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10 Emmy Snubs: "The Americans," Julianna Margulies, "New Girl" and More



Yesterday's Emmy nominations gave us plenty to celebrate. The excellent Game of Thrones picked up 16 nominations (second only to American Horror Story's 17). Netflix was able to garner 14 nominations for its first batch of original programming. Emmy voters even managed to pleasantly surprise us by recognizing performances from Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel), Adam Driver (Girls) and Laura Dern (Enlightened).

Still, the choices were far from flawless. We've collected some critics' picks for the most egregious oversights, AFTER THE JUMP...

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ACLU Urges 'Modern Family' Producers to Marry Mitch and Cam


A new initiative of the ACLU, ACLU Action, has launched a campaign urging Modern Family writers to marry Cam and Mitch.

ModernfamilyThey write:

"The freedom to marry is being advanced in American living rooms as much as in court rooms," said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero. "As we wait for the Supreme Court to rule, we want to keep this issue on the minds and screens of Americans everywhere."

ACLU Action aims to activate the ACLU's 750,000 online supporters to have a political impact through social media and new grassroots organizing tools, and to reach out to new audiences, with its message of equal rights for all. By calling on Americans to "RSVP" that they will watch Cam and Mitch get married, the campaign will let the "Modern Family" producers know that a wedding episode would be a ratings hit. The campaign will put marriage equality before new and younger audiences through social media channels.

ACLU Action plans to deliver the "guest list" created by this RSVP to the producers of "Modern Family," Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd. The delivery will be timed to capitalize on the energy arising out of the landmark Supreme Court cases to be decided this summer, as the writers and producers are scripting the next season of "Modern Family."

Should you wish to join that list, you can do so here.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson reacted to the campaign via Instagram: "Love this! Thank you ACLU! Maybe once Prop 8 is overturned"

Eric Stonestreet Was Not Drunk at the AMAs: VIDEO


On a visit last night to Jimmy Kimmel, Eric Stonestreet talked about the disappointment that washes over people when they realize he's not his Modern Family character, as well as the Katy Perry birthday surprise he recently gave to Jesse Tyler Ferguson (you can watch that HERE).

He also insists he was not drunk during his onstage bit at the American Music Awards (well, maybe a little tipsy). And he discusses some costuming issues for an upcoming episode (below).



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Eric Stonestreet Gives Jesse Tyler Ferguson a Birthday Surprise from the Boston Gay Men's Chorus: VIDEO


Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet appeared at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston on Sunday for a Q&A and Stonestreet surprised Ferguson with a birthday gift at the end of it — a Katy Perry serenade from the Boston Gay Men's Chorus.


(via afterelton)

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Launches Attack Ad on Eric Stonestreet for Stealing Acting Jobs from Gay Americans: VIDEO


Jesse Tyler Ferguson is not taking Eric Stonestreet's Emmy win sitting down, labeling him a lying, ass-kissing clown in a new attack ad, and accusing him of stealing jobs from gay Americans.

Watch the ad and Ferguson's full interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Modern Family' And 'Homeland' Top Emmys, While Chick-Fil-A Plays Villain: VIDEOS


Showtime's Homeland and ABC's Modern Family were the big winners at the Primetime Emmy Awards last night, taking home the comedy and drama honors for their series and actors, including Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Julie Bowen and Eric Stonestreet, the actor who plays gay Cam on the ABC comedy.

Julianne Moore also grabbed the spotlight after winning for her portrayal of Sarah Palin in Game Change, while Louis CK stayed humble after taking home the best comedy prize for his eponymous FX series and Aaron Paul again was honored for his role on Breaking Bad.

This was all well and good, but two other characters, one real and one imagined, were also on display last night, at one point crossing paths in a pre-recorded skit: Chick-fil-A and little adopted Lily from Modern Family.

Chick-fil-A first figured into host Jimmy Kimmel's opening act, in which the late night talker said that watching Downton Abbey gives viewers a good idea of what it's like to live in Mitt Romney's house and later remarked, "Being a Republican in Hollywood is like being a Chick-Fil-A sandwich on the snack table at 'Glee.'"

The franchise, stained by CEO Dan Cathy's homophobic remarks and its funding of conservative agendas, was also later used as a plot point to convince us all that Lily, played by 5-year old acting genius Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, is actually a diva monster from hell, one that flaunts her callous fast-food choices.


"Did you get that where I think you got it?" recently engaged co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson asks of her chicken sandwich lunch, to which Lily replies, perfectly, "Yup. This is what I'm going to eat at my wedding. What are you going to eat at your wedding?"

Another fun moment: Ellen DeGeneres giving him the pants off her legs. You can watch clips from those bits, as well as see a complete list of the winners AFTER THE JUMP.

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