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Aussie Celebs Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell Marry: VIDEO

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Longtime readers of Towleroad may recall that back in 2007 an Australian Idol contestant named Anthony Callea made a splash when he came out of the closet. Callea's disclosure was followed soon after with an identical one from Australian actor and singer Tim Campbell.

Campbell and Callea met during an Australian  production of Rent, and shortly thereafter announced that they were together.

Yesterday Callea said that after seven years he and Campbell have married.

Wrote Callea on Instagram:

It's extra special today as @timcampbelltwit and I get to share the news we are married! There's a whole bunch of photos and what went on over 2 days of celebrations in this weeks Woman's Day! Yep....he liked it and definitely put a ring on it! Tune in to both Kyle & Jackie O and Jonesy & Amanda as Tim and I will be joining them on air shortly!

Woman's Day reports:

The loved-up couple, who surprised everyone when they announced they were getting married, travelled to New Zealand, where same-sex marriage is recognised, and vowed to spend the rest of their lives together in front of their parents (Cosmo and Santina Callea and Graham and Heather Campbell) and best friends – Rob and Annie Cipressi.

Following on from the intimate and simple affair, the newlyweds flew back home to Melbourne to host a dinner party for their nearest and dearest.

Australia, of course, does not yet have marriage equality.


Watch them performing in Rent together back in 2007, AFTER THE JUMP...

Callea and Campbell in 2007:


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Gay Couple Campbell and Callea to Perform Together for Xmas Show


Australian actor Tim Campbell and former Australian Idol contestant Anthony Callea, who both came out of the closet in 2007, and then revealed they were in a relationship last February, are set for an Australian television first on Christmas eve, when they will perform a duet together on the TV show Carols by Candlelight:

"It will be the first time an openly gay couple have sung together at such an event that is televised around the country. The couple were unavailable for comment yesterday. What they will sing is a secret. The couple recently returned from a holiday in New York and are expected to sing solo on the night as well. It's been a big year for each of them. Campbell is signed to Channel 9 and Callea will soon finish his role on the hit musical Wicked."

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Callearoad.jpg Aussie Idol star Anthony Callea says coming out has had minimal career impact: "You really have to be comfortable with yourself before you make that step. Everybody has an opinion. People say, 'You should have been up front about it', but you need to be comfortable. You don't want to get to 30 or 40 and be dealing with your sexuality. I wanted to do it my way. I didn't want my label or management to be a part of it, I wanted to write my own statement and express what I've gone through and dealt with."

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Tim Campbell and Anthony Callea Take Relationship Public


Australian actor Tim Campbell and former Australian Idol contestant Anthony Callea, who in December were rumored to be involved, have come out with it.

Said Campbell on an Australian radio show: "There was stuff written in the paper a while ago . . . and actually Anthony and I are a bit of an item at the moment. The question was asked a while ago and we weren't, but we have gotten to a point where we are very happy together."

Australian Actor Tim Campbell: I'm Gay [tr]
Anthony Callea: "It Shouldn't Matter Who You Love" [tr]

Australian Actor Tim Campbell: I'm Gay


Australian actor Tim Campbell, who formerly starred in the long-running soap opera Home and Away, has come out of the closet following reports that he is dating newly-single Australian Idol contestant Anthony Callea. The two have been spotted together around Melbourne. Campbell denies he and Callea are involved.

Said Campbell to The Advertiser: "(Anthony and I) are mates - he's had his rough trot, I'm going through a rough trot and I'm really concerned for my (ex) partner. Part of me will probably always love him because 11 years is a lot to share with each other."

Callea and Campbell performed together in the musical Rent.

Campbell told The Advertiser he doesn't want the announcement to affect his career: "There's nothing in the way of being ashamed about this (but) the label thing worries me a bit because I don't want my work to be affected. If every time I'm written about now it's as 'the gay actor' it would bore the hell out of me. Coming out at 20 changed me a bit, but at 32, I'm pretty comfortable with who I am and what I'm doing."

Actor Tim Campbell opens up about his sexuality [the advertiser]
Crooner Anthony Callea speaks about being single [herald sun]
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Will Young and Anthony Callea's New Singles: Themselves [tr]

Will Young and Anthony Callea's New Singles: Themselves


Showbiz Spy claims that gay 2002 Pop Idol winner Will Young has split with his boyfriend of two years Conor:

"The 'Light My Fire' singer, 28, has thrown himself into the party season and is on the look-out for another man - since breaking up with ex-boyfriend Conor a fortnight ago. The pair had been dating on and off for 2 years, but, according to Britain’s Mirror newspaper, Will, who won TV talent contest ‘Pop Idol’ in 2002, told pals it was definitely over when he partied at London’s trendy Bungalow 8 club."

And down under, 2004 Australian Idol runner up Anthony Callea has broken up with his boyfriend of three years, according to Aussie site Same-Same:

"'I am officially single as of a week-and-a-half ago,' he said.'You know… shit happens. It’s onwards and upwards for me from here.' The pair met during Idol in 2004 – Paul was the talent co-ordinator. After Callea lost to Casey Donovan, the pair moved in together. Then Vic Lorusso opened his trap about the pair live on air, outing Callea in the process. The rest is pop history. So who broke up with who? If Sydney Confidential’s source is anything to go by, it sounds like cracks had been forming for a while, and that it was Paul who eventually put his foot down. 'Paul was besotted with Anthony but Anthony treated him like shit… He’s pretty arrogant and spoilt and Paul put up with it for a long time.'"

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