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Neil Patrick Harris Gets Freaky in New 'American Horror Story' Promo: VIDEO


American Horror Story: Freak Show is currently on its end of the year hiatus following Wednesday's somber episode, but those still chomping at the bit for more freaky goodness should check out this promo for next year's winter premiere featuring Neil Patrick Harris' debut as some sort of salesman-ventriloquist-magician.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

American Horror Story: Freak Show returns January 7. Harris will be featured in two episodes and hubby David Burtka will make an appearance in the season finale

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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' RECAP - 'Orphans' [Spoilers]


 If this was American Sob Story: Freak Show, tonight's episode would have been stupendous. However, tonight's exposition-heavy hour (and then some) fell far short in the whole 'horror' department, with nary a scare to be found. Instead, we heard lots of back story, lots of history.

As a self-contained arc for two-time AHS character Pepper (Naomi Grossman), it was an excellent showcase, making Pepper one of the purest (and most tragic) figures ever on this show. Grossman's performance pushed through all the prosthetics to deliver something raw and relatable, even without her character's ability to articulate her feelings. But as a fall finale, there was much to be desired. Yes, besides the excellent Pepper story, we did move a few major pieces into places, but nothing too surprising.

Let's dig into the details, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' RECAP - 'Tupperware Party Massacre' [Spoilers]


Now that was more like it! Not a perfect episode, but the latest installment of AHS: Freak Show, "Tupperware Party Massacre" had a few things really going for it.

For starters, it upped both the blood and guts, as well as the body count. It may sound macabre, but for a show with "horror" in the title, they've got to bring the darkness. Our villains -- Stanley and Dandy -- are also becoming more legitimate threats. They still lack the menance of Twisty or the Rubber Man, but now they've got larger plans at play to drive us toward a high stakes conclusion to their arcs.

Plus, we got to see Evan Peters' and Finn Wittrock's butts. No complaints here.

Let's discuss what went down in last night's episode, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' RECAP - 'Blood Bath' [Spoilers]


Welcome back! After a short hiatus, American Horror Story: Freak Show has returned, and tonight's episode made up for lost time by bidding adieu to a couple major characters. (And showing more skin from Finn Wittrock.)

Find out which characters bit the dust in tonight's real mother of an episode, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' RECAP - 'Test Of Strength' [Spoilers]


Oh, no. Have we reached that part of the season where American Horror Story starts to run completely off the rails? I think so.

With the con artists, the twins, the rich psychopath and the strongman/bearded lady/"lobster boy" family dynamic, did we really also need the entire story about the candy striper? She was a character who seemed like a throway when she was sloppily introduced in episode one. Do we even know why she hates her dad so much? Like, what did he do, really?

It just feels very, very unnecessary to reinforce the idea that it's the non-freaks who are truly scary; a theme with which Ryan Murphy has beaten us over the head already throughout this season (and past seasons and even his other shows). Still, there were some juicy bits tonight (especially with Denis O'Hare's scheming Stanley). Overall, however, not a great showing.

Find out more on Grace Gummer's candy striper and all the big happenings from the most recent episode, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' RECAP - 'Bullseye' [Spoilers]


OK, so a bit of a lull this week on American Horror Story, no? Some interesting pieces are being moved into place, but on its own, tonight's installment felt like a bit of a set-up episode.

It was great to spend some time with Paul (Matt Fraser) tonight. He gave an incredible performance, and I hope we see more Fraser on our screens soon. 

Something I'd like to see a lot less? These sort of fantasy sequences we keep getting, especially from Stanley (Denis O'Hare) and Esmerelda (Emma Roberts). I think they're jarring, and, while the first one was a fun sort of bait and switch, it's just starting to feel like a way for AHS to show something shocking without committing.

Despite lacking some of the punch of other episodes, there's still lots to discuss. Spin the wheel and catch up, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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