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Anti-Gay Activist Josh Duggar Was Investigated For Child Molestation In 2005

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Prominent anti-gay reality TV star Michelle Duggar may soon find herself embroiled in a family scandal after reports surfaced that her son Josh Duggar, an anti-gay activist in his own right, was investigated for child sexual abuse several years ago reports Surprisingly, the allegations of sexual abuse come from none other than Duggar patriarch Jim Bob himself who claims he saw his son, 17 at the time, leaving a young girl's bedroom in 2005 and learned that "something inappropriate happened." 

A source that spoke with InTouch claimed that a police report confirmed Jim Bob brought his son into the Arkansas State Police Station and spoke with a state trooper saying his son was involved in inappropriate contact with a minor. However, the state trooper didn't follow up on Jim Bob's statement; the trooper himself was later convicted on child pornography charges and is currently serving 56 years in prison.

The Arkansas State Police finally brought the case to the Crimes Against Children Division and Springdale Police Department three years after the alleged incident however, the statute of limitations ran out on the case, preventing Duggar from being further investigated.

Ironically Josh, now 27, is the executive director of FRCAction, the lobbying component of the fiercely anti-gay Family Research Council that routinely accuses LGBT people of child molestation.

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Texas Hate Group Leader Says Gay Marriage Ban Is Good For Business, Blasts Chamber Of Commerce


The leader of an anti-LGBT hate group says Texas' same-sex marriage ban has helped make it the most business-friendly state in the nation. 

Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values, also blasted the state chamber of commerce for allegedly helping to kill a bill that would have banned local LGBT protections. 

Saenz, whose ex-wife famously left him for a woman, made the comments last week during an interview with host Craig James on the Family Research Council's "Washington Watch" radio program. 

The Texas Observer reports: 

“Texas has been No. 1 for business for 10 straight years—that is during the same 10 years that our marriage laws have been between one man and one woman,” Saenz said. “It appears to me those policies have helped Texas and been a part of what makes Texas great. You see people flocking from New Yorks and Clairofni bec. of our business climate." 

Saenz told James that the Texas Association of Business — the state's chamber of commerce —  killed Senate Bill 1155, which would have banned local LGBT protections. However, the Texas Association of Business actually took no position on the bill, according to the Observer

The TAB made headlines when it came out against two religious freedom proposals, but it did not publicly take a position on SB 1155 or other anti-LGBT legislation. ... 

“The business lobby, the Texas Association of Business, has decided now they’re going to put all their investment in the homosexual agenda, and that’s one of the things they did,” Saenz said. “It was a big surprise to a lot of lawmakers, and when they did that it had a very negative impact on the impression of what this law was really about. The Texas Association of Business has clearly turned their back on the values of Texas.”

Saenz was scheduled to appear Monday afternoon on Michelangelo Signorile's XM Radio show, which is in Texas this week, but Signorile said he canceled at the last minute. Listen to Saenz's full "Washington Watch" interview, AFTER THE JUMP ... 

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Hate Group Family Research Council Launches Anti-Gay Christian Hall Of Fame: VIDEO


Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 09.32.24Anti-gay hate group Family Research Council (FRC) has launched a website listing Christian activists who are working to deny gay people their rights, reports Good As You. details the plight of put-upon Christians who are facing persecution for their ongoing campaign to vilify LGBT people.

Ignoring that LGBT people in all their shapes and sizes are citizens too, FRC claims:

“When Americans believe something, they back it up with their actions. Our core beliefs define who we are, and how we live. The freedom to believe and live according to those beliefs is the foundation for a civil society where people of differing beliefs can live and work together with mutual respect.”

Watch FRC's highly profitable and factually incorrect most recent diatribe against same-sex marriage, AFTER THE JUMP...

A petition has so far been signed by a whopping 139 people.


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Bob Schieffer Stuns FRC's Tony Perkins, Asks How it Feels to be an 'Anti-Gay Hate Group' Leader: VIDEO

Tony Perkins

Out of his highly profitable comfort zone last Sunday, Tony Perkins was taken off guard when Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer labeled Family Research Council (FRC) an “anti-gay hate group.”

Schieffer added that he had come under pressure to not invite the FRC head honcho onto the show because he does not speak for Christians.

When the host inquired whether Perkins and co. have taken their homophobia too far, Perkins - for a brief moment - looked uncomfortable before recovering and hitting the hate out of the ballpark.

With Schieffer incredulous at the idea that same-sex marriage would lead to “open season on people of faith," Perkins defended his position by arguing that Oregon bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein have been fined $135,000 for “saying we cannot participate in a same-sex wedding because it violates our Christian faith.”

He also pointed out that the persecuted Kleins have received donations of $100,000 on a - since shut down - GoFundIt campaign.


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Mike Huckabee and Tony Perkins Worried Gay Marriage Will Rain Down ISIS Violence On Christians: LISTEN

Mick Huckabee

Mike Huckabee (above) has claimed that the supposed threat same-sex marriage will create for religious freedom is part of a broader attack that will include violence against Christians, reports Right Wing Watch.

Speaking during a conference call organized by hate group the Family Research Council (FRC), Huckabee agreed with a pastor who suggested that the U.S. is facing the threat of ISIS terrorist attacks and the “equally intense assault on marriage as defined by God.”

Huckabee replied to the panic-stricken pastor:

“We’re seeing, certainly at the national level, internally this battle on marriage, but globally what we’re seeing is that there is an assault on the Christian faith in general.”

Tony PerkinsHe continued that ISIS will soon “physically assault” American Christians.

Not to be outdone in the Game of Hate - I’m convinced it is in fact a game and Matt Baume’s recent exposé of FRC suggests the same - our old friend Tony Perkins (right) said that the fight for LGBT rights in the U.S. is linked to the murder of Christians by ISIS members in the Middle East.

“If we go silent on religious freedom here at home, I think that sends a message to the terrorists and the tyrants abroad that they are free to persecute our brothers and sisters in Christ. The other side is vocal and they sound like they are a lot more than they are but as a result they are winning battles that we should be winning.”

Listen to the extremely profitable scaremongering and watch Matt Baume’s FRC exposé, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Tony Perkins Thinks Bryan Fischer Could Make a Better Effort At Hating Gays: LISTEN

Bryan Fischer

A follower of hate group mouthpiece Bryan Fischer (above) has serious concerns that his wingnut leader is just not quite homophobic enough.

Satan-obsessed Fischer, of anti-gay activist group the American Family Association, had advised that if his fellow homophobes must attend a same-sex wedding they should make the lucky couple aware that they do not approve beforehand.

However, one listener was so incensed with Fischer’s clearly moderate opinion that he telephoned yet another wingnut - Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins - to complain, reports Right Wing Watch.

The caller told Perkins that he was in shock because a true Christian would only attend a same-sex wedding in order to tell the participants that they are going to hell.

“The only reason that any Christian would ever attend a homosexual wedding is when the preacher says, ‘Is there any objection to the wedding,’ you stand up and say, ‘Yes, according to the Bible, sodomy, you will burn in hell for this.’ That is the only reason why any Christian would ever attend a sodomite wedding.”

Although doubtful that a gay couple would “invite people to raise any objections,: Perkins was impressed with the caller’s insightful comments, adding that silence in the church about divorce has led “to this wholesale redefinition of marriage as a result.”


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