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Patti LaBelle, Godmother of Soul, To Join 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

Patti_LaBellePatti LaBelle, The Godmother of Soul, will be joining the cast of American Horror Story: Freak Show this fall according to TVLine.

LaBelle will be joining Gabourey Sidibe, who’ll be playing her daughter, as well as series veterans Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, and Kathy Bates.

Set in 1950s Jupiter, Florida, Freak Show, as its name suggests, will focus on a series of mysterious murders centered around one of the few remaining side-show attractions in the country. Rather than singing, LaBelle’s character will delve into the truth about the “secrets of Twisty the clown killer.”

Listen to the stars of American Horror Story: Freak Show drop hints about the upcoming season AFTER THE JUMP...

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Fan-Made American Horror Story: Freakshow Teaser Chills - VIDEO

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Initially reported as being an official teaser for the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Freakshow, a fan-made trailer is making rounds across the internet. FOX, parent company of FX, which airs American Horror Story, has since attempted to scour the the 20 second clip from the internet. Official or not, the trailer manages to channel the eerie ethos of the show, is as unsettling as it is beautiful.

The upcoming fourth season of Ryan Murphy’s horror-of-the-week features much of the same cast we’ve come to expect from the show, albeit playing new characters. Jessica Lange, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, and Kathy Bates are all confirmed to return, this time lending their talents to a story revolving around a circus “freakshow” on the decline.

“It was always a concept that Jessica and I talked about really early on,” Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly. “I thought it was going to be light but it’s turning out to be quite terrifyingly dark, which it feels much more like the Asylum season. But look — if you have a character named the Clown Killer, it’s going to be dark.”

Bassett, Bates, and Paulson are scheduled to host a retrospective panel taking a look back at American Horror Story: Coven and other seasons later this month at the San Diego ComicCon, though EW reports that no new footage of Freakshow will be screened.

Take a look at the new trailer (while it's still up) AFTER THE JUMP...

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'American Horror Story: Coven' RECAP - 'The Seven Wonders' [Spoilers]


Back when Ryan Murphy first made some noise about the possibility of a Coven spin-off, most fans hadn't even seen the first episode yet. Though the idea was soon kaput, it's a lot easier to imagine how that spinoff would've shaped up having seen tonight's finale.

It's probably for the best we don't get to spend any more time with the girls of Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies anyway, because I'm sure they'd eventually have to graduate, move to New York City and we'd all hate the new class.

I'll keep most of my thoughts on this season safely behind the jump for any spoilerphobes, but, suffice to say, tonight's season finale took some unexpected turns (and a few partially expected ones).

Find out the final fate of Fiona and the other witches, AFTER THE JUMP

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Who Is The Next 'American Horror Story' Supreme?


It all comes down to this. American Horror Story's most cohesive, stylish and fabulous season ends tonight.  As has become the norm on Horror Story, the finale is bound to have a sizable body count. But in addition to who makes it out alive, viewers are just as eager to know the answer to one very important question:

Who is the next Supreme?

We've known for a while that Jessica Lange's chic Head Witch In Charge, Fiona, was at the end of her reign, but the list of her potential replacements seemed to grow each week (no matter how many times she tried to kill them). We'll find out who's going to lead the coven tonight when four students at Miss Robichaux's Academy For Exceptional Young Ladies attempt to perform the requisite Seven Wonders, but that doesn't stop us from speculating.

See our breakdown of potential Supremes, from least likely to most likely, and share yours, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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What To Watch This Week on TV: Melissa McCarthy Hosts, 'Coven' Crowns a New Supreme - VIDEO


Check out our weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and the stuff you won't admit you watch when no one's looking.

— Melissa McCarthy returns to host SNL Saturday at 11:30 p.m. Eastern on NBC with musical guest Imagine Dragons. The funny lady has a good track record for helming a hilarious episode, plus it's Seth Meyers last episode before shipping off to take over Late Night.

More picks and clips, including Lifetime's latest cheesy movie you can't stop watching (we've all been there), AFTER THE JUMP...

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'American Horror Story: Coven' RECAP - 'Go To Hell' [Spoilers]


Well, that was a whopper of an episode, was it not? This week, we said goodbye to some huge characters, leading up to what's bound to be a blood-soaked finale.

We also got a sneak peek into the Seven Wonders: telekinesis, concilium (mind control), transmutation (teleportation), divination, vitalum vitalis (balancing life force), descensum (journeying into the afterlife) and pyrokinesis. We also learned that those who attempt the Seven Wonders risk killing themselves in the process, raising the stakes significantly for next week's finale.

With just one week left until we find out who will be the next Supreme, relive the latest developments for all our favorite witches, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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