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road.jpg It's National Coming Out Day! Judy Shepard has a message about the importance of coming out. HRC has produced a video. OutZoneTV has posted a whole bunch of celebrity coming out stories. Film Experience Blog honors the out and proud members of the entertainment industry. Queerty is showing a series of clips based on coming out. AOL's Worth Repeating features a few of HRC's celebrity "Talk About It" snapshots. We here at Towleroad will continue to cover the downfall of hypocritical congressmen toppled by the staggered-out-of-the-closet Mark Foley.

Poster1_1road.jpg AfterElton looks at the latest film to delve into the world of Truman Capote, Infamous, in which Brit actor Toby Jones locks lips with Daniel Craig, and says even for those who've seen Capote, this is worth watching: "Although major events in the films, as well as selections of the dialogue are similar, Capote is a fascinating and eccentric enough subject to more than justify both films. Infamous provides further insight into Capote's personal relationships, especially the close and controversial relationship he fostered with one of the two killers, Perry Smith."

road.jpg Hip-hop artist Nick Cannon enters the fashion biz.

road.jpg Bermuda church promises not to gay bash at upcoming multi-church service after complaints from Anglicans: "Part of the agenda for this service seems to be to target particular members of our society, homosexuals, in a way that is deemed inappropriate."

road.jpg The day-to-day booze schedule of The Killers revealed.

road.jpg Joseph Gannascoli, Gay Vito from The Sopranos is being sued by the makers of workout/diet drug Stacker 2. They claim he isn't doing enough to promote the product after they paid him endorsement fees of $316,000. Claims Gannascoli: "They didn't like I was doing the gay thing."

S2_03_1road.jpg George Michael says the press is wrong when they claim he'd rather be straight: "The press give the impression that I was far happier when I stuck with the ladies, but I am far happier now." The singer also says that because he doesn't want to do promotion for his records, he's happy about the negative press he's been getting for his falling-asleep-behind-the-wheel incidents: "In all honesty it does me good. I take crap for a couple of weeks but it promotes me and my music. I hate to say it but it's true."

road.jpg A 48-year-old Australian gay rapist "Grandpa" deliberately tried to infect partners with HIV: "He met victims including one who he allegedly drugged and raped, on the internet and persuaded them into unprotected sex, telling them he was HIV negative, the jury heard."

road.jpg Oprah on her relationship with Gayle King: "We are not gay."

Paris_1road.jpg Get it while it's hot: Paris Hilton single leaks.

road.jpg Council of Europe official: authorities were justified in breaking up Moscow gay rights march.

road.jpg Oxford Friend Lesbian and Gay Helpline is the first gay organization ever to receive the prestigious Queen's Award for Voluntary Service. The hotline provides confidential counseling and advice. Treasurer: "The Queen's Awards were only started in 2002, as part of the Jubilee celebrations, so to become the first lesbian and gay group to be recognised is a huge privilege."

Bermudaroad.jpg Hundreds demonstrate on the island of Bermuda after MPs fail to discuss proposed legislation that would have banned discrimination based on sexual orientation: "I’m not gay, I’m here to support friends and family. I’m really saddened that there are not more Bermudians here. If you don’t start standing up for other people on an issue, what happens when it’s time for someone to speak up on an issue that’s nearer to your heart? You’ve got to support people on any human rights issue. Bermudians are scared to come out and show their faces."

road.jpg Page Six's Richard Johnson in jail on DUI charges.


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