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Gay and Gator Face Off on PGA Tour: VIDEO


Golfer Brian Gay faces a menacing water hazard at the 15th hole on the 44th RBC Heritage at Harbour Town Golf Links yesterday:

“I wasn’t going to go near him, but my caddie’s not scared of him. It took at least 10 minutes and he just wouldn’t move. There was a baby about 20 feet away on the bank and we think that’s why he didn’t want to move. When he finally got in the water he just stayed right there. So I couldn’t get over there to hit.”


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Man Throws Hot Dog at Tiger Woods, is Arrested: VIDEO


A man was arrested after a bizarre attack on Tiger Woods in which he ran on to the green and threw a hot dog and bun at Woods during the last round of the Open, just as Woods was about to putt. Neither the food item or the man managed to reach Woods.


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Entire Lutheran College Men's Golf Team Suspended After Dropping Pants for Team Photo: VIDEO


The entire men's golf team at Bethany College, a Lutheran college in Kansas, has been suspended after dropping its pants for a team photo in which they covered their man parts with golf clubs.

Hicscock Yahoo reports:

Jon Daniels suspended every player on the Fighting Swedes for three tournaments because of the photo he called, "a case of young people who just don't think beyond the moment and don't realize who they're hurting."

"Until someone sat them down and explained that they did something wrong, they didn't have any idea," Daniels said. "But I think they understand now."

Team captain (pictured) Jack Hiscock (for realz), a Brit, insisted it was all in good fun:

"It was only intended as a bit of fun with the lads."


And check out the full photo above over at Deadspin (possibly not sfw).

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U. of Minnesota Golf Coach Says She Was Fired for Being a Lesbian

Kathryn Brenny, a former golf coach at the University of Minnesota, is filing suit against the school, claiming they fired her because she's gay, the Star Tribune reports:

Brenny The 16-page complaint, which Brenny's attorney said would be filed in court on Wednesday, alleges that the university and golf director John Harris violated her rights as a member of a protected class under the state Human Rights Act.

The complaint said Harris "did not want to hire a homosexual to coach the women's golf team."

University general counsel Mark Rotenberg has said the university does not agree with Brenny's claims and didn't discriminate against her on the basis of sexual orientation. Rotenberg could not be reached on Tuesday.

According to Brenny's lawsuit, "On Sept. 1, Harris told Brenny she wouldn't travel with the team and gave her tasks such as typing schedules. On Oct. 12, Brenny met with Athletic Director Joel Maturi and he told her to 'quit or comply' with what Harris wanted, the complaint said. Brenny agreed to a severance package, then rejected it after she heard that an athletic department employee told at least one player that "Harris discovered she was a homosexual and did not want her on the road with the team."

Said Brenny to Golf Week: “Almost as soon as I arrived in Minnesota, I was not permitted to carry out the duties of the position, and I was denied the opportunity to coach the team. This included my not being permitted to travel with the team to the four tournaments scheduled for the fall. The atmosphere that was created became more and more hostile, to the point where it made it intolerable for me to even perform the limited administrative duties that had been reassigned to me. While I was never given an explanation for why I was treated this way, I later learned that I was discriminated against because of my gender and sexual preference.”

LPGA to Allow Trans Golfers; Removes 'Female at Birth' Requirement

The LPGA has voted to allow transgender golfers:

Lawless "Players voted Tuesday to amend the organization's constitution by removing the 'female at birth' requirement, LPGA commissioner Michael Whan said. The vote came at a meeting ahead of the LPGA Tour Championship, which starts Thursday at Grand Cypress Golf Club in Orlando. The change followed a lawsuit filed by a transgender women over the 'female at birth' requirement. Lana Lawless, a 57-year-old who underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2005, filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco in October, claiming the policy violates California civil rights laws."

Watch: Tiger Woods New Nike Commercial


Tiger gets a scolding from his late father, AFTER THE JUMP...

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