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News: Michele Bachmann, Shanghai, Madonna, Indonesia

 road Michele Bachmann has raised over $2 million for her very likely presidential run.

Kids road Madonna's charities have run into a lot of bad luck recently. The FBI is investigating her Success For Kids organization for "several irregularities and suspicious activities."

 road It appears as if the Internet will continue to play a crucial role in President Obama's re-election campaign, just like it did in 2008. Next week, he will reportedly officially announce his intentions to run for a second term - via an email to his supporters.

 road Lindsay Lohan to portray Sharon Tate in new film?

 road New study reveals that "older lesbian, gay and bisexual adults in California are more likely to suffer from chronic physical and mental health problems than their heterosexual counterparts, a new analysis has found. They also are less likely to have live-in partners or adult children who can help care for them."

 road Gay rights groups to lobby at Vermont's Statehouse in Montpelier on April 12, LGBTQ Visibility Day.

 road A gay British man has returns home after spending six months imprisoned and tortured in Saudi Arabia because of his homosexuality.

Shanghai  road Police in Shanghai have detained about 50 people in the largest raid of a gay bar in that city in years.

 road It looks like Cam Gigandet's hair had a bad run-in with a bottle of peroxide.

 road The Earth continues to shake: tsunami warning issued after 6.7 quake off the coast of Indonesia.

 road James Marsden + bunnies = big box office.

 road Openly gay Olympic speed skater Blake Skjellerup part of New Zealand's anti-bullying day: "When I was in high school I was bullied for being gay. It left me feeling isolated and depressed. I felt like I had no one to turn to. I was lucky I had my sport to focus on, a lot of gay young people don't have that."

 road Charlie Sheen got booed on the opening night of his so-called Torpedo of Truth tour.

Watch: Charlie Sheen Makes Surprise Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel


Charlie Sheen planted a wet one on Jimmy Kimmel's "moist" lips last night, after bursting in on an interview with Mark Cuban.


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News: Mary Morgan, Left-Handers, Ireland, Brandon Routh

 road New poll reveals that an astounding 73% of the population in Ireland support marriage equality.

Mm  road Mary Morgan, the first openly lesbian judge in the US, has retired.

 road Left-handedness still a mystery: "Hand asymmetry (whether left or right) is related to brain asymmetry. And that, Dr. Francks said, 'is not at all understood; we’re really at the very beginning of understanding what makes the brain asymmetrical and what goes wrong — we don’t understand that process in the normal case.'”

 road Charlie Sheen continues his odd train wreck by introducing a web cast he calls a "random experiment": Sheen's Korner.

 road Could civil unions come to Colorado, a state that has a Constitutional amendment banning marriage equality?

 road Listen: Short clip of new Britney Spears single "(Drop Dead) Beautiful."

 road Spoiler alert: Alexander Skarsgard on the upcoming season of True Blood.

Brandon  road Brandon Routh doffs his shirt for his new movie Dylan Dog: Dead of Night.

 road An update on the life Greg Louganis.

 road Anti-gay discrimination bills die in West Virginia due to inaction from lawmakers in that state.

 road George Michael on his stint in jail: "Remarkably enough, I know people must think it was a really horrific experience - it's so much easier to take any form of punishment if you believe you actually deserve it, and I did."

 road Gay man brutally beaten to death in New Jersey. Hate crime suspected.

 road The search continues for Tyche, which, unlike Pluto, scientists believe might be the true ninth planet in solar system.

Jimmy Fallon Presents Charlie Sheen's New Fragrance - 'Winning'


It's the best name for a fragrance in a long time, and Fallon does a great Charlie Sheen.


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Listen: Charlie Sheen 'Winning' Mash-Up


Charlie Sheen's "winning" catch-phrase gets a Carlos Santana mash-up.


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Watch: Charlie Sheen's Insane 'Today' Show Interview


The Today show's Jeff Rossen interviewed Charlie Sheen about drug use, rehab, violence toward women, being a role model, and his war with CBS.

When asked if he's still using, Sheen says, "Look at me. Duh."

The unapologetic Sheen says CBS owes him more money — $3 million an episode should the show return — and an apology: “A big one. While licking my feet.”


UPDATE: Sheen's publicist has quit.

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