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NYC 'Lights the Way to Justice' in Times Square


Last night I headed up to Times Square to find a warm and friendly crowd for a 'Light the Way to Justice' gathering to give witness to the coming events this week at the Supreme Court. Several hundred joined me including longtime activist David Mixner, Jane Clementi (Tyler's mother), producere Vance Garrett, activist Peter Yacobellis, and Cuomo aide Erik Bottcher.

It was a great start to the week ahead.

More photos and videos from the rally and march earlier in the day can be found HERE.



David Mixner Talks to MSNBC's Thomas Roberts About Bill Clinton's DOMA Reversal: VIDEO


Political strategist and longtime activist David Mixner joined Thomas Roberts on MSNBC today to talk about former President Bill Clinton's op-ed urging the Supreme Court to overturn DOMA, which he signed into law in 1996.

Mixner said that while he welcomes Clinton's decision to do so, it's important to not rewrite history and sweep his original actions under the rug. Mixner also talks about the upcoming SCOTUS decisions.


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Activist David Mixner Invites You to a Times Square Vigil for Equality


Longtime activist David Mixner invites you to join him in Times Square on the eve of the Supreme Court hearings on marriage:

On Sunday evening (March 24) at 7:00PM, I will be taking a candle to Times Square - the window to the world and standing silently for one hour to give witness. I will be standing behind the half price ticket booth. There will be no speeches (although music is always welcomed) and no anger.

Have zero idea if it will be just me standing alone with my candle or just me and a few friends.

However, I am inviting you to come and stand with me to give witness to the nation and the world how important that week will be for LGBT American obtaining freedom and equality.

If the spirit moves you and you in New York City come on down to Times Square with your candle, your determination to fully equal and spend an hour with me.

Much love and peace.

Find more activities surrounding the SCOTUS hearings at United for Marriage.

Nigel Barker Making Film About Longtime Gay Activist David Mixner

Photographer, former America's Next Top Model judge and current host of The Face on Oxygen, Nigel Barker sits down with OUT's Jay Schwartz to talk about his new show, and a couple of other things:

BarkerYou receive a lot of support from the LGBT community. Why is that?

That community has always been very close to me. The fashion business as a whole is run by people from the gay community. I imagine the community as a whole is interested in what I’m doing because I’m so open about everything I do. It’s a weird question for me. I like to think of the gay community as not the gay community. I just see people. I’m blessed to have anyone support the work that I do.

Can you tell me about the film you’re working on now?

I’m working on new film about a man named David Mixner. He’s a human rights activist and a gay rights activist and he is one of the most prolific men in the gay community. He’s become a friend of mine through Alan Cumming. We’re creating his life into a film and it’s really going to tell the story of the gay community and HIV through the '80s and up until now. One of his protégés is Jeremy Bernard who is the social secretary of the White House on the Obama administration. I’ve directed four films, but this will be the first feature film.

As a friend of David's, I'm confident that the source material is rich, personally and historically. Best of luck with it!

Longtime Activists Cleve Jones and David Mixner Call for Demonstrations Around SCOTUS Marriage Hearings

Last night, longtime activists Cleve Jones and David Mixner posted "a call to action", calling for local demonstrations and grassroots actions around the time the Supreme Court will hear the Prop 8 and DOMA cases on March 26 and 27.

Mixner_jonesWrite Jones and Mixner: "Between us, we have over 80 years of experience in the movement for peace and social justice. In particular, as gay men, we have fought for the rights and dignity of our own community, known today as LGBT. We do not claim that age necessarily brings wisdom, but it does bring memories and we have many...Now is the time, once again, to recognize the unique moment before us and to act with the greatest power and intelligence possible."

The activists do not suggest a march to oppose the one being organized by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). "Ignore them," they say. Instead, they "encourage all LGBT advocates and all fair-minded Americans who believe in equality and justice to take part in public actions on during the last week of March."

Read their suggestions instead, AFTER THE JUMP...

Read their full post HERE.

Here is their Facebook page, National Equality Action.

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Forecasting LGBT Progress In Obama's Second Term: VIDEO


Political analysts all have their divining rods honed in on President Obama's second term in hopes of figuring out his post-inauguration agenda, including in terms of LGBT rights. AFTER THE JUMP, Richard Socarides, David Mixner and the National Center for Lesbian Rights' Kate Kendell join Howard Bragman to offer their own insight on where President Obama will focus his energies over the next four years.

One of the things that must be recognized, they all agree, is that that President Obama's first term brought such a tidal wave of progress that the second term will likely be marked by smaller successes.

Check it out AFTER THE JUMP.

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