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FOX News Wingbot Wonders Why Gays Don't Just Go Do Business Where They're Accepted: VIDEO


Reacting to the controversy over Arizona's SB 1062, Fox News host Shannon Bream asks Bernie Goldberg why gays just don't go do business with someone who wants to serve them rather than stand up for their right to be served:

"This is America. We all have freedoms. Why would you want to do business with somebody - no matter what your personal issue was that they had with you - why would you want to force them to do business with you? Why not just go down the street and say I'm going to spend my money with somebody who supports me, and is kind to me, and wants to help me and provide these services for me?"

Goldberg tries to reason with Bream by using the example of a woman in a similar situation and then explains that the African-American civil rights movement began by people standing up for themselves.

Bream counters with — some African-Americans are not happy because they claim that gays are co-opting the civil rights movement.

Then, when Goldberg tries to explain that he disagrees with that sentiment, she cuts him off and goes to commercial! Goldberg is not amused.


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Stephen Colbert Was Forced to Frost a Gay Cake Last Night Because of Jan Brewer's Veto: VIDEO


Stephen Colbert is now forced to frost a cake for a gay wedding because of Jan Brewer's SB 1062 veto and he's not happy he can no longer deny sodomites pastry. He is also finding gay orgies in grilled cheese sandwiches, but we'll let him explain.


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Rachel Maddow on the Arizona Anti-Gay Bill Veto and Similar Measures Elsewhere: VIDEO


Last night, Rachel Maddow addressed Jan Brewer's veto of Arizona's anti-gay 'religious freedom'/segregation bill and noted that since Arizona's bill has been getting so much attention, similar bills in other states have either been shelved or put on hold.


Rachel mentions the Mississippi bill which we mentioned yesterday, noting that the bill had been stripped of many of its provisions.

MississippiDeep South Progressive, however, insists that the ugly parts of the bill still remain:

Those key parts of the bill, which LGBT activists feared would legitimize discrimination by businesses that claim “sincerely held religious belief” as the motivating factor, remain unchanged. That’s contrary to previous reports that said the bill had been amended to only include the section that would add “In God We Trust” to the Mississippi state seal.

Despite that, leaders of the state business community were declaring victory Wednesday night, saying that the bill addressed the concerns of the business community. The Mississippi Economic Council (MEC), said that SB 2681, as amended, “provides both positive clarification and focused direction so that the amended bill addresses only actions by government, not private businesses or individuals.”

Mississippi is obviously one to keep an eye on.

CNN yesterday ran a list of other states with similar measures and the status of each.

2_brewerAnd finally, Michelangelo Signorile has some important notes on Arizona, et al:

But let's not forget that in Arizona, it's still legal to refuse to serve lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in your bakery or your photo studio for religious or any other reasons, due in no small part to Jan Brewer's hostility to LGBT rights throughout her tenure. It's legal for a landlord in Arizona to turn away LGBT people. Except in a few Arizona cities with employment protections, it's also legal for an employer to fire someone simply for being queer...

...The backlash against this bill should also be a lesson for national LGBT groups that supported ENDA with dangerous religious exemptions: It looks hypocritical and wrongheaded to support a federal employment nondiscrimination bill that gives exemptions in hiring to some businesses, like hospitals run by religious entities, only to condemn a state bill that, in the name of "religious freedom," seeks to exempt businesses from having to serve gays. Could that be one reason that some major LGBT groups were oddly silent when the Arizona bill was passed last week?

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Hillary Clinton Applauds Veto of Anti-Gay Arizona Bill: VIDEO


Hillary Clinton spoke at the University of Miami last night, captivating an audience of college students and professors alike. The former Secretary of State was quick to remark on Gov. Jan Brewer's decision to veto anti-gay Arizona legislature just hours earlier:

“Thankfully the governor of Arizona has vetoed the discriminatory legislation that was passed, recognizing that inclusive leadership is really what the 21st century is all about,” Clinton said to the 6,000 people who assembled at the south Florida institution.

Clinton then went on to speak about human rights at many different levels, including the rights of LGBT citizens and the disabled population, as well as the right to health care.

CNN reports:

“It is the work of this century to complete the unfinished business of making sure that every girl and boy and every woman and man lives in societies that respect their rights no matter who they are, respects their potential and their talents, gives them the opportunities that every human being deserves, no matter where you were born, no matter the color of your skin, no matter your religion, your ethnicity, or whom you love,” Clinton said to applause.

As much as Clinton’s speech looked back at her history, though, there were also overarching forward-looking themes in her remarks.

“I hope that your generation will be a true participation generation,” she said. “I hope you will find ways to make sure that the barriers that too often divide us are torn down once and for all.”

Clinton's speech marks one of many collegiate appearances in the coming months, events many believe are aimed at attaining a higher profile, and courting the young vote, leading up to a 2016 presidential bid. Of course, saying the former Democratic candidate is ahead in the polls would be an understatement as many eagerly await the official announcement, including, it seems, the student population at University of Miami.

Students responded generally positively to Clinton's remarks. While one student said Clinton didn't answer all the questions, many said they found her "spontaneous," "motherly," "unscripted" and "funny."

"She has a quality no male candidate has," said one female student, "She's more human."

Check out CNN's coverage of the event, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Mississippi Guts Anti-Gay Segregation Bill After Arizona Controversy

One of the many similar anti-gay segregation bills to Arizona's SB 1062 that have been circulating (and, of late, being withdrawn) is pending in Mississippi, and lawmakers last night struck anti-LGBT discriminatory provisions in the bill, the Mississippi Business Journal reports:

MississippiThe action came on Senate Bill 2681, a measure approved 48-0 on Jan. 31 and sent on to the House. The bill was more popularly known for an amendment that requires inserting “In God We Trust” into the state seal, but a closer examination of it led legal experts to conclude that it would allow private businesses and government entities to discriminate based on religious grounds.

The subcommittee removed a key provision of SB 2681 ahead of Thursday’s consideration of the bill by the House Judiciary Committee B. The provision provides that a defendant in a discrimination lawsuit can assert a claim of defense on the grounds of a burden being placed on religious beliefs.

The ACLU said the provision would allow businesses to turn away customers on religious grounds and government officials to refuse to hire based on religious beliefs.

Seeking to quell the tide of state and national opposition that has grown the past couple of days, the Civil Subcommittee voted to mold the bill after the federal government’s 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The amendment limits the bill to addressing actions by government — not individuals or businesses.

John Kerry On America, Global LGBT Rights: 'This Is A Fight Worth Fighting': VIDEO


Andrea Mitchell sat down with Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday to discuss the anti-gay bills recently passed in both Arizona and Uganda, as well as briefly mentioning Russia's anti-gay propaganda laws. Though the laws' implications vary widely and are incomparable in most ways, Kerry used the opportunity to speak out vehemently against discrimination of all kinds, and to assure viewers, and the LGBT community, that the American government would be working hard to make strides in the arena of global human rights. He said, "We will stand up for people's rights."

He also asserted his belief that the Arizona law would be overturned by Governor Jan Brewer: "I cannot imagine that that law would withstand the scrutiny of the Supreme Court of the United States, so I would hope that she will make the right decision." Luckily, she did. Still, many battles remain and it is good to hear Kerry speak up in a time like this.

Check out the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

Yesterday, Kerry told reporters that he was launching a new effort to combat a worldwide threat to human rights, spurred by anti-gay activity in Uganda and elsewhere, the AP reports:

"You could change the focus of this legislation to black or Jewish, and you could be in 1930s Germany, or you could be in 1950s or '60s apartheid South Africa," Kerry told reporters during a 55-minute question-and-answer session at the State Department. "It was wrong there, egregiously, in both places, and it is wrong here."

He said the issue would be a major focus of discussion when U.S. ambassadors from across the world return to Washington for meetings in the weeks ahead.

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