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Elton John Blasts Georgia's Anti-LGBT 'License to Discriminate' Bill as a 'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'

In a new op-ed for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, former Atlanta resident Elton John is speaking out against the state's proposed anti-LGBT "license to discriminate" legislation and warning the bill could open the door to even greater stigmatization and discrimination against those with HIV/AIDS.

John writes:

JohnI’m proud of the progress we have made, particularly in the South, in treating people living with HIV equally and compassionately. But we still have a long way to go. People living with HIV are still discriminated against in Georgia, and indeed, all across the United States. The rates of HIV/AIDS among LGBT people of color and low-income people remain disproportionately high, especially in the South.

That’s why I’m so opposed to SB 129.

Simply put, this bill is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It promises religious freedom, but let’s be clear: No one’s religious freedom is at risk! Both the Georgia Constitution and U.S. Constitution very explicitly protect this right.

What SB 129 will really do is institutionalize the hate some people hold in their hearts against other people. It will turn back the clock on the progress we have made — not only in the fight against HIV, but also in the struggle for a more equal and just society.

Read the full op-ed HERE

The bill passed the Georgia Senate last week. A similar House bill remains in committee.

Elton John and David Furnish Are Married!

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 10.13.04 AM

As expected, Elton John and David Furnish celebrated 21 years together with an intimate wedding ceremony at the couple's Windsor home on Sunday. 

Wrote Elton on the caption to the above photo: "That's the legal bit done. Now on to the ceremony! 
#ShareTheLove @DavidFurnish"

The 67-year-old singer set up an Instagram account for fans to share in the special day's celebration. Sons Zachary and Elijah were the ring bearers.

Check out more photos, AFTER THE JUMP...

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 10.08.29 AM

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Elton John and David Furnish Might Be Getting Married Next Week

UK's Mirror is reporting Elton John and David Furnish are set to finally tie the knot in a "small and intimate" ceremony next week.

Via The Sydney Morning Herald:

JohnThe couple is said to have invited just 50 of their closest friends and family to their home in Windsor, England to watch them exchange vows.

They will tie the knot on December 21st: a celebration of their 21 years together, and the anniversary of their 2005 civil partnership. 

The move comes after Britain passed legislation on Wednesday to allow couples to convert their civil partnerships to marriages.

The rumoured guest list includes Victoria and David Beckham, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and Elizabeth Hurley. 

John, 67, and Furnish, 52, met in 1993. The singer told Parade magazine they "fell in love very quickly" and work hard to keep their relationship strong.

Their young sons Zachary and Elijah will be the ring bearers.

Last September, Elton chatted with Ellen about his wedding plans (and his desire to have a slice of Liam Hemsworth on the side). Check out the interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Elton John Takes a Tumble Out of His Chair At Charity Tennis Match: VIDEO

Elton john

At a charity tennis match at Royal Albert Hall in London over the weekend, Elton John experienced a bit of on-camera chair malfunction.


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Elton John Lambasts Russia's Anti-Gay 'Propaganda' Ban During St. Petersburg Concert

In the middle of his St. Petersburg performance last weekend, the ever vocal Elton John took the opportunity to take potshots at Russia's anti-gay policies and agenda again reports The Moscow Times. While performing a song, John addressed the crowd asking, "Is Tchaikovsky's beautiful music 'sexually perverting?" bringing up the famous Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky who is widely believed to be gay.

Elton johnJohn also criticized the removal of a statue erected to honor Apple founder Steve Jobs from outside of a St. Petersburg technical college after Jobs successor, Tim Cook, disclosed to the public that he is gay. It's assumed that Russia still sells Apple products, which John recognized and called out the hypocrisy behind the statue's removal.

Said John:

"Can this be true? Steve's memory is rewritten because his successor at Apple, Tim Cook, is gay? Does that also make iPads 'gay propaganda'?"

This isn't the first time the singer spoke out during a concert in Russia; he dedicated a 2013 Moscow concert to 23-year-old Vladislav Tornovi who was raped and murdered after revealing he was gay. Fans and civils rights groups asked John not to perform in Russia, but John told the Moscow crowd why he continues to perform in the country.

Said John:

"You took me to your hearts all these years ago, and you've always welcomed me with warmth and open arms any time I've visited. You have always embraced me and you have never judged me. So I am deeply saddened and shocked over the current legislation that is now in place against the LGBT community here in Russia."

"In my opinion, it is inhumane and it is isolating. People have demanded that because of this legislation, I must not come here to Russia. But many, many more people asked me to come and I listened to them. I love coming here."

John invited Vladimir Putin to meet the country's LGBT youth to listen to their experiences, however the disillusioned leader has yet to respond to the singer's request. St. Petersburg is the epicenter of the nationwide ban on "gay propaganda," as it was the first city to pass an ordinance banning the so-called "propaganda." The nationwide federal legislation version is modeled after St. Petersburg's ordinance.

Steve Grand Covers Elton John, Drops New Single: LISTEN


The All-American Boy has released two new songs to help get you through your day (which, depending on your political affiliation, may be off to a rough start). Grand is offering up a cover of Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets" along with a new single, "Time." As previously reported, Grand is set to have a new album out thanks to a very successful Kickstarter campaign. From The Huffington Post:

"Time" will appear on Grand's forthcoming album, which is being by Aaron Johnson, who has collaborated with The Fray and Eve 6, among other popular artists. The collection will also feature Grand's initial viral hit, "All-American Boy," as well as "Stay" and "Back To California."

Grand's online campaign for the album generated more than four times the original goal of $81,000 and became one of the 10 most-funded music projects in the Kickstarter history.

Listen to Grand's new croonings, AFTER THE JUMP...

Also, in case you missed them, check out his other songs, "Back to California", "Stay", Lil' Wayne's "How to Love", a live version of "All-American Boy" and, of course, the original

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