose the body hair.

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