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John Boehner, Eric Cantor Support Military Strikes Against Syria: VIDEO


GOP House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor are getting behind President Obama's plan for military strikes against Syria, following a White House meeting on Tuesday.

Said Boehner outside the White House: "I appreciate the president reaching out to me and my colleagues in the Congress over the last couple of weeks. I also appreciate the president asking the Congress to support him in this action...I am going to support the president's call for action,” he told reporters. I believe my colleagues should support this call for action."

Said Cantor in a statement following Boehner's press conference: "I intend to vote to provide the President of the United States the option to use military force in Syria. While the authorizing language will likely change, the underlying reality will not. America has a compelling national security interest to prevent and respond to the use of weapons of mass destruction, especially by a terrorist state such as Syria, and to prevent further instability in a region of vital interest to the United States."

Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain have also thrown their support behind military action:

McCain said U.S. credibility would be "shredded" internationally if Congress thwarts a president after he has already committed to military action.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who also took part in the meeting, said he and McCain would like to see a more sustained military effort but that he intended to support the authorization plan that emerges.

Graham said "a pretty solid plan" was emerging from the administration "upgrade the opposition" and to "degrade" Assad's regime. "We don't want endless war... We want sustainable security. And Syria is a cancer that's growing in the region."

Watch Boehner speak to reporters, AFTER THE JUMP...

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CNBC Host Challenges Eric Cantor on Gay Marriage: 'No One's Asking You to Marry Another Guy'


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) was challenged by Squawkbox host Joe Kernen about the GOP position on same-sex marriage. Kernen wondered if the GOP might regret being on the wrong side of an issue that a majority of Americans support.

Cantor refused to give, suggesting that there's an "intolerance" of those who defend 'traditional' marriage:

There are those of us who have personal religious convictions about the issue. And I think we as a country need to respect people about their opinion, not matter which side you come down on....Some of the things we stand for somehow aren't being received in the proper way and it's being portrayed as being we don't care about people."

Hmmm.... like the $3 million House Republicans have spent defending on DOMA?


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Eric Cantor's 'Plan B' Walk of Shame: VIDEO


As one YouTube commenter notes: "Six 'no's' in 19 seconds. They really are The Party of No."



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LGBT Leaders Call on John Boehner to Stop Spending Millions of Taxpayer Dollars Defending DOMA

Leaders from Human Rights Campaign, Outserve-SLDN, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund, National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, Center for American Progress, Immigration Equality Action Fund, CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality, and FORGE, Inc have signed on to a letter calling on House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy  to stop defending DOMA.

BoehnerSays the letter, in part:

Americans have sent a clear message that they want lawmakers to focus on strengthening our economy, creating jobs, and securing a bright future for generations to come. Spending $2 million and counting on harming LGBT people and wasting precious time and resources that should be spent on more important issues is not the way to best serve the interests of the American people. We strongly urge you to take aleadership role on this critical issue and stop pouring taxpayer dollars into a law that discriminates against Americans.

Our country is facing major challenges that we will only solve by standing united. It’s time for us to collectively focus on how we can make our great nation even stronger, and leave behind the archaic lawsthat exist simply to divide us. To that end, we encourage you to end your taxpayer-funded contract foroutside legal services defending discrimination.

Read the full letter bellow:

DOMA Sign-On Letter

GOP-Led House Group Asks Supreme Court To Review DOMA Ruling


As expected, Rep. John Boehner and his fellow Republicans on the GOP-controlled House Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group petitioned the Supreme Court today to rule on a First Circuit Court's decision that the Defense of Marriage Act violates the Constitution.

Chris Geidner from Metro Weekly reports:

In a filing obtained by Metro Weekly, BLAG asks the Supreme Court, which must agree to consider the case, to take the appeal for three reasons: (1) the constitutionality of DOMA Section 3 is "an issue of great national importance" and raises separation-of-powers questions; (2) the First Circuit decision conflicts with the Supreme Court's 1972 decision in Baker v. Nelson and other appellate decisions; and (3) the First Circuit "invented a new standard of equal protection review."

In the course of the filing, called a petition for a writ of certiorari, BLAG states that "[t]he executive branch has ... abdicated its traditional role of defending the constitutionality of duly-enacted statutes."

Boehner's fellow Republicans, Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy sided with the House Speaker. The group's two Democrats, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, voted against petitioning the court, which must now decide whether or not to hear the case.

Speaking about the filing, Pelosi blasted Boehner and other Republicans, saying, "Democrats have rejected the Republican assault on equal rights, in the courts and in Congress. We believe there is no federal interest in denying LGBT couples the same rights and responsibilities afforded to all couples married under state law. And we are confident that the Supreme Court, if it considers the case, will declare DOMA unconstitutional and relegate it to the dustbin of history once and for all."

Eric Cantor Says House Will Vote On Health Care Repeal Next Month: VIDEO


Republicans are absolutely itching to fight back against the Affordable Care Act, President Obama's health care law the Supreme Court upheld yesterday, and now it seems they'll get their chance.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor appeared on CBS' This Morning today and said he and his Republican colleagues in the House are planning a vote for early next month:

"We know that most of the American people don't like this law," Cantor said on CBS' This Morning Friday. The House, he said will "look towards the kind of health care people want," which he said is "patient-centered."

Cantor said that the Republican-led House will take up a repeal vote on July 11th, after Congress comes back from its July 4th recess. The House first voted to repeal the law in January 2011, soon after Republicans took control. The move, however, was essentially symbolic.

The Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell also said Thursday that Congress should repeal the law, but Democrats have control of the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, meanwhile, is telling the GOP to get over it. Our Supreme Court has spoken. The matter is settled," the Democrat said yesterday. "It's time for Republicans to stop fighting yesterday's battles."

Watch video of Cantor's remarks AFTER THE JUMP.

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