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Jon Stewart Rips Rudy Giuliani For Saying Obama Doesn't Love America: VIDEO


Jon Stewart ripped into former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and comments he recently made questioning President Obama's patriotism. Giuliani, speaking at a Republican dinner featuring Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at Manhattan's 21 Club said, "I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible things to say, but I do not believe that the President loves America." The true measure of how bad Giuliani's comments are, as Stewart points out, is that Giuliani had to preface that he was about to say something horrible about President Obama to a rabid Republican audience that "came to hear" Giuliani spew "horrible Obama stuff."

Attempting to back-track, Giuliani did the rounds on a number of news programs, saying at one point that he was not questioning the President's patriotism. Cue Stewart: "Actually that is literally what you did." 

But maybe what Giuliani is trying to tell us is that Obama is not capable of love of country because he is a robot sent from the future sent to destroy America by giving us healthcare. Or maybe Giuliani thinks that he is the only one who truly loves America because of what he went though on 9/11. Oh wait, we can debunk that too: "You know, you're not the mayor of 9/11, right?" Stewart asks. "You don't own 9/11. You don't own anything but the unique willingness to crassly exploit it." 

Watch Stewart school Giuliani, AFTER THE JUMP...

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LGBT Members Of Congress Object To Trade Agreement With Anti-Gay Brunei And Malaysia


Five out gay members of Congress have written to President Obama to ask why Malaysia and Brunei - two countries with severe anti-gay laws - have been included in a free trade pact which the administration is currently negotiating and seeking to fast-track, reports Buzzfeed News.

Ddcda4647e4d3900da0f2b57c8fd68bd_400x400Sent yesterday, the letter was signed by Democratic Reps. Mark Pocan, David Cicilline (above left), Sean Patrick Maloney (above middle), Kyrsten Sinema (above right) and Mark Takano, five of the six co-chairs of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which also includes several other nations in Asia and Latin America, became a serious concern for gay rights groups last year after the sultan of Brunei imposed a version of sharia law that included a punishment of death by stoning for homosexuality. Some states in Malaysia also have criminal sharia codes, and the government is appealing a court ruling striking down a law that criminalizes transgender people.

The five representatives argue in the letter that although Obama’s administration announced in December that it would remove the Gambia from a trade pact for African nations because of a crackdown on gay rights, negotiations continue with Brunei and Malaysia.

The letter reads in part:

“In light of the decision to end trade preferences for Gambia, we write today to ask for clarification on the inclusion of Brunei and Malaysia in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations.

“These two countries are responsible for severe human rights abuses, including adopting penal codes permitting the imprisonment and physical harm of LGBT people. It seems inconsistent for the United States to expand trade privileges to these two countries while taking action against Gambia.”

Jared Polis, the sixth Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus co-chair, is the only out member of Congress who did not sign the letter.

Tim Cook to Obama: Cyberprivacy is 'Life and Death' Issue for Gay People, Others — VIDEO


Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke to President Obama on Friday at a White House cybersecurity summit at Stanford University, emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity and touting Apple's efforts at protecting its users.

Said Cook:

"People have entrusted us with their most personal and precious information. We owe them nothing less than the best protections that we can possibly provide...We believe in human rights and human dignity, which is why we put so much thought into how our products are manufactured, not only how they are designed, and we believe deeply that everyone has a right to privacy and security."

He added:

"History has shown us that sacrificing our right to privacy can have dire consequences. We still live in a world where all people are not treated equally. Too many people do not feel free to practice their religion or express their opinion or love who they choose. Or love who they choose. A world in which that information can make the difference between life and death. If those of us in positions of responsibility fail to do everything in our power to protect the right of privacy, we risk something far more valuable than money – we risk our way of life."

Watch a clip and the full speech, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Watch President Obama (Kinda) Sing Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' - VIDEO


Brought to you by Baracksdubs, the obsessive YouTube channel devoted solely to editing together various Barack Obama speeches into hit songs, this brilliant edit - finally - sees the president take on Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”.


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Roy Moore Tries to School President Obama on the Legality of Gay Marriage in Alabama: VIDEO


Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace today to discuss same-sex marriage's arrival in Alabama. While Moore spent most of the interview attempting to explain the legal underpinnings of his continued fight against marriage equality, he also had a response message for President Obama - who spoke up about the reincarnated George Wallace during a recent Buzzfeed interview.

Said Moore:

"But what this Harvard professor who is president of the United States does not understand, is that a trial court’s decision on the constitutionality of a federal question is just that — it’s an opinion. It may be law of the case before her. It is not overturning the Alabama constitution. Federal law is not made by judges."

Wallace also asked Moore whether or not he would abide by the Supreme Court should it decide this year that there is a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. 


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Obama 'Not A Christian' If He Supports Gay Marriage, Says Bryan Fischer: VIDEO


The title pretty much says it all: because President Obama supports the right for gay couples to be legally wed in the U.S., AFA bigot Bryan Fischer says that Obama is not actually a Christian. If you ever had any doubt as to what was meant by the "No True Scotsman Fallacy", this is practically a textbook example.

As if the gatekeeper of true Christendom were a man who calls homosexuality the "unvarnished energy of Satan", thinks that God gets involved in U.S. politics, blamed the victims of Charlie Hebdo for their own murders, and whose own organization is trying - and failing - to distance themselves from his bile. As always, Fischer is the poster child for dinosaurs thrashing about wildly, unable to comprehend that their world is changing.

You can watch the latest instance of said thrashing AFTER THE JUMP...

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