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Brad Pitt: It's Just a 'Matter of Time' Before Gay Marriage is a Reality

Brad Pitt in Killing Them Softly.

Brad Pitt told The Telegraph at a screening of his new film that he still disagrees with his mom Jane Pitt on the topic of Obama and same-sex marriage.

“I am an Obama supporter and I’m backing his election campaign,” Pitt says at a screening of his forthcoming film Killing Them Softly, at the Mayfair Hotel in London. “Gay marriage is inevitable. The next generation, they get it. It is just a matter of time before it becomes a reality.”

The trailer for Killing Them Softly, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Michael Phelps, Singularity, Kofi Annan, 'Pseudo Libertarian'

Mphelps161NewsIcon Michael Phelps results... find out AFTER THE JUMP.

1NewsIcon Rumor has it that Brad Pitt is now pursuing a gay role "with fresh zeal" after his mother came out against marriage equality.

1NewsIcon Ghostbuster 3 is a go, less Bill Murray, says Dan Ackroyd.

1NewsIcon Gov. Chris Christie is reportedly more popular than President Obama in New Jersey.

1NewsIcon Has the Singularity, that hypothetical time when computers are meant to overcome human intelligence and control, already happened? Or is it never going to happen? New Scientists suggest the latter: "The singularity isn’t near. In fact, it might be said that it’s an idea whose time is finally over. It’s not future-facing to be a singularitarian. At this point, this film is a true story about the past."

1NewsIcon Ryan Lochte's mother says the Olympic swimmer is too busy to have a serious relationship, so he has one-night stands instead. Practical.

1NewsIcon Olympic diver Greg Louganis sat down with CNN's Piers Morgan recently and discussed what it was like to find out he was HIV positive in 1988, when he was 28-years old. "Back in 1988 when I was diagnosed with HIV, we thought of HIV as a death sentence... Honestly, I didn't think I'd see 30." He also addressed the Chick-fil-A brouhaha: "Who eats that stuff? I mean, you know, I kind of like my arteries...I like the blood flowing."

DD891NewsIcon This really is random nerd nostalgia, and it's wonderful.

1NewsIcon Is this Victoria Beckham's microphone for the Olympics' closing ceremony?

1NewsIcon Openly gay Italian politician Nichi Vendola announced his candidacy for the prime ministership. "It's time for change," he said, sound a lot like another history-making politico.

1NewsIcon Nineteen-year old gay man admits eating at Chick-fil-A and explains why: "As a gay man, I say let [Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy] not support gays. When the gay community and gay activist groups push on anti-gay people and organizations to change their minds and opinions via bullying or forced involvement, I fear it would make whatever accomplishments taste cheap like a greasy coin."

1NewsIcon The gay-straight alliance at University of Alabama is trying to boot Chick-fil-A from their campus.

1NewsIcon Village Voice journo Michael Musto on the right wing claims that they're supporting Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy's free speech, rather than religious extremism: "But in defending the hate mongering Chick-Fil-A, these people can hide behind their flag-waving, pseudo libertarian crap while backing an organization's bigoted views that just happen to mirror their own.Do they have a right to say that? Sure. And I have a right to yell bloody murder."

1NewsIcon Bad news for Democrats: "The Senate is likely to assume an even more conservative tenor come January as a crop of insurgent-minded Republicans replace some of the GOP's old guard in the upper chamber. A transformation within the Republican Party that was first set in motion during the 2010 midterm elections appears set to continue in the Senate, following in the path blazed in the House during this term of Congress."

YoungVidal1NewsIcon The New York Times offers corrections on gay writer Gore Vidal's obituary. The best bit: "...Mr. Vidal’s relationship with his longtime live-in companion, Howard Austen, was also described incorrectly. According to Mr. Vidal’s memoir “Palimpsest,” they had sex the night they met, but did not sleep together after they began living together. It was not true that they never had sex."

1NewsIcon Meanwhile, House Speaker John Boehner says he's "feeling better" about the GOP maintaining control of the House.

1NewsIcon Me on the media's relationship with Washingotn.

1NewsIcon In a surprise move, Kofi Annan stepped down from the UN's Syria Envoy. "It is impossible for me or anyone to compel the Syrian government and also the opposition to take the steps to bring about the political process. As an envoy, I can't want peace more than the protagonists, more than Security Council or the international community, for that matter," he said.

1NewsIcon Matt Bomer, partner Simon Halls and their three kids were spotted by paps strolling around New York City.

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News: Ralph Reed's Return, Bob Kraft, Outing Extortion Ring, HBO

LochteJournal 1NewsIcon U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte gets all shirtless for Men's Journal. God bless America!

1NewsIcon Tea Party Rep. Mike Lee is upset over HBO show The Newsroom's portrayal of his 14th Amendment politics.

1NewsIcon North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un reportedly produced a music video to garner support in the impoverished nation. You know what would probably cheer people up even more? Food.

1NewsIcon Conservative actor and father of Angelina Jon Voight is backing Jane Pitt in the famous family's marriage equality row.

1NewsIcon Submarines are now on the hunt for Amelia Earhart's remains.

1NewsIcon A new app chooses gay Jews.

1NewsIcon Man sues preacher for defamation over gay rumors: "[Pastor David] Myers then began telling members of his church -- including the father of [Darrel] Bilbrey's fiancé -- that the man was gay, according to the lawsuit. The pastor then demanded that Bilbrey call of his "sham" marriage and move out of state."

1NewsIcon Some tactics used by 60s-era gangsters who extorted closeted men: "In some cases, the bulls would wait until the two men had gotten themselves into a compromising position before bursting into the room and identifying themselves as vice squad detectives, capitalizing on the fear, panic, and surprise they induced... [In other cases] a small dental mirror taped to the end of a cane [was inserted under the door], the better to see exactly when to pounce."

Jeanwhitedistortion1NewsIcon The Southern Poverty Law Center is demanding that Virginia official Eugene A. Delgaudio and his organization "Public Advocate of the United States," which the SPLC calls a hate group, stop using a gay couple's wedding picture to fuel anti-gay sentiment.

1NewsIcon Happy engagement to actress Sofia Vergara.

1NewsIcon Known for his ribald humor, Daniel Tosh reportedly crossed the line with a rape joke during a recent stand-up routine.

1NewsIcon Rachel Maddow discusses the tenacity of Ron Paul and his die-hard supporters.

1NewsIcon Actress Chloe Sevigny, who plays a transgender hit man in the British series Hit & Miss, is on the cover of OUT. "I was worried people would be angry that they didn’t cast a real person who was transitioning,” she said of taking the role. “I asked why they didn’t, and the producers said they didn’t find the right person. It’s a big responsibility toward that community, and I wanted to do them right."

ALincoln1NewsIcon Appearing in Iowa today, President Obama saw a man dressed as Abraham Lincoln, pointed and declared, "Abraham Lincoln is in the house... My homeboy from Illinois, and an outstanding Republican endorsee."

1NewsIcon The City of Seattle has joined Microsoft, Starbucks and others in filing a brief against the Defense of Marriage Act.

1NewsIcon Britney Spears sharpens her claws on X-Factor contestants.

1NewsIcon Long-dormant Christian right leader Ralph Reed is ramping up his national machine to take down President Obama. From Adele Stan's report: "Calling his faithful to action, Reed urged them to engage their friends and neighbors in his 2012 voter turnout effort. 'I want you to consider this a divine appointment,' he said."

1NewsIcon New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft really wants his girlfriend to be an actress. His girlfriend is not good at it.

1NewsIcon Incredible fashion curator Valerie Steele is putting together a show called "Queer Style: From the Closet to the Catwalk" for the Museum at FIT.

'Star' All Over Jane Pitt's Letter

AngelinajolieWow. Few op-ed pieces in local papers have received as much attention as the one penned by Brad Pitt's mom Jane.

Mrs. Pitt praise of Mitt Romney and admonishment of President Obama for his marriage equality immediately went viral, making Mrs. Pitt an instant right wing celebrity, Today Show topic and now it's tabloid fodder.

According to Star magazine source, Angelina Jolie, potentially a future Mrs. Pitt herself, is "steaming mad" over the letter and wants Brad to "educate his mother."

"If Brad won’t do it, Angelina will have to take matters into her own hands and talk to Jane about how, as the mother of such a prominent celebrity, she shouldn’t be writing letters that clash with her son’s political opinions."

If this is true — IF — and I were Jane Pitt, I would go with "mama's boy" Brad, because Angelina… she could take almost anyone.

Conservative Website Claims Jane Pitt 'In Fear' Following Anti-Obama Op-Ed

JanePittConservative website WorldNetDaily has seized on news that Jane Pitt, mother of actor Brad, penned an op-ed praising Mitt Romney and blasting President Obama for being a "liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage." And, yes, they're covering the story in grand fashion, claiming the media "slant" has worked people into a frenzy and describing Mrs. Pitt's tone as "laden with heaviness of heart."

WND spoke briefly with Pitt and asked about the media assault against her for her comments as a private citizen supporting Romney. With inflections in her voice that conveyed fear and despair, she quietly and politely said she was not interested in talking to anyone in the media about the incident.

When she was told WND supported her right to speak her mind and is appalled by the threats against her life, Pitt expressed gratitude to WND for being one of the few news agencies doing so.

Even her thank you, however, was said in a subdued manner laden with heaviness of heart.

They also claim "Pitt has every reason to be frightened," because some random wackos wrote violent tweets and the "mainstream media have painted her in a vilifying light."

It's unclear what media they're talking about, since Jane Pitt's letter seems like a blip when compared to the international sensation that is Doug Pitt.

Doug Pitt Addresses Jane Pitt's Anti-Gay Letter On 'Today:' VIDEO


Doug Pitt, brother to actor Brad, showed up on The Today Show this morning to discuss his new Virgin Mobile Australia ad — you know, the one in which he plays himself, "the second most famous Pitt" — but the conversation soon turned to another Pitt, their newly infamous mother, Jane, and the anti-gay letter she published in the Springfield News-Leader last week.

Asked about the letter and its opposition to marriage equality, something Brad Pitt supports, Doug Pitt handled himself like a pro, simply saying that parents and kids can agree to disagree and that their family endorses health discussion.

“Moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world, so why would our family be any different?” he told Matt Lauer. "There can be healthy discussion when people disagree with you, and I think there should be. The bad thing is when it turns into venom and negativity and we don’t have that in our family. It’s open discussion, we can learn from each other … maybe you learn something."

Watch the video AFTER THE JUMP.

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