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In Five Days, Jacob Tobia Will Run Across the Brooklyn Bridge in Stilettos for Homeless LGBT Youth: VIDEO


Duke University junior Jacob Tobia is putting on his best heels this Saturday for NYC's Ali Forney Center, which was devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Writes Tobia: Tobia2

Many of you know me for my gender-bending style and fabulous high-heels, and to help out the Ali Forney Center, I'm putting them to good use. If I can raise $10,000 by Saturday, December 15th, I will run across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge--which is over a mile long--in 5" stilettos. So if you want to see me do the impossible, donate to my campaign and encourage your friends to do the same. 100% of donations will go directly to the Ali Forney Center, and all donations are fully tax deductible.

Watch his warm-up video, AFTER THE JUMP...

And help him out here.

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Romney Campaign, GOP Sore Over Chris Christie's Obama Embrace


The NYT reports on how furious various members of the GOP and the Romney campaign are at NJ Governor Chris Christie for putting his state ahead of his party in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy:

Inside the Romney campaign, there is little doubt that Mr. Christie’s expressions of admiration for the president, coupled with ubiquitous news coverage of the hurricane’s aftermath, raised Mr. Obama’s standing at a crucial moment.

During a lengthy autopsy of their campaign, Mr. Romney’s political advisers pored over data showing that an unusually large number of voters who remained undecided until the end of the campaign backed Mr. Obama. Many of them cited the storm as a major factor in their decision, according to a person involved in the discussion.

“Christie,” a Romney adviser said, “allowed Obama to be president, not a politician.”

In a sign of residual frustration, a banner headline popped up on Sunday on a Romney-friendly Web site, The Drudge Report, going after Mr. Christie for appearing on “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend “as residents suffer.”

Then of course, there are all the other reasons Romney lost:

Mr. Christie is, of course, a convenient scapegoat for a candidacy that fell short for many reasons — demographic, ideological and personal — and Mr. Romney’s campaign manager, Matt Rhoades, emphasized that Mr. Christie did “exactly what a governor should do” in a crisis.

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Hurricane Sandy's Gushing Deluge in the PATH Station: VIDEO


Many of you will remember a photo released during Hurricane Sandy similar to the screencap above showing water gushing into the (still out of service) Hoboken PATH station. Now, the Port Authority has released CCTV video showing the Day After Tomorrow-like deluge taking hold there.


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PRESIDENTIAL TOUR: Obama visited Sandy-struck Queens today.

SO LONG, FAREWELL: Retiring Rep. Ron Paul blasts "psychopathic authoritarians" during final Congressional address.

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VIDEO MANIA: 1991 news report on dangers of Super Nintendo.

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Madonna Visits Devastated NYC Rockaway Neighborhood, Speaks About it in Concert: VIDEO

(Masako Takagi)

Madonna visited the hurricane-devastated Rockaway neighborhood of NYC on Saturday, Gothamist reports:

Museum of Modern Art curator Klaus Biesenbach, who has a home there, has been rallying people (including celebrities) to help with relief and volunteer efforts at Aid for Rockaway. He only returned to the Rockaways last week—"my first night in rockaway post sandy.....very dark out here...."— and excitedly noted that stores were re-opening yesterday. He was with Madonna yesterday and later Tweeted, "thanks to madonna for volunteering and keeping the hopes up in the rockaways today!"

Over a week ago, Madonna included her name on a letter from New York artists to Mayor Bloomberg, which notes, "Demographically, it is very diverse and not a privileged area. In recent years, the Rockaways became an incredible inspiration and haven for the artists and creative community of New York. As the Rockaways are, at their best, a melting pot between the local community and the creative energies of the city, it is a location where New York is anticipating and creating the images and dreams we all live on."

She spoke about her visit in concert at Madison Square Garden, AFTER THE JUMP...

Gothamist notes that other celebs spotted volunteering in the Rockaways include Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, and Knicks star Amare Stoudemire.

Information on how to help the Rockaways can be found here.

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