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UK Reporter Responds to One Direction's Louis Tomlinson After 'Gay' Apple T-Shirt Squabble


Jenn Selby, a reporter for the UK newspaper The Independent, has responded to One Direction's Louis Tomlinson after he lashed out at her over a recent story that was misinterpreted as implying he's gay. 

Earlier this week, Tomlinson was spotted wearing a t-shirt bearing Apple's "rainbow logo" and Selby wrote:

Days after Harry Styles’ comment about gender and sexuality became a viral talking point, his bandmate Louis Tomlinson seemingly showed his support for the recently out Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Tomlinson proceeded to fire off a series of angry tweets disputing the story and clarifying that he's "in fact straight."

Here's Selby's response, in part: 

Head over to Selby's Twitter page to read the full response. 

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Anti-Gay Extremists Absent from Montenegro's Third LGBT Pride Parade: VIDEO


More than 100 activists and allies in the conservative capital of Podgorica, Montenegro held the nation's third LGBT pride march on Sunday, which was the first to take place peacefully. The country's first two marches, held in Podgorica and the coastal town of Budva last year, were both marred by violence from anti-gay and religious extremists.

PoliceThe procession took place adjacent to the government's main buildings.

AFP reports:

Human Rights Minister Suad Numanovic and Podgorica Mayor Slavoljub Stijepanovic joined the parade along with ambassadors of several member states of the European Union, which Montenegro is in talks to join.

Mitja Drobnic, the head of the EU delegation in Montenegro, also took part, telling reporters: "Human rights make part of the rule of law. Without results achieved in the area of the rule of law there is no progress towards EU membership."

He urged Montenegro to "prove through this part of the fight (for human rights) that it meets criteria for membership" in the 28-nation bloc.

Watch footage of the march, AFTER THE JUMP...

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70,000 Attend Taiwan Pride 2014 - VIDEO

Taiwan Pride 2014

An estimated 70,000 people attended the LGBT Pride Parade in Taiwan on October 25th, reports Global Voices.

The number of people taking part was one of the largest since the parade was first held in 2003, making Taiwan Pride the biggest in Asia.

With this year’s theme ‘Walk in Queers’ Shoes,’ the event featured voices from marginalized LGBT groups including physically disabled people, HIV-positive people and sex workers.

A marriage equality bill was presented by the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights in 2012. Although the proposed law passed the first reading in October 2013, the legislative process was suspended following a massive mobilization of opponents.

Gay rights activists this month began pushing legislators to resume implementation of the legislation. A public hearing for the bill was held on October 16.

Taiwan Pride 2014 Logo

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A Look at Serbia's Gay Community and the Violent, Anti-LGBT Forces Working Against Them: VIDEO


Serbia's embattled gay community, which last month held its first pride parade in four years (government officials had cancelled subsequent parades citing security risks), is the subject of a new Vice News report featuring both parade-goers and the country's right-wing, religious-led efforts to try and stop September's parade from happening.

The arguments made by anti-LGBT protesters featured in the video would honestly be laughable if they weren't so disturbing. One protester claims the government is allowing the parade to happen "so that the American porn industry can film their porn films on all of our main squares" while another says the government has "reduced our wages and pensions" in order to pay for the parade. Interspersed between these absurd claims are clips showing the anti-gay mob chanting "kill, kill kill the fa**ots." Unsettling stuff to be sure. 

The country's resilient LGBT community didn't let the hate stop them this year, but the video makes it clear there is much work to be done in terms of educating the public about LGBT issues and eliminating homophobia.



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Activists Plan 'Big Consensual Kiss-In' At UK Supermarket Following Harassment Of Kissing Lesbian Couple

Sainsburys_lewes_road1_sAnnabelle Paige, a university student in Brighton, UK, was told to stop kissing her girlfriend by a security guard at a Sainsbury's supermarket recently. Though the supermarket has since issued an apology, activists are incensed about the threatening "stop-or-leave" words of the guard. They are now planning a "Big Consensual Kiss-In" to support the couple, to be held this Wednesday at 6pm.

Pink News reports:

University of Sussex student Annabelle Paige said she gave her girlfriend a light kiss while in a Brighton branch of the superstore recently when a security guard approached and told them to either stop kissing or leave.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson has since apologised, saying: “This should never have happened – it is clear that Miss Paige and her partner were not behaving inappropriately and we are very sorry that they were treated in this way.”

Sainsbury's is also donating £100 to charity, but the kiss-in planners think this a meager sum given the store's earnings and a less-than-great history with LGBT issues. In April the store was criticized for covering up Attitude and GT magazines while leaving the bared skin on the cover of FHM exposed. The kiss-in Facebook event notes:

“Their profits for the year to March 15 were £898m. Doesn’t sound like they are serious about tackling homophobia, does it?

"[We want ]to show Sainsbury’s we won’t accept homophobia in our society, and that we demand they do more!”

“If you have nobody to kiss we’ll find you someone or something,” the group notes.

Sounds fun (and for a good cause); best of luck to the 1,200 confirmed Brighton kissers on a successful and fruitful kiss-in!

Gay North Carolina Couple Weds After First Being Denied Based On Magistrate's Religious Beliefs


On Monday, Randy Jackson and Eddie Locklear of Elizabeth City, North Carolina attempted to make their partnership official after thirty-one years. The state's same-sex marriage ban, Amendment One, had been struck down and their request should have been respected. However, once at the courthouse they were turned away by a magistrate who claimed he could (or would) not marry them based on his religious beliefs. It was a disheartening turn of events, to be sure, and one that will likely have to be negotiated a great deal in certain states. Jackson and Locklear's story, at least, has a happy ending.

The Virginian Pilot reports:

Today, the couple finally tied the knot at the Pasquotank County courthouse.

A different magistrate, Lee Custis, presided over their civil wedding today, saying he was religious, but he had to follow the law.

He improvised slightly when he asked them if they would take each other's hand in marriage.

"Do you take this man to be your partner?" Custis asked.

After the short ceremony, both men were left emotional and amazed.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Jackson said. “It’s hard to put it in words. I didn’t think I’d live to see this.”

Congratulations to Randy and Eddie!

In related news, Joe Jervis over at Joe. My. God. has called out the Virginian Pilot on a shoddy poll asking, "Should magistrates be allowed to refuse to perform same-sex marriages based on religious grounds?" The poll, according to Joe, was up, then deleted, then back again with the "no" votes erased; the current standings are 94% yes, 6% no, and the paper tweeted at Joe saying that "All votes were deleted" when the poll malfunctioned. Poorly designed polling system, or a purposeful skew of data? What do you think?

Photo credit: Jeff Hampton of The Virginian Pilot.


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