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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' RECAP - 'Test Of Strength' [Spoilers]


Oh, no. Have we reached that part of the season where American Horror Story starts to run completely off the rails? I think so.

With the con artists, the twins, the rich psychopath and the strongman/bearded lady/"lobster boy" family dynamic, did we really also need the entire story about the candy striper? She was a character who seemed like a throway when she was sloppily introduced in episode one. Do we even know why she hates her dad so much? Like, what did he do, really?

It just feels very, very unnecessary to reinforce the idea that it's the non-freaks who are truly scary; a theme with which Ryan Murphy has beaten us over the head already throughout this season (and past seasons and even his other shows). Still, there were some juicy bits tonight (especially with Denis O'Hare's scheming Stanley). Overall, however, not a great showing.

Find out more on Grace Gummer's candy striper and all the big happenings from the most recent episode, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' RECAP - 'Bullseye' [Spoilers]


OK, so a bit of a lull this week on American Horror Story, no? Some interesting pieces are being moved into place, but on its own, tonight's installment felt like a bit of a set-up episode.

It was great to spend some time with Paul (Matt Fraser) tonight. He gave an incredible performance, and I hope we see more Fraser on our screens soon. 

Something I'd like to see a lot less? These sort of fantasy sequences we keep getting, especially from Stanley (Denis O'Hare) and Esmerelda (Emma Roberts). I think they're jarring, and, while the first one was a fun sort of bait and switch, it's just starting to feel like a way for AHS to show something shocking without committing.

Despite lacking some of the punch of other episodes, there's still lots to discuss. Spin the wheel and catch up, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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What To Watch This Week on TV: 'Runway' Witches; Lifetime's 'Aaliyah'


Check out our weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and the stuff you won't admit you watch when no one's looking.

— Get your fill of The Blacklist tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern on NBC before it goes on hiatus. The midseason finale features Red (James Spader) and Liz (Megan Boone) further complicating their already complex relationship. Don’t expect resolution from tonight’s twists and turns; the show will want to leave viewers on the edge of their seats for its return in the prized post-Super Bowl slot this February.

A wicked challenge on Runway, Carol and Daryl team up on Dead, and more TV picks, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' RECAP - 'Pink Cupcakes' [Spoilers]


 THAT's more like it. I stand by my assessment that the Edward Mordrake episodes were fairly weak. For a Halloween horror spectacular, the two-part story was only scary to those who have a crippling fear of exposition. Unlike tonight's episode, which was tense and disturbing and also sexy and even at times funny. ("I'd rather be boiled in oil than be on television" is no "KNOTTY PINE?!" but it was still the kind of line that only Jessica Lange could deliver properly.)

Tonight also marked Matt Bomer's American Horror Story debut, and it certainly was ... memorable. 

Let’s start with the Dandy story of the evening. But before we get into all the terrifying, twisted action, can we just take a minute to ogle appreciate Finn Wittrock?

I'll save the spoilers (and more hunky undies GIFs) for AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' RECAP - 'Edward Mordrake, Pt. 2' [Spoilers]


First off, the good news: In addition to Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka joining the end of this seasonAmerican Horror Story vet Lily Rabe is returning. And! She's revisiting one of her previous roles in the series.

But now the bad news ... tonight's episode was not the strongest. As the titular villain for this year's two-part Halloween episode, you would think Edward Mordrake (Wes Bentley) could have been a bit more menacing. Sure, he was ultimately after a soul to drag back to Hell or something like that, but his most immediate threat was to talk to you until you cry. Not sure how I feel yet about whom he selected, but I'm already surprised about how sad I am to potentially say goodbye to his chosen one.

Without further ado, let's pop a squat on our rusty nail toilet and settle into this week's recap, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'American Horror Story' Recruits Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka For 'Freak Show'


Neil Patrick Harris is a very busy man.

He wrapped his Tony Award-winning turn in Hedwig and the Angry Inch over the summer, was just announced as the host of next year's Academy Awards and can be currently seen in David Fincher's Gone Girl.

On top of that crowded schedule, he's now been confirmed to make an appearance on two upcoming episodes of American Horror Story: Freak Show. But this time, he's bringing husband David Burtka along with him.

TVLine reports:

Harris will appear in Freak Show‘s 11th and 12th episodes as a chameleon salesman, while Burtka will turn up in the season finale (Episode 13) in what I’m told is a sexy storyline with Jessica Lange’s batty chanteuse. Earlier this month, Horror Story puppetmaster Ryan Murphy — who invited AHS super-fan (and good friend) NPH on the show via Twitter back in August — told TVLine of Harris’ forthcoming Freak Show stint: “He had very specific ideas for what he wanted to do, and I had very specific ideas, so we’re working on melding those.” Murphy and Harris’ previous collaboration — a Season 1 episode of Glee — netted the How I Met Your Mother actor an Emmy for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

Look for their episodes of the FX series to air in January 2015.

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