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Marriage 'Was Made by God' Says One of Two New Anti-Gay Ads Airing in Minnesota: VIDEOS


Minnesota for Marriage, the NOM-backed organization fighting to pass an amendment on the ballot this November that would constitutionally declare marriage to be between a man and a woman, released two new ads today.

MnantigayadFrank Schubert, the man behind the campaign, told the AP the group will spend $175,000 to air the ads in the coming weeks.

The AP reports:

Both ads avoid an aggressive tone, with one featuring a narrator who says that "everyone has a right to love who they choose." But together they argue that male-female marriage has been a building block of society for centuries, and that inserting that definition into Minnesota's constitution would prevent judges or elected officials from changing it without the OK of voters.

"Marriage is more than a commitment between two loving people," an unseen narrator says in one ad, over images of straight couples getting married, raising children and showing affection. "It was made by God, for the creation and care of the next generation."

MNSchubert, who was behind the campaign that passed Prop 8 in California, said more ads could air:

That could depend on the group's fundraising in the five weeks to Election Day. The $175,000 ad buy is more than a third of Minnesota for Marriage's $484,000 still in the bank as of Sept. 18, according to a state financial disclosure report. Leaders of Minnesota's Catholic diocese, allied with Minnesota for Marriage, last week sent a letter to 400,000 Catholic households asking for donations to Minnesota for Marriage so it could broadcast more commercials.

Watch the new ads, AFTER THE JUMP...

A recent Star-Tribune poll showed that 49% of voters said they would approve the measure, while 47% definitely oppose it. Four percent remain undecided. According to the paper, "Minnesota law requires any change to the Constitution to capture a majority of all ballots cast. That means a voter who skips the question is counted as a no vote."

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Frank Schubert, Anti-Gay Mastermind Behind Prop 8 Campaign, Leaves Firm to Start New One

Frank Schubert the mastermind behind the false and misleading scaare ads and the campaign to pass Proposition 8 in California, Question 1 in Maine, and other anti-gay initiatives, is leaving his firm Schubert Flint Public Affairs behind to start a new one:

SchubertSchubert, a conservative Catholic, said he would build a new national consulting practice focused on social issues such as protecting life, strengthening families, preserving traditional marriage and protecting religious liberties, along with pursuing conservative public policies that promote prosperity and liberty.

In an email to "friends" accompanying a press release announcing his decision, Schubert touts his anti-gay triumphs:

Until 2008, my entire career in public affairs consulting was devoted to assisting the business community deal with challenges it was facing, including successfully managing dozens of ballot initiative campaigns in California and many other states. As you know, in 2008 I took on the Proposition 8 campaign to restore marriage in California as the union of one man and one woman. I did so as a lifelong Catholic because it reflects my own beliefs about the issue as well as those of my faith. I was honored to have won the Prop 8 campaign, despite conventional wisdom. My colleagues in the political consulting profession found it to be the best-managed initiative campaign in the nation that year. In 2009, I also won a marriage fight in Maine, and in 2010 I helped remove three Iowa Supreme Court judges from office after they imposed same-sex marriage in that state.

In the email, Schubert suggests Schubert Flint Public Affairs has been blacklisted because of its association with the anti-gay campaigns:

The marriage issue obviously is a highly-controversial one, with strong passions on both sides. My involvement in marriage and other conservative issues has never resulted in any problems for my clients, and no client has ever stepped away from the firm due to my work on those issues. However, being involved in those issues has resulted in a reluctance by some in the general business community to hire my firm for new work. Additionally, the media focus on my marriage work has overshadowed the work of others in the firm who are accomplishing a lot of great things for our clients.
It has become clear to me over the past year or so that if I wanted to be in a position to successfully compete for future work with the business community I would need to step away from working on social conservative issues, regardless of what my faith teaches me about those issues.
At the same time, there is a tremendous need for accomplished consultants to work on issues like marriage, life, religious liberty, and similar subjects – all issues that I care deeply about.
I have carefully and prayerfully considered the pros and cons of the conflicting paths, and I have decided to focus my work on the issues I care about. Accordingly, I will leave Schubert Flint and have opened a new firm focused on conservative issues – Mission: Public Affairs, LLC.


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