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Herman Cain to Drop Out of Presidential Race?

After breaking the news on yesterday's The Situation Room that yet another accuser was set to come after him for having an affair, Herman Cain is "reassessing" his candidacy, the Washington Post reports:

Libya_cainOne adviser said that Cain will ponder his prospects over the the next few days and will make a decision by the end of the week. Cain will keep his current campaign schedule.

Spokesman J.D. Gordon did not immediately return e-mails seeking comments on the reassessment, but Cain’s Iowa campaign manager, Steve Grubbs, confirmed the re-examination to the Associated Press.

Herman Cain re-assessing presidential candidacy [washington post]

Newt Gingrich Picks Up Huge New Hampshire Endorsement

GingrichArmsThe ascendant Newt Gingrich campaign has won the endorsement of New Hampshire's Union Leader, the state's biggest, most influential, and most relentlessly conservative newspaper. (The Leader was largely responsible for sinking the primary campaign of Democratic frontrunner Ed Muskie in '72.)

This is seriously bad news for Mitt Romney. He'll probably win the state anyway -- his lead in the polls is enormous -- but if he doesn't, he's doomed. New Hampshire is supposed to be Romney's lodgement. Until recently, it didn't seem Romney intended to seriously compete in Iowa, the site of the first Republican caucus. He hoped to lose by some honorably small margin there, march to a decisive victory in New Hampshire, and keep winning everafter. If the Union Leader costs Romney the state, and if Cain and Gingrich can hold onto a lead in South Carolina, the third primary state, then Mitt will wander into the Florida primary with no victories and a seriously tarnished image. Newt's polled well there; so has Cain. At the moment, Romney's polling in between, but three consecutive losses could hurt his numbers.

After Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida, it's on to Nevada, which Romney will almost certainly win, unless Cain's still popular for some reason. But by then, it might not matter.

New Hampshirites head to the polls on January 10th.

Herman Cain Says He Will 'Lead the Charge' to Defy SCOTUS if They Strike Down DOMA: VIDEO


Another nugget from this weekend's Cornucopia of Hate in Iowa (aka the Thanksgiving Family Forum), from Herman Cain:

"I would lead the charge to overturn the Supreme Court if they overturned DOMA, whether that was new legislation coming out of the Congress like Rep. Bachmann said — the United States Congress is supposed to pass a law, so if they did overturn DOMA, that charge I would lead to reverse that."


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Thanksgiving Family Forum In Des Moines: VIDEO

Last night, in a little-watched debate, all of the non-Mormon, non-gay, non-Louisianian Republican presidential candidates gathered in an Iowan chuch to talk about "Faith" and "Family."

The debate was about as big a panderfest as you think. The historian Tim Stanley, blogging for the Telegraph, gave it a punchier, pithier summary than his American peers:

Road On Michele Bachmann: "Her entire philosophy seems to revolve around self-reliance mandated, or perhaps made bearable, by her belief in a loving God. She also told us that she was 'saved at 16,' which happens to be the exact same age I started actively sinning."

Road On Herman Cain: "That guy can really turn on the taps. Herman wept not just once but twice during this debate ... when asked what his biggest failing in life was, Cain broke down ... when he said that he hadn’t spent enough time with his young daughters. The camera fell on Gingrich, whose eyes seemed to say, 'Buddy, I’m sure you’ve done a lot worse than that.'"

Road On Rick Perry: "Perry offered as his 'greatest challenge' growing up in rural Texas. He recalled going to a school with just ten students: 'And I graduated in the top ten of my class.'"

Road On Newt Gingrich: " ... he argued that the contemporary 'crisis of values' stems from the anti-clericalism of the French Revolution. It’s a subtle reminder that Gingrich sounds like an evangelical but is actually a Catholic convert. In sectarian terms, Newt plays for both teams and does it very well."

Road On Ron Paul: "The evening offered Paul the chance to explain the contradiction at the heart of his philosophy: he is both socially conservative and a libertarian. Paul stressed that just because he wants freedom of choice doesn't mean that he condones all the moral choices on the table ... The idea is that if Christianity goes up against humanism in a free marketplace of ideas, its self-evident superiority will make it a consumer hit. Ergo, Ron Paul is just as uptight as Rick Santorum – but he trusts in the people’s ability to choose good over evil."

Road On Rick Santorum: "Santorum earned a lot of applause by attacking homosexuality and promised, if elected, to tour the country fighting it. “Our country is based on a moral enterprise,” he concluded. “Gay marriage is wrong!” Rick also says that he hates the Iranian theocracy, but I suspect that if it were Lutheran he’d absolutely love it."

Most reports agree that Newt Gingrich had the best night. He was articulate and mean. Big applause line:

All the Occupy movements start with the premise that we all owe them everything. They take over a public park they didn't pay for, to go nearby to use bathrooms they didn't pay for, to beg for food from places they don't want to pay for, to instruct those who are going to work to paying their taxes to sustain the bathrooms and sustain the park, so they can self-righteously explain that they are the paragons of virtue to which we owe everything. Now, that is a pretty good symptom of how much the left has collapsed as a moral system in this country, and why you need to reassert something as simple as: 'Go get a job, right after you take a bath.'

Please note that that doesn't actually make any sense. The second and longest sentence in that graf is meaningless -- it's just strung together, invective-flavored words. But watch the video AFTER THE JUMP, and see how reasonable Newt makes it all sound, and how much the crowd loves him.

... or you can catch the entire two-hour debate here. Click that link and you can also hear the debate's sweet theme song. It's called "More Than Ever," and begins with this rhyme-reaching quatrain: "A land without a conscience/A world without a soul/Can never hope to prosper/Can only pay a toll." The chorus contains the lines: "Jesus, we need you more than ever/Today/Come be our king."

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NEWS: Police Vs. The Occupiers, Darth Vader Vs. The Bureaucrats, Herman Cain Vs. Women, Sadie Crabtree Vs. Irrationality (VIDEO)


Road "A Children's Teasury of American Cops Brutally Attacking Citizens"

Road Lieberman and Coons introduce bill to provide benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees:

The bill would make the same-sex partners of federal employees eligible for federal health benefits, long-term care, Family and Medical Leave and federal retirement benefits. Gay federal employees and their partners would be subject to the same standards that apply to married federal workers, including anti-nepotism rules and financial disclosure requirements, according to Lieberman and Collins’s offices.

Road Hermain Cain says all those women are liars.

Road Aaron Hicklin, Andrew Holleran, Larry Kramer and more reminisce about the Pavilion:

Dating from before Stonewall, the site was a place where stigma and inhibitions were left at the coat check. Even with gay marriage legal in New York, its dance floor is still held with mythic regard, a “gay utopia,” in the words of Andrew Kirtzman, the former television newsman who recently bought the club with two business partners, and has vowed to rebuild it.

Road Apparently, Michele Bachmann's campaign is gaffe-free.

Road Every time God closes a door, He ... oh, you know.

Road He was abused, and then he was silent. Now, Penn State has inspired him to speak out:

... Because this is not about a problem at some other institution; it’s a reflection of a universal human tendency to look out for oneself, and to preserve hierarchical institutions about which one cares and upon which one is dependent. It’s also a reflection of the nearly boundless capacity to ignore inconvenient facts and to make excuses for those within our own circle. Think about the Catholic Church. Predators flourished in parishes for years, not simply (and probably not even primarily) because higher-ups worried about financial exposure. They flourished because many otherwise good people could not bring themselves to believe or to act upon information that their priest was a rapist.

DarkSideOdessa Road Darth Vader vs. the Ukrainian bureaucrats.

Road Rent Gaga's apartment on the Lower East Side. (It's less than $2,000!)

Road Rent Oprah's apartment in Chicago. (It's not less than $2,000!)

Road ACORN scourge James O'Keefe's career isn't going well:

O’Keefe has had a series of falling outs with close associates involved in his stings — and some of them have grumbled that he lacks the undercover journalism chops and leadership ability to turn Project Veritas into a force.

“What people around him learn about O’Keefe is that he doesn’t plan or research anything he does,” said a former associate who devised and implemented the NPR sting, which led to the resignation of the taxpayer-supported radio network’s president.

SadieCrabtree Road Egyptian student strips for freedom!

Road AFTER THE JUMP: At The Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas, Sadie Crabtree explains how to make crazy people rational.

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Herman Cain's Failed Damage Control After Libya Gaffe

HermainCainBrightIdeaIn Florida, engaged in intense damage control after his ridiculous Libya gaffe earlier this week, Herman Cain ... did himself some damage.

Yesterday, when asked about Monday's gaffe -- in which Cain seemed to struggle to remember even the most basic details of NATO's recent intervention in Libyan -- Hermain Cain blamed his previous confusion on reporters. He said:

The question was too broad. And so I paused, and what they didn't show was, I asked the reporter to be more specific. Well, he didn't get more speicifc. His question was: "Do you agree or disagree with President Obama on Libya?" What part? Do I agree with the part where we intervene with rockets and missiles? Do I agree with siding with the opposition? Do I aree with saying that Gaddafi should do? Do I agree that they now have a country where you've got Taliban and Al Qaeda is gonna be part of the government? Do I agree with not knowing what they government is gonna do? Which part was he asking me about? 

The problem with this answer is that, no, there's no sign that the Taliban have made any inroads into Libya. Yes, both the Taliban and the Muslim population of Libya tend to be Sunnis. And yes, Libya's Islamists are likely too extreme to make any secular-minded person happy. But Taliban? No sign of them. Even FOX News agrees:

The United States invaded Afghanistan to overthrow the al-Qaida-harboring Taliban after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The Taliban were ousted from power in Afghanistan and are now scattered in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

There is no evidence the Taliban are returning to power in Libya, a continent away.

Watch Herman Cain sputter AFTER THE JUMP ...

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