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Brian Brown Robocalls Against Gay GOP Candidate Carl DeMaio, Asks Voters to Consider Pro-LGBT Democrat: AUDIO

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So great are Brian Brown's fears about LGBT infiltration in the Republican ranks, he is now robocalling California's 52nd congressional district to warn that embattled, openly gay GOP candidate Carl DeMaio could "damage" the Republican Party "for decades" if he's elected to Congress. 

Said Brown: 

BrianbrownI'm calling to urge all Republicans who support traditional marriage and human life to oppose fake Republican Carl DeMaio in the upcoming election. Having someone like Carl DeMaio in Congress would be extremely damaging, giving him a platform to advance his flawed ideas of remaking the Republican Party into a party that supports the redefinition of marriage and abortion on demand. I urge you to make sure you do not vote for Carl DeMaio and consider for voting for Democrat Scott Peters...

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Evan Wolfson and Brian Brown Face Off On Gay Marriage and the Growing Public Support for Equality: VIDEO


During an hour-long call-in on CSPAN this weekend, Freedom to Marry president Evan Wolfson faced off against NOM's Brian Brown in a discussion about the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision earlier this month, the growing public support for LGBT equality, and Brown's anti-gay activism abroad (which was detailed in HRC's new "Export of Hate" report).

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NOM Echoes Mike Huckabee's Threat to Leave the GOP Over It's Non-Response to the SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision

Joining the chorus of anti-gay, right-wing voices enraged at the Republican Party's largely non-existent response to Monday's Supreme Court gay marriage decision, NOM President Brian Brown is now backing up Mike Huckabee's threat to abandon the GOP.

Said Brown:

Brown"We are grateful for those leaders who have spoken out to condemn the Supreme Court for their unprincipled and outrageous decision to allow the redefinition of marriage to occur in these states. We are prepared to work tirelessly to support them and others who lead in the fight to preserve marriage. But Governor Huckabee is right. If more Republican leaders do not speak up and join the fight, then millions of conservatives will abandon them and join with officials who will fight. Marriage is on the line in our country, and it's time for people to get off the bench and into the battle."

Brown went on to criticize House Speaker John Boehner and the National Republican Campaign Committee for throwing their support behind openly GOP congressional candidates Carl DeMaio and Richard Tisei. 

[via Right Wing Watch]

NOM's Brian Brown Fumes Over SCOTUS Marriage Decision, 'Condemns' Court

(Image: Brown following the NY Marriage Equality decision)

National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown "condemned" the Supreme Court today for refusing to review seven gay marriage cases before it, and, in the process, ushering marriage equality into five states immediately, and likely six more in short order.

Screeched Brown: Condemnation

"We are surprised and extremely disappointed that the US Supreme Court has refused to grant review of the same-sex marriage cases pending before them. This is wrong on so many levels. First, the entire idea that marriage can be redefined from the bench is illegitimate. Marriage is the union of one man and one woman; it has been this throughout the history of civilization and will remain this no matter what unelected judges say. Second, it's mind-boggling that lower court judges would be allowed to impose the redefinition of marriage in these states, and our highest court would have nothing to say about it. Third, the effect of the lower court rulings is to say that a constitutional right to same-sex ‘marriage' has existed in every state in the union since 1868 when the 14th Amendment was ratified, but somehow nobody noticed until quite recently. That's the absurd belief we are being told to accept.

"It's possible that the Supreme Court wants to wait to take a case when a Circuit split develops so that it can rule in favor of the people's right to define marriage as it has always been defined. We're hopeful that the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals will rule in our favor and that the Supreme Court will then take that case and decide that marriage is not unconstitutional.

"At the same time, given what the Supreme Court has allowed to happen, the only alternative to letting unelected judges impose their view of marriage on Americans across the country is to pursue a process that will allow the American people to decide for themselves what is marriage. It is critical not only to marriage but to the republican form of government in this country to amend the Constitution to reaffirm the meaning of marriage. We therefore call on the US Congress to move forward immediately to send a federal marriage amendment to the states for ratification.

"We call upon Americans vigorously to contest this development by turning to the political process, starting with the upcoming mid-term elections. We urge voters to hold politicians accountable and demand to know if they will accept the illegitimate act of attempting to redefine marriage or whether they will stand with the American people to resist. In particular, we urge Republicans to hold their party leaders to account, and to demand that they remain true to their belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman which was a pillar of the party's founding in 1856, and remains essential to society's well-being today.

"NOM will continue to devote all our energy and resources to stand for the truth of marriage, and to advocate the importance of preserving it. While we are disappointed in what has happened today, we are not defeated or dispirited. Indeed, we are determined as never before to fight for the institution that God created and humankind has proven is the best arrangement for the well-being of men and women, for children, and for society as a whole."

Meanwhile, Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, appears to have raised the white flag:

"The Supreme Court has declined to take up appeals from states in which the courts have found same-sex marriage to be a constitutional right. This paves the way for same-sex marriage in many, perhaps most, places in the United States. Many Christians may be unaware of how momentous this is, since the denial of cases doesn’t come with quite the shock and awe of a ruling handed down. The effect though is wide-ranging."

Brian Brown Lashes Out At HRC's 'Anti-Family Imperialism,' HRC Responds 'Sorry We're Not Sorry'


In an op-ed published in The Washington Times, National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown goes on the attack against the Human Rights Campaign's new "Export of Hate" report exposing America's anti-gay activists (including Brown) and their work promoting bigotry abroad. 

Writes Brown:

HrcAs is its custom, the Human Rights Campaign cites long-discredited and ideologically partisan sources such as the Southern Poverty Law Center to give apparent credibility to its hate-filled invective. The HRC also intentionally misrepresent facts, twisting them beyond recognition to justify the charge that somehow supporting marriage as the union of one man and one woman around the world is wrong. [...]

As the Human Rights Campaign well knows, I have consistently denounced hate and violence. It is a slur and lie to claim otherwise. It should be clear to any honest observer that the truth is not what the organization is after. Instead it simply seeks to silence and intimidate those with whom it disagrees. Hence, the self-professed purpose of the report is to name and shame those who stand for the truth of the nature of marriage.

The Human Rights Campaign, as a founding member of the Council for Global Equality and partner of the George Soros-funded International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, is a key part of a network of organizations that have spent hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide attacking traditional faith communities, states and individuals who stand for the truth about marriage and family. They are in the phalanx of a new form of cultural imperialism that seeks to overthrow the traditions, wisdom and reason of cultures and faiths around the world.

Brown goes on to say that he's "proud to have played some small role" in the "emerging pro-family movment" around the globe - likely in reference to his trip to Russia last year collaborating with lawmakers on the country's gay adoption ban

The HRC, meanwhile, is firing back in a blog post titled "Sorry We're Not Sorry, Brian Brown"

Brian Brown is one of many Americans taking the mission of anti-LGBT hate and bigotry abroad. It’s time for American extremists like Brown to be called out for their actions. It is unacceptable to fight against the freedom and liberty of LGBT people worldwide.  Sorry we’re not sorry, Brian Brown. It is time for you, and other exporters of hate, to end the spread of bigotry and lies.

Check out the full post HERE

Brown isn't the first anti-gay activist included in the report to make a fuss about it. Scott Lively has said that the report is "deliberately trying to incite murder against me" and Libery Council's Mat Staver has also voiced his displeasure with having his bigotry called out.

Anti-Gay Groups Launch 'Unprecedented' Campaign Against Pro-LGBT Republican Candidates: READ

Pro-lgbt gop

Anti-gay activist groups The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), Family Research Council Action and CitizenLink are launching “an unprecedented campaign” against three Republican candidates because of their support for marriage equality and abortion, reports Buzzfeed.

Family Research Council Action is the legislative arm of rabidly homophobic listed hate group Family Research Council.

Last month, NOM cofounder Robert George said that he couldn't think of any "logical stopping place" between gay-affirming Christians and pedophile-affirming or serial killer-affirming Christians.

The three ultra-conservative groups “will mount a concerted effort to urge voters to refuse to cast ballots” for Republican House candidates Carl DeMaio [top left] in California, Richard Tisei [middle] in Massachusetts and Republican Senate candidate Monica Wehby [right] in Oregon. DeMaio and Tisei are the only out LGBT Republican federal candidates from the to appear on the ballot this fall.

A letter  - claiming to speak on behalf of all Americans and possibly suggesting a gay recruitment drive - sent to Republican congressional and campaign leaders yesterday reads in part:

“We cannot in good conscience urge our members and fellow citizens to support candidates like DeMaio, Tisei or Wehby. They are wrong on critical, foundational issues of importance to the American people.

Worse, as occupants of high office they will secure a platform in the media to advance their flawed ideology and serve as terrible role models for young people who will inevitably be encouraged to emulate them.”

The letter goes on to warn Republican leaders that it is a “grave error” for the party to support “candidates who do not hold core Republican beliefs and, in fact, are working to actively alienate the Republican base.”

In a statement, NOM President Brian S. Brown said:

Brown“The Republican Party platform is a ‘statement of who we are and what we believe.’ Thus, the platform supports the truth of marriage as the union of husband and wife, and recognizes the sanctity and dignity of human life.

“We cannot sit by when people calling themselves Republicans seek high office while espousing positions that are antithetical to the overwhelming majority of Republicans.”

Read the letter, AFTER THE JUMP...

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