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New coalition of EVIL: Far-right and anti-gay groups joining forces.



NASA to release new images of Moon landing found on lost tapes?


Man creates life-size Lego replica of...Amy Winehouse.


Three charged in Monday night homophobic attack on Long Island woman.


REPORT: Michael Jackson's children aren't his biologically, nor are they Debbie Rowe's. Father is Jackson's dermatologist Arnie Klein.


5-year-old rescued after Airbus 310 from Yemen crashes into Indian Ocean while attempting landing with 153 on board.


Lt. Dan Choi's hearing over discharge is today.


Trevor Donovan: 90210 gets some beefcake.


Meghan McCain: I speak for GOP on gay issues. "The reason why I became so vocal about it is because it is so important to me and I didn’t see any politicians, even President Obama, doing anything. At this point, I don’t care what leader, what party, comes out and supports marriage equality, as long as somebody starts doing it. I hope that will be President Obama, I hope that will be my father, I hope it will be lots of people. I think it’s the type of thing that’s really coming to a fever pitch. People are really angry. People really want response. I hope President Obama can do that,



Inside the apartment Bernie Madoff will never live in again: "It's bye-bye forever to the $35,000 Lavar Kerman Persian carpet and the $20,000 Chippendale-style tea table in his art-filled four-bedroom duplex on the upper East Side."


An interview with the hottest gay Dungeons & Dragons geeks in D.C.


T.R. Knight to headline Broadway revival of Lend Me a Tenor.


One Life to Live actress Patricia Mauceri fired over refusal to participate in gay-positive character storyline: "Reportedly the soap opera wanted to go against stereotype and show Carlotta as a gay friendly Latina mother. The actress allegedly vehemently protested that story decision, resulting in show brass replacing her."



Basking Shark spotted cruising Long Island beaches.


Rescheduled: Marc Jacobs pushes wedding date to August.


Indian government ready to de-criminalize homosexuality? "The new Government that took power in May after the Congress Party’s surprise election victory has indicated that it is ready to change the law, which is at present being challenged in the Delhi High Court, according to Indian media reports."



More Madonna Louis Vuitton campaign images.


Chace Crawford slicks it back.


Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern working on getting state to approve a proclamation blaming gays for the recession.


Jim McGreevey's new mission: "McGreevey volunteers at Exodus Ministries at the Church of Living Hope in East Harlem, New  York, which tries to help newly-released prisoners learn life skills and handle the significant challenges that ex-convicts face. It’s not just job-hunting.One of the photographs below shows Jim helping one young man figure out how to set up a free e-mail account on Yahoo. With limited access to computers, the guy had no idea how to do this. This is not atypical. We take this kind of knowledge for granted, assuming everyone knows how to set up free e-mail. They don’t. The gifts that McGreevey brings to these formerly-incarcerated men and women are vast."

That's Sew Gay


An update to the traditional canvas embroidery.

Brigid Berlin, the daughter of Richard Berlin, who directed the Hearst media empire for 52 years, is opening a needlepoint exhibition in New York today.

Writes the gallery: "An avid consumer of tabloid newspapers, the 'popular press' as it’s referred to in Britain, she translates front page headline broadsheets into genteel features of interior décor. Her subjects are typically crude, salacious paper-selling press announcements in origin designed to appall, shock, and titillate viewers. The meticulously executed needlepoint pieces transform the daily ghastliness of news occurrences and media spin into demure domestic objects of quaint design and questionable comfort."

Some of the other works:

Post1 Post2 Post3

Matos McGreevey Drops Claims of Fraud Against Former Governor

Dina Matos McGreevey dropped charges that Jim McGreevey committed fraud when marrying her by not revealing he was gay, according to the Star-Ledger:

Dina"'She received no consideration for her dismissal,' said McGreevey's lawyer, Stephen Haller. 'The claim was false and merely an instrument to attempt to secure more money from Jim. It has failed.' Matos had to drop her demand for damages that she filed as part of her counterclaim for divorce by yesterday or face the prospect of a fraud trial in a civil court where her sexual habits and stories by McGreevey and his former driver of three-way sex would be available for public consumption. Haller said she can never again make these allegations of fraud against McGreevey. Matos released a statement yesterday saying she withdrew the claim because she wanted to protect her 6-year-old daughter Jacqueline from further adverse publicity."

Added Haller: "She had been probably bluffing all along. I interpret her entire conduct as a big bluff. She knew she could not win. She knew what proofs we had and no matter how she wants to disguise her reasons, she made a false claim and she was afraid of being ashamed in public."

News: Alan Cumming, Taxis, Esquire, Booker Prize, Sarah Palin

road.jpg While Palin was mayor, Wasilla billed victims for their rape kits.

Stpeteroad.jpg Taxi service for gays to launch in St. Petersburg, Russia?

road.jpg Pete Wentz: I once almost put a bullet through my head.

road.jpg Gay softball team disqualified from world series for having too many straight players: "D2, a team from San Francisco, beat the Atlanta Mudcats in the series to qualify for the A Division championship game against the Los Angeles Vipers. But the Mudcats filed a protest, alleging that six of D2’s players were straight. North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAA) rules state a team in the series may have no more than two straight players on its squad."

road.jpg Some guy relieved himself next to David Beckham and confirmed previous reports from Posh.

Skirtroad.jpg Marc Jacobs closes New York show in a skirt.

road.jpg Barbra Streisand to sing for Obama: "Streisand will perform at a $2,500-per-person reception and concert fund-raiser at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, with upwards of 700 people expected to attend. Among the co-hosts of the event are DreamWorks partners Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen, as well as political consultant Andy Spahn. It'€™s being organized with Obama's Southern California finance team."

road.jpg UK Booker Prize shortlist announced: Aravind Adiga The White Tiger: A Novel, Sebastian Barry The Secret Scripture, Amitav Ghosh Sea of Poppies: A Novel, Linda Grant The Clothes on Their Backs, Philip Hensher The Northern Clemency, Steve Toltz A Fraction of the Whole.

road.jpg Kevin and Scotty pics from the new season of Brothers and Sisters.

road.jpg "No on 8" office opens in SF's Castro: "Activists have already been working for months to build up a grassroots operation to defeat the anti-gay constitutional amendment, but now they will have a spacious centrally-located office to organize. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, Assemblyman Mark Leno, Supervisor Tom Ammiano and Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums worked up the crowd with reminders of this historic struggle--and how a defeat by the radical right would be a huge setback for the LGBT community."

Esquireroad.jpg Esquire celebrates 75th anniversary with E-ink cover.

road.jpg Alan Cumming becoming U.S. citizen to vote for Obama.

road.jpg Living strong: Lance Armstrong to come out of retirement for Tour de France?

road.jpg UFC fighter Evan Tanner found dead after walk into desert.

road.jpg WSJ's Kirchik claims GOP is kissing gay-bashing goodbye: "...it was refreshing to see that gays were not part of the agenda this year. Indeed, the only speaker to make mention of them was the former Arkansas governor and Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee, and he did so only tangentially, stating that Mr. McCain "doesn't want to change the very definition of marriage from what it has always meant throughout recorded human history." (The same, of course, could be said of the supposedly gay-friendly Barack Obama, who also opposes marriage equality for gay couples). The absence of antigay rhetoric has much to do with Mr. McCain; he is comfortable around gay people, and his old-fashioned sense of honor proscribes against making them pariahs for political gain."

road.jpg Katy Perry-hating church hit with 'God loves gays' vandalism.

road.jpg McGreevey's partner Mark O'Donnell offers to pay for daughter Jacqueline's school: "O'Donnell's offer was disclosed in a letter filed Friday in Union County Family Court by McGreevey lawyer Stephen Haller, who called it 'an incredibly generous gesture.'"

road.jpg Gay porn killers to be tried together...

News: Michael Guest, Gay Music, Jim McGreevey,

road.jpg Gloria Steinem: Sarah Palin is Phyllis Schlafly, only younger.

Fey_mccainroad.jpg Prescient LIFE cover from 2004 features Tina Fey and John McCain.

road.jpg Sorry boys: Michael Phelps gets some ass in Vegas.

road.jpg The Polaroid picture is back for the digital age.

road.jpg Former ambassador Michael Guest launches international gay rights group: "The openly gay Guest is a paid adviser to the Council for Global Equality, which will have its first meeting in Washington, D.C. on September 23. The council, whose Web site is slated to go live this month, is a collaboration between LGBT and straight groups that work on human rights internationally. 'Its purpose is to make the United States government and the State Department stand up for global LGBT human rights,' explained Guest..."

road.jpg Alan Ball draws Blood.

road.jpg McCain cancels Habitat for Humanity event: because it has to do with houses? "How could McCain maintain his sense of press victimization against the backdrop of people building homes for people who look forward to being able to one day say, 'I know exactly how many homes I own! One! Just the one!'"

road.jpg "Community organizers" respond to vicious Palin attacks.

Scaryroad.jpg Concerned Women for America's 'scary' gay wedding graphic.

road.jpg Radar: Why do gays hate black music? "...the gays are afraid of urban-ness, and the gay culture is dominated by the white gays. And that is boring and a problem, particularly because it shows the lie of calling something a gay community when the "community" isn't actually one, and it's not one because there's the rich gays and the poor gays and never shall they meet except on Craigslist."

road.jpg OUT presents The 100 Greatest, Gayest Albums (of All Time)...

road.jpg Michael Moore releasing new film for free on internet.

road.jpg Gay high school proposed in Chicago.

road.jpg Dina Matos McGreevey offers to drop claim that she duped him into marrying her if he pays her the $109,000 a judge says he owes: "Dina Matos' lawyer John Post said the fraud claim filed by his client will be dropped if McGreevey makes full payment and agrees not to appeal the judge's divorce ruling. That drew an immediate rebuke from McGreevey lawyer Steve Haller, who said, 'we will appeal or not appeal at our own discretion.' A private meeting with the judge in the case is scheduled for Monday."

road.jpg Beyonce wants to be 'iconic'.

Cindylauraroad.jpg OUT OF TOUCH: Cindy McCain's first night "power slicker" outfit at the RNC cost $300,000.

road.jpg Sweet new promos for The Office!

road.jpg Subway sandwich shop fires meat handler for handling meat (site nsfw).

road.jpg FLASHBACK: Homophobic comic book from the 80's.

road.jpg REVERSE: Distant object found orbiting sun backwards. "An object in the icy Kuiper belt has been found orbiting the Sun backwards, compared to most other objects in the solar system. It may help explain the origin of an enigmatic family of comets typified by Comet Halley. The new object, called 2008 KV42, lies in the Kuiper belt, a ring of icy bodies beyond Neptune. Its orbit is inclined 103.5° to the plane of the Earth's orbit, or ecliptic. That means that as it orbits the Sun, it actually travels in the opposite direction as the planets."

Judge Issues Ruling to McGreeveys: Divorce Final, No Alimony

Judge Karen Cassidy issued a ruling in the McGreevey divorce trial today. In it, she ordered both parties to abide by the sealed custody and visitation terms they agreed to in early May with regard to their daughter. She also ruled that Jim McGreevey has no alimony obligation to his wife Dina Matos McGreevey (he had argued he was too poor to afford it) and that both parties would pay their own health insurance costs. The former Governor was ordered to pay $250 a week in child support. Matos McGreevey had asked for $2,500 a month alimony for four years and $1,750 a month in child support.

McgreeveyMcGreevey was also ordered to pay his wife just over $108,000, representing half of his financial assets. He was not ordered to pay her any of his earnings from his book The Confession.

In her opinion, Judge Cassidy noted that both parties had overriding motivations that clouded the claims in their trial: "The McGreeveys clearly had agendas. As previously addressed, their anger seemed to override any ability to testify credibly or to be reasonable. For example, Mr. McGreevey’s steadfast position that he was somehow unable to obtain employment contradicted directly with his position that he was actively attending seminary and pursuing a full-time program. Clearly, he cannot do both, but he somehow could not simply say that, instead contradicting himself over and over again. When faced with facts that he could not even support himself on his current salary, let alone both his daughters and possibly his wife, he was unable to provide a cogent explanation. Mrs. McGreevey’s demeanor in the courtroom and her position of an entitlement to an extremely generous standard of living reflected her anger and disappointment as to the end of her marriage. Her testimony was designed to generate a greater amount of support based upon circumstances that ended her marriage. The factors she suggested are not supported by the law and evidence."

Perhaps they'll both shut up now.

Ruling [pdf]
Opinion [pdf]


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