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Bryan Singer Being Investigated By NYPD In New Sexual Assault Case

SingerThe New York Police Department is reportedly investigating X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer in connection to an alleged sexual assault that took place early last year. Though Singer has not been formally accused of any wrongdoing, the NYPD is actively looking into events around March 23, when the assault occurred. Singer recently avoided making a court appearance after two suits accusing him of the sexual assault of two minors were dropped.

One of Singer’s accusers, Michael Egan, claimed that Singer abused him during multiple trips to Hawaii when Egan was 17 years old. Jeffrey Herman, Egan’s attorney, dropped him as a client after Egan declined a $100,000 settlement. Singer’s legal counsel, Martin Singer, unsuccessfully moved to have the entire case dismissed with prejudice, which would have made it so that Egan could not re-file his case with a new lawyer.

“Neither my client nor any of his representatives have been contacted by the NYPD, or anyone else about an alleged criminal investigation of my client,” Singer wrote in an e-mail to Buzzfeed about the new investigation. “False investigations are filed all the time and no action is taken by the authorities.”

Kim Royster, Deputy Chief with the NYPD, confirmed that the police department Special Victims squad was, in fact, looking into Singer as a potential suspect.

Attorney Representing Bryan Singer Accuser Dropping His Client

Amidst claims that relationships between he and his client have deteriorated over the past few months Jeff Herman, the attorney representing Michael Egan who is suing Bryan Singer over claims of sexual abuse, is in the process of  dropping his client.  

Screenshot 2014-07-30 08.49.25Martin Singer, Bryan Singer’s representation, has gone public stating that Egan attempted to contact them with a potential settlement draft complete with scripted language to be used by both parties after the agreement was made official. Both Bryan and Martin Singer’s signatures appear on the agreement for $100,000, though Egan’s is inconspicuously absent.

“This exact kind of take-it-and-shut-up deal is why I decided to stand up in the first place,” Egan told Buzzfeed. “Being silenced goes completely against what I believe in and offers no protection for other vulnerable children.”

Though Egan seems to have decided against his earlier suggestion for settlement, Singer and his team have expressed their resolve not to settle out of court. Singer cites his desire to act in his client’s best business interests as the reasoning behind their initial consideration of a settlement, but the team has since moved to have the case dismissed in Hawaii federal court.

“Once we prevail, we intend to go after Mr. Egan,” Singer expressed.

Read the full memorandum of settlement here AFTER THE JUMP...

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Bryan Singer Teases 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Movie Treatment


Bryan Singer posted his very first Instagram photo to Twitter yesterday; suffice it to say that the picture was rather apocalyptic.

It would seem as if development of X-Men: Apocalypse, the sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past, is well under way. The photo confirms 20th Century Fox President of Production Emma Watts’s recent assertion that Singer is definitely slated to be a very large part of the project. Singer’s involvement in Fox’s future installments of the X-Men franchise came under question after he dropped out of all press engagements for Days of Future Past in the wake of sexual abuse allegations earlier this year.

Bryan Singer's Accuser Michael Egan Says He Never Left The Continental U.S.

Michael Egan

Bryan Singer's accuser Michael Egan says he never left the continental United States. Which is a pretty big deal given that the alleged rape of Egan took place in Hawaii. From the deposition with Egan:

Q. Did you ever take any trips with them?

A. Yes. several trips.

Q. Where to?

A. Las Vegas, Lake Havasu.

Q. Anything outside the continental U.S.?

A. Never had any trips outside the continental U.S., no.

Q. Do you know if [redacted] did?

A. Yes, I know he did.

Q. Where do you know that he went?

A. From what I recollect, I believe he went to Hawaii, went to --

It should also be noted that Hawaii has an extended statute of limitations, which for Egan's case would have ended April 24, 2014. Egan's complaint was filed on April 16, 2014.

Bryan Singer Comes Out as Bisexual

Bryan Singer has come out as bisexual in an OUT magazine profile tied to the release of the new X-Men film:

SingerSomewhere along the way, he became “openly gay director Bryan Singer.” The first time he saw that in print, Singer says, “I was like, Oh, OK. That was easy.” He shrugs. “I came out by osmosis.” So he skipped being asked or having to make a statement, which is probably a sign of progress. Asked now whether life is any different in Hollywood for a “gay director,” he’s ready to give a more complicated answer. “I’m quite bisexual,” he says. “In the last five years, I’ve had two girlfriends — one for two years, one for eight months.” He laughs, a little more the shy, Clark Kent type than the self-assured superdirector he’s been all day. “Talking about human sexuality is like talking about the second World War,” he says, wryly. (If Singer has an enduring film fixation other than gay allegories, it’s with WWII.)

OUT makes this note at the beginning of the profile:

Editor's Note: This story went to press just as a lawsuit alleging Bryan Singer sexually assaulted a teenager in 1999 was announced. Singer declined additional comment to Out beyond this public statement released last month: “The allegations against me are outrageous, vicious and completely false. I do not want these fictitious claims to divert ANY attention from ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ This fantastic film is a labor of love and one of the greatest experiences of my career. So, out of respect to all of the extraordinary contributions from the incredibly talented actors and crew involved, I’ve decided not to participate in the upcoming media events for the film. However, I promise when this situation is over, the facts will show this to be the sick twisted shake down it is. I want to thank fans, friends and family for all their amazing and overwhelming support.”

'X-Men' Director Bryan Singer Hit With New Sex Assault Lawsuit

X-Men Director Bryan Singer and Broadway producer Gary Goddard are being hit with a new lawsuit alleging sexual abuse of an underage teen, the Daily Beast reports:

Goddard_singerThe new lawsuit filed by Egan’s attorney, Jeff Herman, alleges that Singer and Broadway producer Gary Goddard sexually assaulted a British teenager. He is known in the lawsuit as “John Doe No. 117,” fearing “further psychological injury” if his name is disclosed.

...According to the lawsuit, which Herman intends to officially announce Monday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles at 2 p.m., Goddard first contacted the teenager via social media when he was 14. The producer allegedly told the young man he was good-looking, and that he knew people in London and Hollywood who could help him get work in his acting career. One of those people, Goddard allegedly added, was Singer.

The Beast article goes on to detail the allegations brought forth in the suit which include various situations in the U.S. and in London where the teen was forced to perform sexual acts and threatened if he did not do so.

The Beast continues:

The teenager, the suit contends, “only recently became cognizant that he has suffered psychological and emotional injuries, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life as a result of the Defendants’ sexual acts. Such injuries are severe, continuing, and permanent.”

The suit contends that Singer violated the law by sexually assaulting the teenager, traveling to a foreign country for “illicit conduct with a minor,” that he had arranged to “meet with a minor to engage in lewd and lascivious behavior,” and that by allegedly coercing the teenager in the way he did, Singer committed an act of “gender violence” against him.


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