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Colorado Woman Says Boy Scouts Refused to Hire Her Because She's Gay: VIDEO


A Colorado woman is claiming that the Boy Scouts of America offered her a job only to rescind the offer after finding out she's gay, Denver's FOX 11 reports

After being offered the position of Director of the New Adventure Center, Yasmine Cassini sent an email to the organization asking whether her being an "openly gay woman" would be an issue for the BSA, which still has a discriminatory policy banning gay adults from serving in leadership roles. It seems it was an issue, as the BSA told Cassini in a follow-up phone call that she no longer met the minimum qualifications for the position and would not be hired. 

The Boy Scouts would not talk to FOX31 Denver on camera, but the organization released the following statement:

“As this is a personnel matter, we are not at liberty to discuss details. But, during the employment process, this individual brought it to our attention that she did not meet the requirements for employment.” [...]

Yasmine Cassini says she though the Boy Scouts recent youth membership modifications would provide the perfect spot for progress. “I want to raise awareness that discrimination is not OK – and it’s something that is still occurring and it has to stop, something needs to change and that change needs to happen now,” she says.

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Kansas Democratic Candidate For Governor Pulls Ad Featuring Actor With Gay Prostitution Arrest - VIDEO

Paul davis kansas campaign ad

Kansas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis has pulled a campaign ad featuring an actor who in 2007 was arrested on suspicion of soliciting a male prostitute, reports The Wichita Eagle.

The actor, Jeff Montague was also banned from the Boy Scouts of America in 1989 after the organization learned that he had been suspended from a teaching position at a Topeka high school “for inappropriate conduct with a male foreign exchange student.”

In a statement, Davis said:

“It was brought to our attention that a participant in one of those ads has serious issues in his background. Upon hearing of these issues, the ad, which ran for a few hours, was pulled down immediately. I want to apologize to Kansans for this mistake.”

Reacting to the news, Clay Barker, the executive director of the Kansas Republican Party suggested that Davis may no longer be fit for office.

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George Takei Provides Last Minute Funding For Indie Boy Scout Series: VIDEO

Camp Abercorn, the crowdfunded web series focusing on the culture associated with being a part of the Boy Scouts of America, has met its fundraising goal thanks to a last minute donation from none other than George Takei late last Friday.

7437525714_1e9142282a_z“As a former Boy Scout myself, it pains me deeply that the BSA still boots out gay Scouts when they turn 18,” Takei wrote in a Facebook post. “This web series will help educate and inform, as well as entertain. That gets a big thumbs up from me.”

In 2013, more than 60% of the the Boy Scouts of America’s voting members moved to lift its previous ban on gay-identified individuals from participating in the organization as scouts. Openly gay adults, conversely, are still barred from being active troop leaders or employees of the BSA. The Compass Guides of America, a fictional analogue to the BSA, and its similar anti-gay bylaws will serve as a backdrop for one of Camp Abercron’s main plotlines, says series creator Jeffrey Simon.

An openly gay Eagle Scout himself, Simon is drawing heavily on his own experience with the BSA to create a story that he describes not as an autobiographical tale, but rather a love letter to camp.

“Our stories celebrate the true value of Scouting and confront its faults in an honest way,” he expressed in a press release.

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New Webseries ‘Camp Abercorn’ to Spotlight Boy Scouts Ban on Gay Leaders: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.00.16 PM

An upcoming webseries centering on the experiences of being a part of the Boy Scouts of America is set to include a storyline about the BSA’s refusal to allow gay adults to serve in leadership roles.

The Huffington Post reports:

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.01.18 PMCreated by Jeffrey Simon [pictured right] and starring "Friday Night Lights" veteran Brad Leland, "Camp Abercorn" focuses on a fictional scouting organization called the Compass Guides of America, and focuses on "the real situations young men face while away from home for an entire summer."

Simon, who was an active Eagle Scout before coming out as gay at 19, says his new series aims to "re-direct the conversation away from executives in fancy offices and bring it back to the values of scouts and importance of camp."

The team has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for the planned seven episode series.

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Boy Scouts to Lead NYC Pride March This Sunday

Boy scoutsAt the 44th Annual NYC Pride March this Sunday, New York-area Boy Scouts will be among the groups leading the parade as they speak out against the Boy Scouts of America’s discriminatory ban on gay adults. 

GLAAD reports:

Three generations of Boy Scouts -- gay and straight -- will be on hand and in uniform at nation's oldest and largest LGBT Pride event, where they will present the American flag during the national anthem and subsequently serve as Color Guard during the march. [...]

“We are grateful for this invitation from NYC Pride, and we are honored and humbled to provide this patriotic service to the LGBT community of New York,” said Stacey Sarnicola, Brooklyn chapter lead, Scouts for Equality. “Since 1978, the BSA has held a policy that excluded gay youth and parents. While the BSA voted last year to end the policy barring gay youth from participation, it has made no change in its membership policy regarding adults. The Greater New York Councils' inclusive policy is what gave me permission to allow my son to join the Boy Scouts. It's what gives us permission to march, and it gives us hope for a BSA for all in the near future."

Slc boy scoutsGLAAD adds that it remains unclear what repercussions (if any) will face the Scouts after participating in the march. BSA policy prohibits members from using Scouting to "promote or advance any social or political agenda" and Scout leaders who have marched in past Pride parades have been reprimanded and told to sign letters of apology for the violations. The Greater New York Councils, which serves nearly 150,000 Scouts in New York City, however, has previously emphasized its commitment to full inclusion of gay Scouts.

Attorney General Eric Holder Blasts Boy Scouts Over Discriminatory Ban on Gay Leaders

In remarks delivered to Lambda Legal on Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Holder slammed the Boy Scouts of America’s refusal to allow gay adults in the organization, saying the ban “perpetuates the worst kind of stereotypes.”

HolderNBC News reports:

"If these men and women are fit for military service, then surely they are fit to mentor, to teach, and to serve as role models for the leaders of future generations."

Holder said the Boy Scouts of America is "an iconic American institution." But he said its policy is "a relic of an age of prejudice and insufficient understanding."

Last month, BSA President Robert Gates, who oversaw the end of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in 2011, said that while he personally supports gay scoutmasters, he opposes any further attempts to address the policy now.  


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