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Ireland's Oldest Gay Bar Closes Within Weeks Of Crucial Vote On Marriage Referendum

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With the vote for Irish marriage equality just weeks away, Cork residents found themselves shocked when the proprietor of the historic gay bar Loafers announced that it's closing its doors reports Evening Echo. Loafers is considered a major part of the Irish gay rights movement when it was the first gay bar established within the country in 1983, 10 years before the country officially decriminalized homosexual acts. 

Proprietor Ted O'Connell said that economic factors severely affected the bar in the last few years; an Irish bank now wants to have vacant possession of the bar. O’Connell explained the bar’s situation and expressed sadness that the iconic bar is closing within weeks of the marriage referendum vote:

"It's very, very sad but today is the last day. We had hoped to be able to host a referendum celebration party later this month as we fight for a Yes Vote but it will have to be somewhere else.

"We have just had one of our busiest weekends with the Women's Fun Weekend but overall I would say we are down 35 to 40 percent from when I first took over six years ago. It’s the same for gay bars everywhere, in London, New York, everywhere. I suppose in a way it is a positive thing that gay people do not feel ghettoised (sic) to drink in certain premises."

O'Connell didn’t clarify if Loafers would move to a new location except that Loafers on Douglas Street would officially close Monday night. However, O'Connell believes a yes vote on Ireland's marriage referendum is a perfect way to pay tribute to Loafer's legacy.

Homophobic Russian MP Vitaly Milonov Ordered Not To Obstruct Gay Pride March: VIDEO


Vitaly Milonov, the conservative Russian member of Parliament responsible for crafting Russia’s gay propaganda law, wanted to interfere with the gay pride parade set to take place in St. Petersburg on May Day. Thanks to St. Petersburg police authorities, he wasn’t able to. Some 90,000 pro-gay marchers took to Nevsky Prospect last Friday to gather in peaceful protest, calling for LGBTQ equality.

MilonovMilonov (right) and a group of fellow right wing conservatives attempted to organize a counter protest and block the queer marchers, claiming that they were in violation of Russia’s law banning positive depictions of gay people. Milonov included minors in his counter protest in order to argue that those marching in the pride parade were purposefully hurting the children with their presence.

Local authorities tasked with maintaining security during the gay pride parade weren’t buying Milonov’s reason for gathering and were explicit in telling them to leave. Milonov’s group was ordered to let the gay pride procession makes its way through the city unobstructed, though the crowd of bigots made sure to trail the pride marchers.

Check out footage of the St. Petersburg protests AFTER THE JUMP...

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The Four Grand Marshals of 2015 NYC Pride Have Been Revealed: VIDEO


J. Christopher Neal (artist, educator, and founder of Fluid Bi Design), Ugandan activist Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera, and Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Ian McKellen have been chosen as 2015 NYC Pride Grand Marshals.

NYC's Pride week is from June 21 - 28 with the march to take place on Sunday the 28th.

Watch a video in which the four Grand Marshals speak out about being chosen and what Pride means to them, AFTER THE JUMP...

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5 Things You Can't Miss in Berlin, Germany


This weekly travel column is brought to you by ManAboutWorld, an immersive digital gay travel magazine for iOS and Android devices from Billy KolberEd SalvatoKenny Porpora, and nearly 75 Global Correspondents.

Berlin’s been on the receiving end of some backlash as of late. Having been the reigning king of cool for so long, it’s now even trendier to lash out against it, to claim Berlin is ‘over’ and to declare a dozen or so burgeoning the cities “the new Berlin!” But these headlines are mostly unfounded, and while we suspect travelers have grown bored and weary with media’s constant and sometimes hyperbolic praise of Berlin, they’ve not yet grown tired of the city itself. Step one foot in Berlin and it’s still every bit abuzz and edgy as it ever was. And we have a couple reasons why it might be time to check it out.

The first is Berlin Gay Pride (known locally as Christopher Street Day) takes place June 21-27, with festivities and events spread over the week.

7977616909_065eea412c_zThe other is a bit more hardcore: Folsom Europe the world’s biggest leather party (September 12-13). This two-day celebration of kink and fetishistic debauchery, where anything goes and nothing shocks, is a crowded, sweaty, festival of whips and chains, furries and slaves, collars and ball-gags, daddies and maids. And if that weren’t enough, it’s being held for the 12th year in Berlin, full of Germans who always manage to make any sexual act that much dirtier. So break out the nipple clamps and Gun Oil, because things are about to get messy.

 Here are our top 5 things we're loving in Berlin this spring.

1. Hotel 25 Hours: This new design boutique (think urban jungle chic) in the heart of Charlottenburg is a short walk to Schöeneberg. Judging by the hotel’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs that read ‘Please place aspirin in front of the door and leave,’ (along with 24 other options) they seem ready for the many hangovers that await them. The property has small but chic rooms, and has become one of the city’s best lifestyle hotels.

2. La Mano Verde: There’s currywurst on every corner in Berlin, so we wanted to steer you toward a new trend we’ve come to notice in this city that’s full of them: Berlin has recently become the vegan capital of Europe. And La Mano Verde is the original, serving an extraordinary vegan menu within walking distance to Schöeneberg. Their spaghetti de la mer is a must. 

3. Schwuz: This gay club is in a former beer beer factory at Rollbergstraße 26, and one of the nicest gay places to hang out in in Berlin. The crowd tends to be on the younger side. Ivery Friday is a themed night. 

4. Tiergarten: If it’s a warm and sunny day, the grassy knolls of the Tiergarten are Berlin’s sunbathing and cruising spot. Walk or bike up Hofjägeralle from Mitte towards the famed Victory statue column, and then take the first left trail into the woods before the column. Meander at a 45 degree angle into the park, heading towards the Lion Bridge. You’ll find gays spread in two areas, one predominantly clothed and one delightfully naked (well, delight is in the eye of the beholder). Cruising happens around the bridge by day and near the table tennis courts by night. Watch your wallet! See the Google Map for precise locations.

5. Schwules MuseumFor anybody with even a passing interest in LGBT history, the Schwule Museum which moved to Lützowstraße 73 in Mitte should definitely feature on their itinerary. Literally translating to “Gay Museum,” it is dedicated to preserving and celebrating all aspects of LGBT life through a variety of exhibitions, lectures and workshops hosted during the year. Its permanent exhibition is dedicated to 200 years of gay culture, while temporary exhibits honor gay icons such as Oscar Wilde and Marlene Dietrich.

Berlin wall

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Image credits: Top: Fabiana; Right: Lilas59; Bottom (Berlin Wall in the Newseum in Washington DC): John Pastor

Suspect In Nebraska Gay Pride Flag Arson Case Heads To Trial: VIDEO

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A Nebraska man arrested on suspicion of taking his neighbor’s pride flag off their front porch and burning it is officially headed to trial reports Cameron Mayfield attended a preliminary hearing with his defense attorney, James Martin Davis, in a Douglas County court room Wednesday morning. 

Davis asked that his client’s felony charge be reduced to a misdemeanor charge, arguing Mayfield didn’t know the couple is gay and doesn’t know that rainbow flags symbolize the gay community. The prosecution objected, arguing that the rainbow flag has symbolized the gay community for more than 40 years; the judge rejected Davis’ request, noting that a hearing is to establish probable cause to a crime, not to ascertain guilt or innocence.

Mayfield now faces a felony arson charge and hate crime and is headed to trial at a later date. Omaha Police Department Burglary Detective Chad Simmons noted in his testimony that the Mayfield family had a sign posted in their yard that read "Protect Traditional Marriage" six months before the crime occurred.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 2.15.43 PMThe couple, Ariann Anderson and Jessica Meadows, filed a Harassment Protection Order against Mayfield after the incident; the court granted their request. The couple filed the order after police detectives informed the couple that Mayfield was making "delusional claims about stalking." At the time of the incident Mayfield's father told detectives that his son had recently lost his job and was drinking leading up to the incident. The couple has since replaced the flag and announced that they plan to marry again in their home state after a federal judge struck down the state’s same-sex marriage ban.

After the hearing, Mayfield issued an apology on-air to the couple saying that it was a prank and that he doesn't "hate anybody or anything." The couple feels quite differently.

Said Ariann Anderson:

"Regarding Mr. Mayfield's comments: a prank is defined as a 'trick of an amusing or playful nature.' Mr. Mayfield's actions were neither amusing or playful. The events that night were frightening, especially considering that we have small children at home."

Watch Mayfield's on-air apology, AFTER THE JUMP...

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D.C. Mayor Appoints Local LGBT Activist To Newly Created Deputy Mayor Position

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 1.40.27 PMD.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on Wednesday that she named local lesbian activist and public affairs lobbyist Courtney Snowden as her administration’s Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity, a new position within the executive office of the mayor reports The Washington Blade. Snowden, who originally ran for a seat on D.C.’s City Council as an independent, is the highest ranking LGBT official in the Bowser administration and the fourth gay or lesbian appointee named to a cabinet-level position.

Over the last 10 years Snowden has worked as a lobbyist and public policy strategist for both corporate and non-profit clients for the Raben Group, a D.C.-based public relations and communications firm founded by gay attorney Robert Raben. Snowden has also worked in several policy positions for the Human Rights Campaign, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and then-Wisconsin Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. Snowden also served on Bowser’s mayoral transition team prior to Bowser taking office on Jan. 1. 

The D.C. government website posted a revised organization chart showing the newly created post of Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity as one of four deputy mayor’s positions. According to Bowser the deputy mayor "will be charged with creating solutions to improve outcomes for residents who face challenges to entering the workforce or starting their own ventures."



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