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Bryan Fischer Says Michael Sam Has a Bomb Under the Floorboards Of His Life: VIDEO

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Hot on the tails of saying that Michael Sam needs therapy and comparing his orientation to a concussion, Bryan Fischer's love affair with Michael Sam continues as he claims that Sam is just a bomb waiting to go off, saying,

[L]iterally has got an improvised explosive device sitting under the floorboards of his life, and the NFL apparently doesn't care.

Ignoring the fact that Fischer doesn't understand the difference between "literally" and "figuratively", he goes on to cite the standard outdated junk health statistics from the 80s and 90s during the height of the AIDS epidemic to assert that Sam is going to shorten his life. If Fischer were really concerned about Sam's health and not just an opportunist troll latching onto the latest trending topic in gay news, he would be addressing the literal (not figurative) concussion rates among defensive ends in the NFL.

You can watch Fischer's video clip AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Cristiano Ronaldo is Gay', Maradona a 'Maricon' Say Homophobic T-Shirts Targeting Football Stars


Just ahead of this summer's World Cup, which will take place in Brazil, an apparel company in that country has been selling homophobic t-shirts targeting some well-known soccer players.

Think Progress reports: Ronaldo

Though some of them are benign — one refers to Italian striker Mario Balotelli as a “loser” and another pokes fun at the French by reminding them that former star Zinedine Zidane is “over” — others are hardly so. One of the shirts says plainly that “C. Ronaldo is gay,” referring to Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo. Another calls Argentina legend Diego Maradona a “maricon,” a slang Portuguese and Spanish term for “faggot.”

The t-shirts have apparently been selling well. They're currently sold out.

According to Caught Off Side, the designer, Sergio K, has denied any claims of homophobia.

Sergio K has attempted to defend his clothing line saying his shirts are “misunderstood” and that “this collection is in the irreverent vein of our brand.” He has also rejected accusations of homophobia stating “It’s not homophobic to me, homophobia is another story. The t-shirts don’t say attack them, and they do not incite violence.”

An online petition asking Sergio K to stop producing the t-shirts has been making the rounds on the Internet.

Major League Soccer Player Mike Magee Gets Anti-Gay Hater's Respect: PHOTO


Cheers to MLS Chicago Fire player Mike Magee for his response to an anti-gay tweet earlier this week.

SB Nation writes:

So, backstory: Mike Magee missed a penalty kick. We all remember that part. A Union supporter with the handle @aaronfox72 decided that a little post-game smack-talk was necessary (as one does) and fired off a tweet to Magee with the message, "great penalty faggot, GO UNION."

There is a reason athletes are called role models. The tweeter's response:

Irish Footballer Ger Brennan Thanks Team Boyfriends For Support In Championship Speech: VIDEO


In what could have easily been overlooked as a passing comment, Ger Brennan — captain of the St. Vincent’s All Ireland club football team — thanked the team’s girlfriends and boyfriends for their support during the grueling championship tournament.

It’s a big deal considering the level of homophobia that persists in the European football. Just this week, fans of the German Bayern Munich team displayed a homophobic banner, depicting player Mesut Özil with his pants down and a cannon pointed at his butt.

Nevertheless, English ex-footballer Joey Barton thinks that the European sport has made ”so much progress” against homophobia. And here in America, Major League Soccer has just announced a new player code of conduct that will be posted in all locker rooms directly addressing anti-gay discrimination and harassment.

See a clip from Brennan’s speech AFTER THE JUMP…

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Footballer Sol Campbell Talks to BBC About Taunts He Endured Over Claims He Was Gay: VIDEO


Former England footballer Sol Campbell spoke with the BBC about racist and homophobic abuse he endured from fans as a player.

Towleroad readers may recall reports here at the height of the taunts against Campbell, after which UK police charged 11 fans with homophobic abuse for chants like:

"He's big, he's black. He takes it up his crack. Sol Campbell, Sol Campbell."

"Sol, Sol, wherever you may be / You're on the verge of lunacy / And we don't give a f**k if you're hanging from a tree / You Judas c**t with HIV."

Campbell added that when he met with Puma as a potential sponsor and they asked him "Are you gay?" and they told him "it's a shame you're not because we wanted you to be the first gay footballer to sign with Puma."

They then dismissed him.

Watch the interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Openly Gay Footballer Anton Hysen Signs with U.S. Team


Anton Hysen, the Swedish footballer who came out of the closet in 2011, has signed with the fourth division team Myrtle Beach Mutiny, he reported on Instagram.

Writes Outsports:

So an openly gay professional soccer player will be playing in South Carolina. Their division features teams across the Southeast. Not only is it supposed to be "impossible" for a professional male athlete to be openly gay, but it's "100% definitely impossible" to do it in South Carolina, Tennessee, George and the like. Yet Myrtle Beach is doing it. Not so impossible, I guess.

Said Hysen: "I am excited to be joining the Mutiny this season. This is a great opportunity for me on a personal and professional level. I hope I can help take the team to the top of the NPSL."


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