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Mary Cheney Working to Elect Bill McCollum as Florida Governor?


The Tampa Tribune reports on a shadowy political committee that is airing ads in Florida attacking gubernatorial candidate Attorney General Bill McCollum's primary opponent, healthcare executive Rick Scott:

Florida "The ads were bought by a secretive political committee that won't reveal its sources of funding, but that has ties to McCollum. They attack Scott over his history as chief executive officer of Hospital Corporation of America, which was investigated and fined by the federal government for Medicare fraud. They're carefully worded to avoid being labeled as explicit campaign ads. That allows them to pass through a loophole in Florida law that allows independent political committees to avoid reporting their donors. The McCollum campaign denies any connection to the group, called Alliance for America's Future. But they were produced by political advertising consultant Chris Mottola, and the time was bought by McLaughlin and Associates - both are strategists who work for McCollum's campaign and have worked for him in past races."

The stealth group has reportedly not registered as a PAC in the state, registered with Florida’s Division of Elections, or the Federal Election Commission, and that is getting plenty of attention.

As you probably recall, McCollum is behind the hiring of "ex-gay" activist and exposed hypocrite George Rekers as a star witness in the case against gay adoption in Florida.

That's why it's interesting who else is involved in the shadowy political committee which is helping to get McCollum elected to governor — a very well-known Republican gay parent:

"The Alliance has bought close to $1 million worth of time for the ads, and intends to buy more, said Barry Bennett, a member of its board. Bennett said the other two members are Mary Cheney, daughter for former Vice President Dick Cheney, and Kara Ahern, a former aide to Cheney."

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Legal Experts: Florida AG McCollum 'Has an Affirmative Duty' to Alert Court of 'False' Rekers Testimony

The NYT discusses legal fall-out from the Rekers scandal:

"But legal experts say the scandal may affect more than Dr. Rekers’s reputation. They say it places obligations on those who have relied on Dr. Rekers to inform the court in at least one continuing case to modify or withdraw their arguments. 'Each lawyer must tell the court if he comes to know that one of his witnesses has given ‘false’ testimony,' said Stephen Gillers, an expert in legal ethics at New York University. That could come into play if the expert is discredited, he added."

Mccollum_rekers And it certainly comes into play with the Florida gay adoption case:

"In the November 2008 decision declaring the Florida gay adoption law unconstitutional, Judge Cindy Lederman of Miami-Dade Circuit Court wrote that Dr. Rekers was “motivated by his strong ideological and theological convictions that are not consistent with the science,” and not 'credible.' Mr. McCollum, a Republican who is running for governor, has appealed that decision. In papers filed well before the scandal broke, he denounced the court’s 'wholesale disregard' of testimony by Dr. Rekers and another expert, calling the decision 'arbitrary,' stressing Dr. Rekers’ qualifications and stating that 'the trial court entirely discredited him based on his religion.' To Professor Gillers, Mr. McCollum is now obligated both as a lawyer and as a public official to alert the appellate court. 'It is not enough for the attorney general simply to refrain from relying on the testimony in his brief and argument,' he said. 'He has an affirmative duty to speak up.'"

Rent Boy


A fashion spread for George Rekers (site nsfw).

Florida Democratic Party Chair Demands AG Bill McCollum Pay Taxpayers Back the $120K Fee to George Rekers

Karen Thurman, the Chair of the Florida Democratic Party, is demanding that Attorney General Bill McCollum pay the state's taxpayers back for the $120,000 that was paid to George Rekers for his "expert" defense of the Florida gay adoption ban.

Writes Thurman in a letter: Mccollum  

George Rekers was paid over $120,000 for his “expert” testimony in support of Florida’s ban on gay adoption. When the Department of Children and Families expressed concern over the high cost of Mr. Rekers’s testimony, you personally insisted Mr. Rekers be selected and paid the full amount requested. Mr. Rekers was recently reported to have taken a two week trip to Europe accompanied by a gentleman whose services are advertised on a website called

Even more disturbing than the total amount paid to Mr. Rekers is the fact that he was paid almost double what was agreed upon for his discredited testimony. While Mr. Rekers was supposed to receive only $60,900 in taxpayer money, in a glaring case of incompetence, your office neglected to have Mr. Rekers sign a contract capping his fee. This allowed him to bill the State of Florida another $59,793, which your office then approved. Furthermore you personally lobbied for Mr. Rekers to testify even though in 2004 a judge in Arkansas called Mr. Rekers’ testimony “extremely suspect”. It is troubling that you would allow such incompetence and abuse of our tax dollar, and it calls into serious question whether you are capable of performing the most basic functions of your office, much less that of Governor.

Sadly for Florida, this fiscal recklessness is only the latest disturbing example in a long line of instances where your office wasted state funds to further your political ambitions or partisan ideology. Last year, you spent more than $2.2 million dollars to produce and air campaign style TV ads where you were featured in almost every frame. More recently, your office initiated a frivolous lawsuit challenging needed health care reform, with the state set to spend $50,000 on a no-bid contract to your old lobbying firm and unknown staff costs that are continuing to accumulate.

To show you recognize the egregious nature of your spending, your campaign should reimburse the State of Florida’s treasury the full cost of the funds you steered towards George Rekers for his “expert” testimony. Anything less would be an affront to the taxpayers of our state.

Paper: George 'Rentboy' Rekers Once Tried to 'Spank the Gay' Out of Effeminate Boys

The Miami New Times this morning published an interesting look at some of George Rekers work with boys — not "rent boys", but effeminate boys — boys he felt needed the gay violently "spanked" out of them. The beatings were Rekers' first attempt at an "ex-gay" therapy cure.

The New Times reports:

Rekers In 1974, Rekers, a leading thinker in the so-called ex-gay movement, was presented with a 4-year-old "effeminate boy" named Kraig, whose parents had enrolled him in the program. Rekers put Kraig in a "play-observation room" with his mother, who was equipped with a listening device. When the boy played with girly toys, the doctors instructed her to avert her eyes from the child.

According to a 2001 account in Brain, Child Magazine, "On one such occasion, his distress was such that he began to scream, but his mother just looked away. His anxiety increased, and he did whatever he could to get her to respond to him... Kraig became so hysterical, and his mother so uncomfortable, that one of the clinicians had to enter and take Kraig, screaming, from the room."

Rekers's research team continued the experiment in the family's home. Kraig received red chips for feminine behavior and blue chips for masculine behavior. The blue chips could be cashed in for candy or television time. The red chips earned him a "swat" or spanking from his father. Researchers periodically entered the family's home to ensure proper implementation of the reward-punishment system.

After two years, the boy supposedly manned up. Over the decades, Rekers, who ran countless similar experiments, held Kraig up as "the poster boy for behavioral treatment of boyhood effeminacy."

At age 18, shamed by his childhood diagnosis and treatment, Rekers's poster boy attempted suicide, according to Gender Shock, a book by journalist Phyllis Burke.

George Rekers: still dangerous after all these years.

Don't miss Frank Rich's column from Sunday's NYT on Lucien, the "heaven-sent rent boy".

News: True Blood, Space Shuttles, iPad, Kellan Lutz

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 road Another preview for the third season of True Blood. This time with 2 full minutes of fangs.

 road Marriage explosion in DC: "In the first three months of 2010, the court processed 376 applications. Since March 3 -- when gay marriage became legal in the District -- the marriage license office has received 2,082 applications. Based on the early numbers, the District is on target to issue four times as many marriage licenses this year as they did in 2009."

 road Just creepy.

 road Plan to observe the last shuttle launch in person? You might want to have a back-up plan.

 road Here's a first: A wedding in Japan has been officiated by a robot.

 road South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "The fact that Florida has the strictest law in the country banning gay adoption is embarrassing enough. Now, when you add the George Rekers fiasco — a combination of hypocrisy and tens of thousands of wasted tax dollars — you can add "shameful" to "embarrassing." The only hope is some good will come out of all this, and Florida lawmakers will get rid of an archaic ban on gay adoption that has no place in 21st century society."

 road Sacramento's California Museum will pay tribute to Harvey Milk tonight, a week before Harvey Milk Day this Saturday.

 road If you think forking over $499 an iPad is a lot, try spending $189,000.


 road Article on the beliefs of ex-gay Bill Henson who is part of the group Fish On The Other Side: "The evangelical church should welcome gays without making it conditional on a change in their sexual behavior or orientation."

 road New Calvin Klein underwear model Kellan Lutz: "I could only hope and pray that I could have a career like Mark Wahlberg."


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