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Watch: Kathy Griffin's Turn as a Christine O'Donnell-Sarah Palin Anti-Gay Teabagger Hybrid on 'Glee'


Also, on last night's Glee, in addition to the gay kiss, was Kathy Griffin as former Tea Party candidate Tammy Jean Albertson, brought in to judge the regional show choir competition.

Griffin drew on Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell in her depiction.

Said Griffin's character, who reveals that she lost her last election and "twittered" that "Obama is a terrorist": "Before we begin, I would just like to say, I am not a witch."

When the judges discuss Kurt and Blaine's duet, Griffin's character snips: "Well, boys shouldn't do a duet. The last thing we need to do is send a message to children that 'gay is okay.' It is not a legitimate lifestyle, and last time I checked, it's not in the Constitution."

Watch the clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Anderson Urges Christine O'Donnell to Join 'Dancing with the Stars'


Anderson Cooper has a very strong opinion about whether Christine O'Donnell should accept her Dancing with the Stars invitation.


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Christine O'Donnell Asked to be on 'Dancing with the Stars'


Oh, jeez.

Writes the former witch: "I just got the Official 'Ask' from Dancing With The Stars !! Although I am utterly flattered, my initial thought was to decline, as 2 year old nephew has more rhythm than me, and my two left feet!! However Eileen thinks i should do it. What do you think?"

Watch: Christine O'Donnell Blames Criminal Probe on VP Joe Biden



Christine O'Donnell is the subject of a federal criminal probe into illegal use of campaign funds during her failed U.S. Senate run, the News Journal reports:

"The case, which has been assigned to two federal prosecutors and two FBI agents in Delaware, has not been sent to a grand jury...Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), the national ethics group, previously called O'Donnell's use of more than $7 million in donated funds 'Magic Money,' and repeated a claim that she had misused campaign resources for personal expenses, including household rent. 'Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell spent the 2010 campaign responding to nearly endless questions about her integrity, including allegations she had treated her campaign account like her personal piggy bank,' CREW said in summarizing its questions about O'Donnell's record."

O'Donnell appeared on Good Morning America today, where she blamed Vice President Joe Biden for the probe, and also the Today show, where she placed the blame for the probe on establishment Republicans who are after her.

Watch MSNBC's report on the probe, and O'Donnell's interviews placing blame, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Watch: Christine O'Donnell Ambushed by Canadian Comic — 'You're So Dense That Light Bends Around You'


Christine O'Donnell (who lost) was ambushed by Canadian comic Mary Walsh yesterday at a polling station.

Said Walsh: "I just wanted to say good luck from Canada, and to suggest perhaps you need your own constitution with a first amendment that guarantees the separation between your thought and speech." Adding, "Miss O'Donnell, the Canadian press is saying you're so dense that light bends around you. Do you have any reaction to that?"

You may recall Walsh's character Marg Delahunty, from a similar encounter with Sarah Palin at a book signing.

I wish she'd visit America more often.


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News: James Marsden, DADT, Christine O'Donnell, Rand Paul

 road A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by four Rochester, New York police officers who were accused of anti-gay conduct in 2007.

James-marsden-modern-family  road Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet tweets a photo of James Marsden who will appear on the show as a neighbor whose favorite activity is removing his shirt.

 road Christine O'Donnell on her many, many television appearances during her youth: "In the 90s I looked at all of those TV opportunities as a ministry opportunity, as an opportunity to share my new-found faith with a television audience that otherwise would not be watching, you know when I would go on 'Politically Incorrect.' If I were planning to run for office in 10, 15 years I would have been much more guarded, not that I regret anything I've said."

 road Rihanna blissfully in love with baseball player Matt Kemp.

 road An anonymous donor spent a million dollars so they could send 400,000 DVDs to every Catholic household in Minnesota. One soundbite from the DVD: “At best, so-called ‘same-sex marriage’ is an untested social experiment, and at worst, it poses a dangerous risk with potentially far-reaching consequences.”

Jl  road Some may doubt that this season of Sesame Street has become more gay, but muppets clinging to Jude Law isn't helping that counter argument.

 road Christians Eunice and Owen Johns were banned from becoming foster parents due to their anti-gay views. They're now taking their case to the High Court in the UK and claim that Christians are being forced to put their beliefs into the closet.

 road Glee's Matthew Morrison dating Cameron Diaz?

 road Post-DADT repeal might affect retired military chaplains: "If a chaplain preaches against homosexuality, he could conceivably be disciplined as a bigot under the military's nondiscrimination policy, the retired chaplains say. The Pentagon, however, says chaplains' religious beliefs and their need to express them will be respected."

 road That Rand Paul supporter who stomped on the head of a MoveOn activist earlier this week has been charged with fourth-degree assault.

 road Shia LaBeouf strips down while shooting Transformers 3.


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