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Adam Carolla Says Life is Hard as a Comedian Because of Gays, Wishes They Would 'Shut the F--k Up'

Comedian Adam Carolla complains to Salon that he can't tell jokes about gays anymore without being put on a list of bullies and that comedians should be held to a different standard than statesmen.

CarollaCarolla says there really is a gay mafia:

My feeling about the gay community — first off, you can’t live in Hollywood and get along in this business and be in theater companies and improv companies and have issues with gay people... If you can’t work with gay people, you’re gonna have a difficult time in Hollywood. There’s plenty of gay people and they’re in positions above you. You’re not going to get your movie directed. I don’t have a problem with it — they’ve just turned into a mafia and demanding everyone apologize for every joke and retract every statement.

He also says that gays can hide (like pedophiles) so it's not easy for people to discriminate against them and that we should be given marriage rights so we'll shut the hell up:

It’s turned into something that’s bigger than it is. I’ve lived in this town my whole life and never seen it like this. There’s been comedians telling jokes but no overt gay-bashing crimes. I don’t even know who’s gay and who’s not gay nine times out of 10 — why do you even need to know? Your skin color and gender one can see, if one wanted to discriminate. In terms of sexual proclivities, I don’t know what someone’s into! You could work with someone who’s into kids — how would you know? I don’t know and I don’t care. In the book, what I say about the gay community is that someone sent me “the top 10 reasons gays should marry.” One: They’re American. Two: They pay taxes. Three through five: So they can shut the f--k up.

The full interview at Salon...

Adam Carolla Justifies Anti-Gay Jokes Because 'Nice Doesn't Get Laughs': VIDEO


Sara Gilbert asked Adam Carolla about making jokes at the expense of gay people yesterday on The Talk. Carolla seems to think it's perfectly okay, as long as he gets a laugh out of it.

Said Carolla:

“If somebody says to me, ‘What do you think of your mother-in-law,’ and I go, ‘Oh, she’s a delight, I love her dearly,’ nobody laughs. So if they say, ‘What do you think of Chaz Bono,’ I have to say something that’s horrible, so I can get a laugh. And everyone goes, 'oh, that's what you think?' Nice doesn’t get laughs, especially on stage...When did we start holding comedians up to the level of politicians and teachers? We're supposed to say these things...we make no policies. I don't control anything. I just tell jokes."


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