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ICY: The Dublin news would rather get the shot than warn the guy.

MONSTER: That boy is a monster.

GRAY GRAY: Choire Sicha at The Awl notes that the world's best cat video is also a likely metaphor for your day.

MR. GAY CHINA: I linked to this piece in the Guardian on Monday. Here's the video for those who missed it.

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Dublin Says Good-bye to Boyzone Star Stephen Gately


Approximately 3,500 people lined the streets outside Dublin's St Laurence O'Toole Memorial Church to say good-bye Saturday to Boyzone star Stephen Gately, who died suddenly last weekend at the age of 33.

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Gatelyphoto The Guardian reports: "After Gately's coffin was carried out of the church, the surviving members of Boyzone stood behind the hearse in a silent group, huddled for a few minutes' reflection while local women and children showered them and the hearse with dozens of white roses. As the funeral cortege made its way up Seville Place, flanked by five garda motorbike outriders, a train on the railway bridge over the street suddenly halted while thousands all around clapped and cheered. Among the celebrities who attended the funeral were the band's founder and X-Factor judge Louis Walsh, David Furnish, Shane Ward, Jason Donovan, Brian McFadden and Vanessa Feltz. Messages of condolence were sent by David and Victoria Beckham and Elton John, among others. When the Gately family, friends and the celebrities he knew and worked with had gone, five photographs of the singer at various stages of his life were left behind inside the church, and one of him together with the rest of Boyzone. Gately was later cremated after a short service at Dublin's Glasnevin cemetery."

Cowlesgately An autopsy reported that Gately had died of natural causes. There was widespread criticism this week over a homophobic Daily Mail column by Jan Moir which used rumors surrounding Gately's death to slam the gay "lifestyle" and the "happy-ever-after myth of civil partnerships".

Gately married Andy Cowles in March 2006 in one of the first high-profile same-sex civil partnerships after they became legal in the UK.

Today, tabloid News of the World released video of the night Gately died showing the singer and Cowles leaving a nightclub in Majorca. The video appears to contradict reports that Gately had been on a drinking binge.

Watch a report on the funeral, featuring clips of Boyzone singing at the church service and Ronan Keating reading an emotional memorial, AFTER THE JUMP...

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5,000 March, Demand Marriage Equality in Dublin, Ireland

Five thousand gays and lesbians and supporters marched in the streets of Dublin, Ireland yesterday in opposition to a civil partnership bill being introduced by the government. Why? The government should be offering full marriage, they say.

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Irish Times reports: "The crowd, which had earlier marched from Dublin’s City Hall, was campaigning for an outright lifting of the ban on same-sex marriages. It included gay and lesbian groups, representatives of Amnesty International, the Union of Students in Ireland and others. A number of speakers gave personal testimony of their bid to get equal rights, and two women, introduced as Mia and Shani, spoke of having to “validate” their relationship to officials of the Department of Justice. The form of validation was a written testament to their commitment to each other. Mia told the crowd she had felt insulted and demeaned by having to make such a validation to 'a bureaucrat with a stamp', but had done so to ensure residency permission for Shani. The women said they felt the process was unequal in that heterosexual couples did not generally have to go through such a process. Heterosexuals could confer citizenship rights on their partners by marriage, they argued. 'Why is my citizenship overshadowed by my sexual orientation. I am either an Irish citizen or I am not. It really is that simple' said Mia."

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