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Garrett Neff Next in Line in the Calvin Klein Brief Brotherhood


Garrett Neff has been chosen to show off new Calvin Klein's Body and Body Stretch underwear in magazines and on billboards this fall.

DNR reports: "Shot on location in Miami by renowned photographer Bruce Weber, who shot Calvin Klein Underwear’s first ad campaign 25 years ago, the sexy black-and-white images epitomize the very clean yet sensual aesthetic that Calvin Klein has become so well known for. Neff, who is the face of the company’s fragrance, Calvin Klein Man, was featured alongside Kate Bosworth in the spring ad campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans. He succeeds Academy Award–nominated actor Djimon Hounsou as Calvin Klein’s latest body."


Here are two images from the campaign. The third follows AFTER THE JUMP...

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Sportrait: Paul Bester


Meet Paul "Pretty Boy" Bester, a 19-year-old rugby player from South Africa now living in Georgia. He was discovered by Bruce Weber while playing rugby. Weber shoots him for this spread in August's L'Uomo Vogue.

More shots, AFTER THE JUMP...

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A&F's 'Naughty' New Quarterly


Here's the cover of the new "adult" Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly which is being released across the pond and at Barack Obama rallies only. If the cover is any indication, the catalog features male photos from behind (so I'm not sure how it's much different from the old ones) and the women (as well as anyone non-white) seem to have been vanquished from this land of Adam & Steve. It's rumored to cost $200 bucks.

It appears someone made a Bruce Weber collage and then got busy with the Photoshop "colored pencil" effect.

Full cover (possibly NSFW) AFTER THE JUMP...

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Sportrait: John Cena


Bruce Weber wrestles with WWE star John Cena in the "Vogue Sport" insert of the new L'Uomo Vogue. More images at Boy Culture...

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Brady Quinn: College Football's Current Pin-up


Former Out magazine editor Brendan Lemon and photographer Bruce Weber turn their gazes toward Notre Dame Quarterback and Heisman hopeful Brady Quinn in the latest issue of Interview magazine. Quinn, whose photogenic qualities we've noted here before, seems more than ready for his close up, though he denies it: "I think a lot of times I look kind of dorky in photos. I really don't take myself too seriously when it comes to having my picture taken or being interviewed on TV. Obviously, you want to look professional, but at the same time, I'm still going to make a goofy comment here or an awkward face there."

More goofy faces after the jump...

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Fantastic Man: Helmut Lang Loves a Big Black Cock


I've mentioned Fantastic Man magazine here before. Via Gawker comes this shot of their latest Bruce Weber cover (preview the issue here) featuring designer Helmut Lang, which gets its point across.

Such humor is par for the course from the folks who bring you the wickedly irreverent Butt (NSFW).


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