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GOProud Co-Founder Jimmy LaSalvia Leaves the Republican Party

Jimmy LaSalvia, founder of the conservative gay group GOProud, has left the Republican Party, he writes on his blog:

LasalviaToday, I joined the ranks of unaffiliated voters. I am every bit as conservative as I’ve always been, but I just can’t bring myself to carry the Republican label any longer. You see, I just don’t agree with the big-government ‘conservatives’ who run the party now.

The other reason I am leaving is the tolerance of bigotry in the GOP. The current leadership lacks the courage to stand up to it – I’m not sure they ever will.

I have worked hard to help to create an atmosphere on the right where conservatives can openly support gay Americans and even support same-sex marriage. In that effort, we have won, but there is more work to do to root out the anti-gay and other forms of bigotry in the party.

So I changed my voter registration today – “No Party.”

LaSalvia now calls himself an "independent conservative".

Bigoted RNC Committeeman Dave Agema: Russia's Anti-Gay Law is 'Common Sense'

Dave Agema, the notoriously anti-gay RNC committeeman who, in the past has said that gays falsely claim people with AIDS as their lovers in order to cheat the system and get free medical benefits, now appears to have sided with Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law. The Washington Blade reports: 

Dave agemaDave Agema, former member of the Michigan House, expressed support for the controversial measure via Facebook posting on Tuesday, according to two sources who are able to see the message and an apparent screenshot of the link.

“Read their law. Common sense in Russia,” Agema apparently wrote in a link to a Jan. 6 posting from the Illinois Family Institute, titled, “Russia’s Anti-Propaganda Law Riles Pro-Homosexuality Crowd.”

The posting mitigates the threat of the anti-gay law in Russia by noting it emphasizes that it prohibits propaganda directed to minors, saying the fine incurred for breaking the law “hardly sounds unreasonable…for trying to inculcate other people’s children with their subjective beliefs about sexual morality.”

Meanwhile, Agema’s over-the-top opposition to homosexuality has again ruffled feathers with members of his own party. Dennis Lennox, a Republican precinct delegate in Grand Traverse County, blasted Agema for siding with Vladimir Putin's oppressive regime: 

“This is outrageous that a leader of the National Republican Party, my political party, is siding with an autocratic regime that believes in arresting political opponents, censoring reporters, jailing dissidents and eliminating free speech,” Lennox said. “Russia and the Putin regime — other than maybe Iran, North Korea and China, is the last regime the Republican Party or one of its leaders should associate itself with.”

Lennox hopes the RNC brings up Agema’s position on Russia’s anti-gay laws during its winter meeting in Washington D.C. later this year.

Former execuctive director of GOProud Jimmy LaSalvia also spoke out against Agema:

“Every time Agema or someone said something like this — not as bad as this — they’ve always said, ‘We need to treat everyone with dignity and respect on issues like that, he doesn’t speak for the RNC, etc.,’” LaSalvia said. “They’ve never denounced what he said and said he’s wrong, and that’s what they need to do, but nobody over there seems to have the guts to denounce him.

Capital One Told To Dump Alec Baldwin After Homophobic Twitter Rant

Alec Baldwin Capital One

As previously reported by Towleroad, Alec Baldwin came under fire last month after using homophobic language to threaten a reporter from the Daily Mail on Twitter. Baldwin subsequently deleted his Twitter account, explained himself in a Gothamist interview, as well as released an open apology statement to GLAAD

Some conservative activists remain less than satisfied, and are now calling for Capital One to drop Baldwin as their spokesperson. The call comes in the wake of controversy surrounding celebrity chef Paula Deen, and the subsequent termination of her partnerships with several prominent companies. Many wonder why Baldwin was not met with similar punishment, and some note that his liberal activism may have played a role. Even CNN's Anderson Cooper was quick to point out on Twitter: "Why does #AlecBaldwin get a pass when he uses gay slurs? If a conservative talked of beating up a 'queen' they would be vilified."

John Hawkins of had this to say to

“It's still a free country and Alec Baldwin can do as much gay bashing as he likes on Twitter, but it's hard to understand why Capital One would choose to publicly condone his homophobia by keeping Baldwin on as its spokesman... If Capital One is not going to do the right thing, then Capital One doesn’t deserve our business.”

GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia added:

“We urge all Americans to ask themselves, ‘What’s in your wallet?’ We hope they will reject Alec Baldwin’s homophobia by cutting up those Capital One cards in their wallets.” 

Neither Capital One nor Baldwin have issued a response to these statements. 

Panel Packed for 'Gay Infiltration' of CPAC While NOM Panel Attracts Sparse Crowd: PHOTOS, VIDEO


Two Instagram photos from Buzzfeed's Chris Geidner reveal that the only gay event at the 2013 CPAC conference - "A Rainbow on the Right: Growing the Coalition, Bringing Tolerance Out of the Closet" attracted lots of interest while Cleta Mitchell, Hans von Spakovsky, Ben Shapiro & Brian Brown's NOM panel (below)was left a bit wanting for interest.

As you may know, gay groups GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans were barred from the conference but found a way in via this panel, organized by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.


The Daily Beast has a report on the gay panel:

The event was hotly anticipated—and overly crowded—as the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a libertarian think tank actually invited to the Conservative Political Action Conference, circumnavigated the snub by hosting its own panel on same-sex marriage and asked GOProud co-founder and executive director Jimmy LaSalvia and others to speak.

“A new conservative coalition starts here in this room. Will you join us? Will you stand up to forces of intolerance?” LaSalvia implored the crowd. “Join us in building a better coalition that can win and use it in making America better.”

The message projected by LaSalvia and, echoed by his fellow panelists, was that government intervention in how people live is not the conservative way.

Meanwhile, AFA spokeshater Bryan Fischer welcomed Cliff Kincaid, the director of the 'Accuracy In Media Center' to his radio show for a hilarious segment about the gay "infilitration" of the conference.



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Gay GOProud Board Member to Challenge Lindsey Graham?

Bruce Carroll, who blogs at the conservative site GayPatriot, says he's exploring a primary challenge to Senator Lindsey Graham, the National Review reports

CarrollIf Carroll goes forward with this, he will have to complete a Statement of Intention of Candidacy (SIC) form with the state GOP and a Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) form with the State Ethics Commission. The filing period does not begin until March 16, 2014, and closes March 30.

He will have to submit a filing fee of 1 percent of the annual salary of the office multiplied by the number of years in the term of office (or $100, whichever is greater). This year the salary for a U.S. senator is $174,000, so if it remains the same for 2014, the filing fee will be $10,440.

(via jmg)

Gays Find Place at CPAC

This year's Conservative Political Action Conference had barred gay groups Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud from officially participating. They're still not, but...

The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin reports:

LasalviaA sponsor for the upcoming CPAC gathering, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, will use a room assigned to the free-market conservative think tank to conduct a pro-gay rights panel titled, “A Rainbow on the Right: Growing the Coalition, Bringing Tolerance Out of the Closet.” CEI spokesman Brian McNicoll says via e-mail, “As a sponsor, CEI gets use of a room for two hours.” For the “Rainbow on the Right” panel, McNicoll tells me that Fred Smith, a CEI head, is moderating. Liz Mair, Jonah Goldberg, Margaret Hoover and Jimmy LaSalvia of GOProud are all confirmed.

Added Rubin:

CEI did not disguise its intentions from the CPAC organizers, who have been roundly criticized for excluding prominent conservatives such as Govs. Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie, as well as GOProud. McNicoll says, “We turned in the name [of the panel] and chose it so there could be no doubt what we were trying to do.” He says that there was “complete radio silence,” and the session was put on the schedule.

CPAC takes place on March 14-16 in D.C..


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