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NEWS: Vladimir Putin, Jonah Mowry, Penn Jillette, Nigeria, Singapore, And God

Road It was a bad day for Putin:

United Russia, the governing party of Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin, suffered surprisingly steep losses in parliamentary elections on Sunday and was barely clinging to a 50 percent majority, with nearly three-quarters of the votes counted.

The three minority parties that now hold seats in Parliament — the Communist Party, the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party and Just Russia, a social democratic party — all made strong gains, meaning that United Russia would have little choice but to forge a working relationship with at least some segment of the newly empowered opposition.

Road This weekend, Jonah Mowry's video about being bullied in middle school went seriously, uberly viral, and he wants everyone to know that he's okay. He posted a video to that effect, but it's since been taken down.

Road Bishop Eddie Long, accused sexual harasser of young male congregants, will cease preaching.

Road The boys of Hanson introduce their IPA. It's called "MMMHop."

Road Students sue to get the Ten Commandments out of their school, and school board chairman Eric Gentry calls them "cowards."

Road This video game doesn't try to entertain, doesn't try to delight. Mostly it wants to bore you, and choke you with angst and ennui. Interested?

Road The NC marriage amendment continues to lose political support:

North Carolina state Sen. Jim Davis (R) has joined the chorus of Republicans walking back their support of a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban all recognition of same-sex relationships. At a town hall this week, he reiterated his opposition to same-sex couples marrying, but admitted the amendment restricts freedoms “beyond his comfort zone”:

DAVIS: I have a lot of libertarian in me. I believe firmly, passionately that a marriage should be defined as being between one man and one woman. But I also believe with all my heart that in a free America people who choose to live a different lifestyle should have a legal right to do so. Just don’t call it marriage. [This amendment will] restrict their freedoms a little beyond my comfort zone.

Road Michael Beitz's vaguely disturbing folding house.

Road Read about the Singapore SlutWalk.

Road There is apparently a show called The Virgin Diaries, and on it they show you things like this. Gak!

Road What destroyed the Cain candidacy?

Road Nigeria's anti-gay legislation could risk AIDS funding:

A newly added portion of the bill, leveling 10 years in prison for those found guilty of organizing, operating or supporting gay clubs, organizations and meetings, worries advocates in Nigeria. They fear the law could be used against groups providing aid for HIV and AIDS outreach programs that traditionally consider gay men as an at-risk group.

"We work with them trying to reduce their risk factors, trying to make them more healthy and have safer sex practices," said Meyiwa Ede of the donor-funded public health organization Society for Family Health. "If we can't work with them anymore, then they are vulnerable."

But lawmakers playing to the deeply religious nation's dislike of gays and lesbians have said donor nations who threaten to cut aid over the bill can keep their assistance, putting at risk the lives of people reliant on anti-retroviral drugs.

Jillette Road Alan Moore vs. Frank Miller.

Road Penn Jillette provides an atheist's guide to the 2012 election. He doesn't say who to vote for, but he says a lot of other things. I mean, a lot of other things. Goodness! Watch AFTER THE JUMP ...

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NEWS: Bishop Eddie Long's Marital Woes, Ethopia's Inhospitality, Obamacare Is Happening, And A 3D Tour Of An Extraterrestrial Body

Road The space probe Dawn has now gathered enough data on the asteroid Vesta to allow NASA to create a guided tour in 3D. You'll need red and green 3D glasses to view properly. Watch AFTER THE JUMP! And marvel: once Dawn's done with Vesta, she'll spin out of the asteroid's gravity well using super-futuristic ion propulsion and rendezvous with the dwarf planet Ceres, which is orbiting the sun at 17 kilometers per second. Science is awesome!  [HT: Phil Plait]

Road Ethiopians are unhappy about hosting International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Africa.

Road Alan Sues, Laugh-In star and pioneering/stereotyping TV gay guy, has died. From the Times:

Mr. Sues tended to perform with over-the-top flamboyance on the show, displaying stereotypically gay mannerisms. What he did not disclose was that he was gay, Mr. Michaud said, fearing that to tell the truth about his sexual orientation would have ended his career.

“It wasn’t because he was ashamed of being gay; it was because he was surviving as a performer,” Mr. Michaud said in a telephone interview, adding that Mr. Sues was actually an inspiration to many gay viewers. “Many gay men came up to him and said how important he was when they were young because he was the only gay man they could see on television,” Mr. Michaud said.

EddieLong Road Bishop Eddie Long's wife seeks a divorce:

In September of 2010, four young men came forward with lawsuits against Eddie Long—a well-known social conservative and Atlanta megachurch pastor—claiming that the bishop had plied them with vacations, cars and money in exchange for sex, starting when they were 16. (The cases were dismissed this spring after Long reached settlements with each of the men.) Yesterday, Vanessa Long filed for divorce, releasing a statement this morning that read "[a]fter a great deal of deliberation and prayer, I have decided to terminate my marriage to Bishop Eddie L. Long."

Road Gay couple accused of molesting adopted sons:

The allegations have caused turmoil within the family and has divided them, with family members forced to choose sides. Harasz’s biological daughter, Jackie, 19, told the media that she strongly believes that the couple is innocent. Chris Harasz, one of the adopted boys, says that all of the allegations are true.

Wirth and Harasz adopted nine boys from three different sibling groups over the past ten years.

Road Sandusky talks. And talks. And talks.

Road Standing On Ceremony to close.

Road Christian's don't like Johnny Depp's Christmas song.

Road Lovely Patty Austin's got a new album out. She talks about it, and AIDS, and all kinds of other things with The Advocate.

Road Yesterday, according to Forbes, "the bomb buried in Obamacare" exploded.  

Road The police stole the Occu-pies:

First there was pepper spray. Then came the batons. But on Thursday night, bad relations between the police and protesters entered a new dimension. While arrested demonstrators sat in their cells at a Lower East side station house, the police, protesters say, stole their pizza and drank all their soda pop.

“NYPD Sadistically Eats Pizzas Meant for World AIDS Day Occupy Wall St. Protesters,” read the headline on the protesters’ news release about the episode.

The police concede that they ate the pizza, but said they thought the pies were intended for them.

“Any way you slice it, it was an honest mistake,” said Paul J. Browne, the head police spokesman.

Road George Packer tells the story of Ray Kachel, and some other folk who found a home at Zucotti. It's a really good read.

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Bishop Eddie Long Cuts Settlement Deal with Four Young Men Who Accused Him of Sexual Misconduct


Megapastor Eddie Long has settled complaints with four young men formerly in his ministry who were suing him for sexual misconduct, CBS Atlanta reports:

Long chose not to fight in court. Instead he reached a settlement and paid off the four young men who accused the mega-church preacher of using his power to influence them into sexual relationships with him.

"You can interpret that any way you want, but usually people do not settle cases unless there is some reason to do so," said former DeKalb County Prosecutor J. Tom Morgan.

Morgan said he is familiar with cases like Long's.

"They had to reach a settlement if they did not want any statement by the Bishop on record," said Morgan.

Former New Birth members Spencer LeGrande, Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson and Jamal Parris filed civil lawsuits against Long last September.

Reports that Long was trying to cut a deal with his accusers surfaced last December. Morgan estimated that the amount Long paid the young men is "in the millions" and Long reached the settlement because of details that would have emerged about the incidents in court. Part of the agreement is that nobody talks about the case.

Watch: Anti-Gay Pastor Eddie Long Cutting Deal with Young Men Who Accused Him of Sexual Misconduct


AC360 reports on Atlanta Megachurch pastor Eddie Long, who has agreed to undergo mediation over accusations of sexual misconduct with young men in his ministry. Long has up till now proclaimed his innocence, but now appears to be trying to cut a deal with his accusers.


To follow news on Eddie Long, check out our HUB. And "LIKE" it to follow updates on Facebook.

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Pastor Plans Rally Against Eddie Long


The firestorm surrounding Bishop Eddie Long will get some fresh fuel later this month, when a South Carolina Pastor named Prophet H. Walker leads a rally in Georgia calling for Long's resignation.

"[Long] has no right to assume the office of pastor at any Christian church. A pastor should be above reproach," said Walker, whose rally against Long will be held on Halloween. Long, a homophobic conservative, has been accused of sexually assaulting four young men from his congregation.

The claims against Long come as no surprise to radio host Reuben Armstrong, who says someone came to him in 2006 and told him, "Bishop Long was allegedly grooming young vulnerable male members of his church for his own personal sexual use." Armstrong has always been a voracious critic of Long, whom he included in his best-selling book, Crooks and Homos in the Pulpit.

Long, meanwhile, maintains his innocence and refuses to back down.

News: Wonder Woman, Eddie Long, Serbia, Kenya

 road In today's sermon, Eddie Long said that he is "not going to be pulled into a street fight" and that "In times of challenge, there are several things that come out."

Ww  road David E. Kelley plans to bring Wonder Woman back to television. Let's hope he doesn't turn Diana into an Ally McBeal-type.

 road Does this mean that Robert Knight of Coral Ridge Ministries believes in aliens? "If a Martian sat down and watched TV for a week during this new season, he would conclude that Americans worship sex, not God, that a large segment of the population is homosexual, and that our attention spans are about three seconds."

 road 18,000 march for gay rights in Johannesburg: "We are aware of the fact that LGBT people across Africa are being arrested, their human rights are under threat and it's a growing phenomenon on the continent. South Africa having an enlightened constitution, we have a responsibility to reach out to our brothers and sisters in Africa."

 road Former Atlanta police gay liaison and intersex officer claims she's being blackballed.

Jg  road Jake Gyllenhaal gets scruffy again.

 road Civil Rights Defenders have written a letter to Serbian police about this week's gay pride parade in that country: “We welcome positive steps taken by the Serbian authorities, as well as the promises given by MUP (Serbian police). Because of all this we expect that all given promises will be put into effect.”

 road David Beckham teaches his son how to bend it.

 road 74 churches in Kenyan have complained to that country's president after Cabinet Minister Esther Murugi voiced her support for the gay community: “We have observed Hon Murugi Transforming herself to becoming a trouble shooter and one who makes statements focused on demeaning and antagonizing the faith community in Kenya."

 road Facebook helped The A List's Mike Ruiz get his job on the show.

 road Cathy the comic strip utters its final "ack."


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