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More Details About Glee's Gay Sex Scene [SPOILERS]

Chris Colfer speaks to TV Line about losing his TV virginity, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Glee' Going All The Way [SPOILERS]


TV Line's Michael Ausiello has dumped a number of big spoilers from Glee's upcoming sex-themed episode, which promises some groundbreaking gay events.

More (warning: spoilers), AFTER THE JUMP...

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New Promiscuous Gay 'Glee' Warbler to Break Up Kurt and Blaine


Michael Ausiello at TVLine reports on a new gay Dalton Warbler set to topple Blaine and Kurt's romance:

Both Fox and the show’s producers declined to comment, but the buzz is that Sebastian is the polar opposite of Kurt in every possible way. He’s more like the male version of Santana in that he’s both promiscuous and kinda-sorta scheming.

“He’s our villain this season,” an insider tells me. “It’s a major role.”

Grant Gustin, who came from Broadway's West Side Story, is expected to debut in episode five.

Chris Colfer Reveals His Tequila-Inspired Royal Fantasies: VIDEO


Chris Colfer appeared on last night's Tonight Show and told Leno he's staying on Glee. He also talked about his code name for fellow guest Kristin Chenoweth, the Emmys, turning 21, and the kind of queen he aspires to be when he's drunk on tequila.


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Darren Criss, Mark Salling, Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith, Harry Shum, and Chord Overstreet as the 'Village People': PHOTO


The above photo of a few male Glee cast members, tweeted last night by Mark Salling, is, according to some, a fan-created Tumblr image and not a still from a forthcoming episode, unfortunately. But one can dream. Who wouldn't want to see Criss as a young leather daddy?

Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith, Lea Michele Not Leaving 'Glee'


Series' co-creator and executive producer Brad Falchuk told a Comic Con audience that three of Glee's stars, whom co-creator Ryan Murphy had said would be leaving at the end of the third season, would not be, Deadline reports:

“Here’s the exact thing: They’re seniors. They’re graduating. But that doesn’t mean they’re leaving the show," Falchuk said. "It was never our intention or plan to let these people go... They are not done with the show after this season.” Later on in the panel he revealed they had discussed the possibility of a spin-off show depicting the three graduates in New York, trying to start careers on Broadway, but that it probably wouldn’t happen and he was “leaning against doing it.”

Chord Overstreet will be leaving, however, of his own volition. “We told him to go with god,” Falchuk said.

A brief interview with some of the Glee cast including Harry Shum and Darren Criss, AFTER THE JUMP...

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