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Watch: Celine Dion Joins Kiss, Does Not Spit Blood


Celine Dion has finally realized her dream of performing with Gene Simmons and Kiss. Well, it's actually impersonator Laura Landauer and Kiss tribute band Destroyer, but she's so good is there really a difference, anyway?



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Scientists Find Large Amounts of Water on the Moon

The NASA probe that impacted the Moon in early October has found water:

Probe "The confirmation of scientists’ suspicions is welcome news both to future explorers who might set up home on the lunar surface and to scientists who hope that the water, in the form of ice accumulated over billions of years, could hold a record of the solar system’s history. The satellite, known as Lcross (pronounced L-cross), slammed into a crater near the Moon’s south pole a month ago. The impact carved out a hole 60- to 100-feet wide and kicked up at least 24 gallons of water. 'We got more than just whiff,' said Peter H. Schultz, a professor of geological sciences at Brown University and a co-investigator of the mission. 'We practically tasted it with the impact.' For more than a decade, planetary scientists have seen tantalizing hints of water ice at the bottom of these cold craters where the sun never shines."

And the discovery also gives new life to a song from Celine Dion's eponymous 1993 album, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: London Cloud, Rock Hudson, United Airlines, Annise Parker


Signorile on Congress and Obama's LGBT agenda: Why is the "low-hanging fruit" still hanging? And here's the checklist.



Architectural "cloud" proposed in London.


America's Next Top Model's Miss J is the father of a 7-year-old boy: "A French lesbian had asked if we would be sperm donors. "So we thought, 'OK, you want me to do you?' And she was like, 'Ooooh, I'm not that talented.' So I said, 'Okay fine.' So we did a little test tube."


D.C. Council committee advances marriage equality bill: "A DC Council Committee voted 4 to 1 this afternoon to send a bill legalizing same-sex marriage to the full council for debate. Council member Phil Mendelson, chairman of the Committee on Public Safety and Judiciary, said the legislation was 'both simple and monumental.' With the committee vote, the full council will take up the bill in early December. It is expected to easily pass."


Virginia lawmaker to introduce legislation extending protections to state workers who are gay or lesbian.


Celine Dion "no longer pregnant".


Opposition party in Australia drafts bill to keep single mothers and gay couples from accessing surrogacy: "Under the laws...introduced, only married and defacto heterosexual couples who have been together for at least two years would legally be able to have a child by surrogate."


First look at The Addams Family Musical.



American researchers "rebuild" sexual organs on rabbits, believe procedure could work on men: "Male rabbits given the implants attempted to mate within one minute of being introduced to a female partner, and 83 per cent succeeded."


REPORT: Rock Hudson's lover Marc Christian has died.


Goran Visnjic to star as Christopher Plummer's boyfriend in the Mike Mills film Beginners: "It’s a Gay-December romance for the ages!"


Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker gets endorsement from opponent: “One candidate stands out with a 12-year proven track record of public service, particularly in terms of efficient, transparent government, the quality of life in our neighborhoods, and fiscal responsibility, especially important in these difficult economic times."


Ashleigh and Jakob were definitely the best part of So You Think You Can Dance last night.


Lady Gaga gossips about Gossip Girl.



Some photos by Dav.d Daniels from the Mormon testimony at the Salt Lake City LGBT ordinance hearings.


United Airlines pilot arrested for intoxication before boarding a flight full of passengers at Heathrow.


FireDogLake blogger Jane Hamsher talks about the DNC donor boycott: "If you're suppressing your base, and the other side is revving up theirs, and midterm elections are all about turning out the base, I sort of question what their strategy is here."


Ontario gym owner in transgender bathroom legal battle: "A fitness club owner in southwestern Ontario said Tuesday he has wasted tens of thousands of dollars fighting a legal battle with a transgender woman over which washrooms she should use, only to have the case thrown out by the Ontario Human Rights Commission."

News: Robert Novak, Guam, Celine Dion, Comet, GLSEN

RoadChicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak dies at 78...

RoadDavid Mixner scolds Bill Clinton on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" explanation: "President Clinton blaming us for "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is simply wrong, insensitive and outrageous. He should step up to the plate, accept responsibility for this huge mistake and then he can lead with dignity the battle to repeal it."

Thinkb4youspeak RoadGLSEN launches new 'Think B4 You Speak' campaign to battle "That's so gay" slurs.

RoadMadonna swims.

RoadGuam considering civil union bill.

RoadA round-up of links on the health care debate.

RoadFort Worth changes bar inspection policy following Rainbow Lounge raid: "The report says [Police chief Jeff] Halstead has told the department to add specific guidelines for officers and supervisors to follow during bar checks. He said the policy will be implemented by Sept. 1. 'Under the new policy there will be three distinct differences between an actual bar check, bar inspection, and bar investigation,' he writes."

RoadSALON: 'Fag hags' dying out.

RoadBallot battle: 77 days till marriage equality vote in Maine.  Let the money laundering begin.

RoadStudy: men with sleep apnea twice as likely to die early.

RoadCeline Dion pregnant.

Brianaustingreen RoadBrian Austin Green gets a kryptonite heart.

RoadDerek Barrett, former consultant to Australia's Labour government, jailed for two and a half years for attempted rape of man: "In evidence, Barrett's victim told prosecutor Andrew Miller that he and Barrett had been at a social evening along with a number of others.  During the night bottles of Veuve Clicqueot and Bollinger had been drunk and the 25-year-old had fallen asleep fully clothed in a bed.  He told the jury he woke up naked with Barrett was touching him on the chest and kissing him."

RoadEric McCormack, Timothy Olyphant, Dan Futterman, Zachary Quinto and Robert Gant join all-star staged reading of Celebration: The Gay Marriage Plays, in L.A.

RoadThank you for being a friend: NYC homeless shelter for LGBT youth to be named for Bea Arthur.

RoadTwilight: New Moon gets a new trailer.

Cometwild2 RoadGlycine, building block of life, found in comet: "The latest findings add credence to the notion that extraterrestrial objects such as meteorites and comets may have seeded ancient Earth, and other planets, with the raw materials of life that formed elsewhere in the cosmos."

Bowling Green, Ohio bans discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

RoadSweden called on to halt deportations of gay Iraqis seeking asylum.

RoadSwedish version of iTunes censors "gay", allows "fag".

RoadSignature check of Washington state anti-gay Referendum 71 is half-finished: "David Ammons, secretary of state spokesman, said the latest tally shows 58,306 signatures accepted...'They need 120,577 valid Washington voter signatures to qualify,' Ammons said. 'Overall, the error rate is currently 11.03 percent, considerably lower than the 20-year average of about 18.5 percent, and still below the maximum error rate the sponsors can absorb, about 12.4 percent.'"

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #246

LOVE IN ACTION: Peterson Toscano talks about movies from an 'ex-gay' program.

ANTARCTICA: Scientists find huge number of new species on the sea floor.

CELINE DION: Still amazing! Highlights from her CBS special from Rich at FourFour.

FLASHBACK: The video Madonna presented to execs at Warner Bros. when she turned in her Bedtime Stories record.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #244

DISGUSTING: Quadriplegic dumped from wheelchair by Florida deputy who didn't believe he was handicapped. The deputy has not been terminated, but has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of an investigation.

JOHN MCCAIN: Anyone who worries about how long we're in Iraq does not understand war.

MADONNA: Her first TV interview regarding her directorial debut Filth & Wisdom. Clips of that are here. And the first REVIEW.

CELINE DION: Thumb powers — activate!

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