Jets Wide Receiver Eric Decker Shirtless for Flaunt

Eric Decker shirtless

Eric Decker shirtless.

Eric Decker gave an interview to Flaunt magazine this month, and offered them some quotes about his high IQ, his reality series on E!, his married life, and what he likes to wear:

“I always usually have the same equipment guy put on my jersey and I wear double-­sided tape on my pads, so that the jersey lays a certain way,” he says. Off the field, Decker says, “I always like to be in jeans and a t-­shirt, but then I also like to get dressed up when we go to events or even travel for games. [I like] wearing suits and driving a nice car.”

But Flaunt also got to the meat of the story: “Decker’s beach body is almost offensive.”