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Ian McKellen's 'Vicious' Premiering On PBS Tonight: VIDEO

Vicious_S1_Ep01_003.jpg__640x360_q85Vicious, a British ITV sitcom starring out gay actors Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, is finally making its widespread US debut on PBS tonight. Originally entitled Vicious Old Queens, the show features the two knighted thespians as Freddie and Stuart, an older gay couple embroiled in a decades-long love/hate relationship.

A deviation from other contemporary programming aimed at LGBT audiences like Modern Family, Looking, or True Blood, Vicious is more or less a return to the traditional Brit-com formula, relying on cheeky innuendo and absurdly high-brow casting decisions. Vicious premieres on local PBS affiliates across the country tonight at 10:30 P.M. EST.

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Sir Ian McKellen Granted Freedom Of The City By Lord Mayor Of London

Ian McKellen at Cambridge

In honor of Pride, Lord Mayor of London Fiona Woolf granted Freedom of the City to Sir Ian McKellen at a Pride in London gala earlier this week. Noting that homophobia is still a problem in London, Woolf stressed the importance of diversity in thriving businesses and communities.

The City of London tweeted out that Sir Ian will receive his award, which is akin to being awarded the Key to the City here in the U.S., later this year.

In addition to Freedom of the City, he was also made an honorary doctor of letters by Cambridge University.

'Star Wars' Actor Sir Alec Guinness Begged Ian McKellen Not To Speak About Anything ‘As Dirty As Homosexuality’

Ian mckellen says alec guinness was a self loathing bisexual

Speaking at a June 25 gala dinner for LGBTI Pride hosted by London’s Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf, Ian McKellen said that Star Wars actor Sir Alec Guinness begged him not to campaign for gay rights.

In a recent interview alongside Patrick Stewart with British TV's Channel 4, McKellen compared the mutants in the X-Men movies to gays, black people and Jews treated harshly by “a society that doesn’t completely understand them.”

Guinness, who is probably best known for playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, is reported to have had male partners and to have been arrested in 1946 for a public sex act, despite being married.

Speaking at the historic event, held for the first time in the Lord Mayor’s Mansion House, McKellen alluded to his fellow actor’s bisexuality:

“Alec Guinness took me out to lunch and said: ‘You really should not, as a leading actor, have anything to do with anything political, especially anything as dirty as homosexuality. I beg you not to do it.’ That was self-hatred.”

McKellen also said that his wish for the future is for a professional British soccer player to come out as gay, adding: “My preference is that he is cute.”

Woolf, who is only the second female Lord Mayor of London since 1189, has dedicated her year in office to promoting diversity. Speaking about the historic significance of an LGBTI dinner being held in Mansion House, she said:

“This is a clear statement of intent by the mayoralty and the City of London Corporation. Our responsibility is to capture the benefits of diversity for the city and for business. The business case is clear and the moral case is obvious. To be yourself and not someone you are not is a human right.”

Eurovisioner winner Conchita Wurst will headline the main Pride event in London's Trafalgar Square tomorrow.

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Zachary Quinto Pushes Newcastle Brown Ale, Looks Sexy While Doing So: VIDEO


Zachary Quinto and Newcastle Brown Ale have a proposition for you: What if the Brits won?

“Newcastle has asked me to tell you about 'Independence Eve', their new holiday celebrating how much better things would be if the British ruled over America.” Quinto explains. "[I]f the Brits ran this country every actor would be an insanely talented British thespian who would make your every soap opera, deodorant ad, and comic book movie franchise truly moving."

Whether the gay Spock actor is, in fact, America’s answer to Ian McKellen is up for debate, but the ad is charming all the same.

Watch Zachary muse if he’s actually a closeted British thespian merely giving the American “performance of a lifetime” AFTER THE JUMP...

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Ian McKellen Auctioning His Wedding Officiant Suit For Charity

 Sir Ian McKellen is offering one lucky bidder the chance to dress just like him in the name of charity. Rather than Magneto’s crimson cape or Gandalf’s flowing robes however, McKellen is auctioning off the suit he wore as the officiant of Sir Patrick Stewart’s wedding last fall.


Proceeds of the auction will go to Only Make Believe, a non-profit focused on using the performing arts to help heal hospitalized children.

Ian McKellen: 'Gays Are Still Treated Like Mutants In Some Countries' - VIDEO


In an interview with the BBC’s Channel 4 alongside English actor Patrick Stewart (pictured left), openly gay English actor Sir Ian McKellen (pictured right) compared the mutants in the X-Men movies series to gays, black people and Jews treated harshly by “a society that doesn’t completely understand them.”

McKellen plays the villain Magneto in the series, a metal bender who fights for mutant liberation from human rule.

McKellen said, “When Bryan Singer asked me to be in these films all those years ago he sold it to me on just this point: as a gay man you can identify with mutants – people who have talents, are remarkable people, but are despised by society as they’re different.

”In many areas of the world being gay is still a mutancy which is clearly not tolerated in some societies. You can be put to death for your sexuality. Not in this country," he continued. "We have advanced – it’s been one of the great joys of my life – since these films have been made.”

He also said of UK political leader Nigel Farage (who recently said that most people over 70 aren’t comfortable with homosexuality) “[he] needs to get out more,” and praised Eurovision’s winner drag queen Conchita Wurst adding that her style probably wouldn’t have gotten his vote because “It’s not a look I particularly like.”

McKellen has said before that he took the X-Men movie role in part for the film's allegory of anti-gay oppression.

When asked what hashtags they would use to describe their bromance, McKellen and Stewart held up the signs in the picture above. 

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