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Rihanna, Jack Antonoff Blast Indiana's Anti-Gay 'RFRA' at Final Four Concert: VIDEO


Rihanna blasted Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act during her set at the March Madness Music Fest over the weekend at Indianapolis' White River State Park before a performance of "Live Your Life".

Said the singer:

"Who’s feeling these new bulls--t laws that they’re trying to pass over here? I say f--k that s--t!" I wanna hear you say "F--- that s---!" "Cause we’re just living our motherf---ing lives. Indiana!"


Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff also showed solidarity against the anti-gay 'religious liberty' law, wearing a cut-off t-shirt that read "Protect LGBTQ Hoosiers".

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Jack Antonoff Of fun. Announces New Project 'Bleachers': VIDEO


Jack Antonoff of the band fun. announced in an interview with Radio.com that he's been working on a new project called "Bleachers" and has collaborated with some pretty big names to get it done: Vince Clark from Depeche Mode and Yaz, and John Hill from Phantogram, Santigold, and M.I.A. Said Antonoff in the interview:

There’s something nostalgic and ’80s and John Hughes about some of the stuff I do, but I never wanted to make anything that was in any way retro,. So I thought let’s get the guy who inspires me to write music in the first place, Vince and his aesthetic, on the album and then let’s get the guy, John Hill, whose mind only works in pushing things forward.

You can listen to "I Want To Get Better", the first single from "Bleachers" below and watch the interview AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jack Antonoff of fun. Speaks Out for Marriage Equality: VIDEO


Towleroad is happy to premiere the latest video in HRC's 'Americans for Marriage Equality' campaign featuring fun. guitarist and vocalist Jack Antonoff. Fun's "We Are Young (Feat. Janelle Monáe)" is the highest-selling single so far in 2012.

Says Antonoff:

"Hey! I'm Jack Antonoff from the band 'fun.' Touring around the country my bandmates and I are completely blown away by the love and support we get from our fans. And it's completely insane to us that some of them aren't afforded the same rights simply because they're gay or lesbian. Join me, my band mates and the majority of Americans in the fight for marriage equality nationwide."


Approximately 53% of the American public supports marriage for same-sex couples, according to a number of nonpartisan polls, including Gallup, CNN, and Washington Post/ABC News.

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