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News: Sean Penn, Nova Scotia, Parrots, Channing Tatum, HIV

road.jpg Homeless man gets 35 years in prison for spitting on a police officer and saying he was HIV positive.

Pennroad.jpg Sean Penn slams Obama's "phenomenally inhuman and unconstitutional" voting record, expresses optimism: "I don't have a candidate I'm supporting and I'm certainly interested and excited by the hope that Barack Obama is inspiring. I hope that he will understand, if he is the nominee, the degree of disillusionment that will happen if he doesn't become a greater man than he will ever be. This is the most important election, certainly in my lifetime, and maybe ever."

road.jpg You'll never guess who is broke and living in a trailer with 20 parrots? Well, actually, you might.

road.jpg Marriage equality bill introduced in Minnesota legislature: "The Marriage and Family Protection Act was introduced by Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, and Sen. John Marty, DFL-Roseville, on Friday. The bill would make marriage a gender-neutral proposition in Minnesota, allowing same-sex couples to marry. It would also protect religious institutions that have moral objections to same-sex marriage from being compelled to perform such ceremonies."

road.jpg Spains's Operacion Triunfo (the equivalent to our American Idol) recently featured a hot gay kiss.

road.jpg McGreevey: Dina paid for the wedding, and honeymoon.

Rychenroad.jpg All's well in the land of Ry-chen.

road.jpg Toronto Lutheran parish to defy church, risk expulsion, ordinate gay man: "Lionel Ketola will be ordained tomorrow night by a non-traditional American Lutheran group that ordains gay candidates. Their ordinations are not officially recognized in Canada or the United States. But despite that, he will then be hired by Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Newmarket, Ont., as an associate pastor, where he has interned for the past two years. Members of Holy Cross will also take part in the ordination ceremony."

Channingroad.jpg Channing Tatum's GI Joe gear looks less than comfortable.

road.jpg Police in Brighton, UK appeal for witnesses following attack on gay man by gang of youths: "About seven boys verbally abused the man, spat on him, forced him to the ground and kicked him in George Street. One member of the group was wearing a hooded top and another had white three quarter length tracksuit bottoms with a navy stripe, police said."

road.jpg Gay pride group to march on county offices in Nova Scotia: "The group will raise the gay pride flag during a 7 p.m. ceremony at the town’s Water Street gazebo to mark the International Day Against Homophobia. The gazebo is a couple of blocks from the Municipality of Pictou County’s administrative building, where the gay pride flag will not fly. A February resolution banned all except government and First Nation flags from the county’s official flagpole. The municipality said the controversial policy doesn’t target gay pride groups specifically, but allows equal treatment of all organizations that want the county to fly their flags."

road.jpg Joe Lieberman defends pastor John Hagee: "He represents a lot of people in this country, particularly Christians who care about the state of Israel."

road.jpg The legacy of Illinois' first openly gay legislator, Larry McKeon, who died this week: "Chicago had never held a meeting like this, for gays and lesbians interested in becoming cops, and for an hour and a half, bleached by ceiling lights, they asked questions. Two officers, among the few on the force willing to say they were gay, answered. Was the department planning to form a special gay unit? No. Did the department intend to set gay quotas? No. Was there a space on the application for sexual orientation? No. Leaning against a wall, watching, was the man who'd organized the meeting, Larry McKeon."

Jim McGreevey Says He is Too Poor To Pay Alimony


Former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey took the stand yesterday in his divorce trial against wife Dina. McGreevey, who is scheduled to take the stand again today, told the courtroom that he'll only earn $48,000 this year and that his partner Mark O'Donnell, is supporting him. He says he can pay child support, but has no money for alimony, according to the Star-Ledger:

"On the stand, McGreevey said a sofa, a loveseat and an oriental rug bought during a going out of business sale at Huffman Koos are his only furnishings in the $1.3 million Plainfield home he shares with partner Mark O'Donnell. O'Donnell is paying all of McGreevey's living expenses, his legal bills, even an $11,000 debt to the Internal Revenue Service. He owes $204,720 to O'Donnell, a debt McGreevey swears he will repay. McGreevey said he drives a leased car, lives in a house that is paid for by O'Donnell and the only thing he can afford on his own is the $2,500 a month in temporary support the court ordered him to pay his estranged wife Dina Matos McGreevey. McGreevey said he is so strapped for cash, he has not paid a dime this year to his first wife Kari Schutz to support his teenage daughter Morag. He made $119,000 on the sale of his two-bedroom condominium in Woodbridge, but all that money is gone, spent on bills and trust funds for his two girls, Morag and Jacqueline. He got a $250,000 advance for his book, 'The Confession,' but that money was spent on legal fees, taxes, and to the ghost writer of the book. 'By virtue of this case, I have been financially crippled,' McGreevey testified yesterday."

An AP clip of his testimony in which he mentions his life in the closet and why he wanted to write his book, AFTER THE JUMP...

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McGreeveys Reach Custody Deal Over Daughter

Former New Jersey first couple James and Dina Matos McGreevey offered the public a surprise yesterday as they began to actually behave like adults, settling the child custody portion of their divorce and offering none of the fireworks that the media was waiting hungrily to hear about:

Mcgreevey"The deal for custody of their 6-year-old daughter came on the third day of negotiations, which included some closed-door testimony before state Superior Court Judge Karen M. Cassidy, who was trying to avoid a divorce trial. The couple and their lawyers are scheduled to return to the Union County Courthouse on Monday to begin settlement talks on remaining issues, including alimony and child support. Should those succeed, the final issue would be Dina Matos McGreevey’s claim of marriage fraud. Mr. McGreevey left the courthouse Thursday evening escorted by two uniformed sheriff’s officers. Speaking of the custody agreement for his daughter, Mr. McGreevey said, 'She’ll get a large amount of time to spend with her parents.'"

McGreevey speaks about the settlement, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Orcas, Dax Shepard, Homecoming King, Alabama

road.jpg NPR runs heartbreaking piece on two boys who identify as girls: "It’s really hard for him. He’ll disappear and close a door, and we’ll find him playing with dolls and Polly Pockets and … the stuff that he’s drawn to...He really struggles with the color pink. He really struggles with the color pink."

Daxroad.jpg Dax Shepard appears to be acting out the role of Abercrombie door dude in the new film When in Rome.

road.jpg Neil Patrick Harris's Barney shows off his new trophy date, Britney Spears. Watch it.

road.jpg Jay Bakker to spend Mother's Day in honor of the late Tammy Faye pressuring megachurch pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood Church to sit down and talk to LGBT activist group Soulforce: "I want to celebrate my mother's life, and help spread the message she lived and preached. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as 'us' and 'them.' We hope the families of Lakewood Church will open their hearts and minds to us and sit down and have a conversation and share a meal. ... Let's put our differences aside and share the love and hope of Christ."

road.jpg Details on the first dates of Madonna's "Sticky and Sweet" world tour.

road.jpg Arizona Christian group Alliance Defense Fund has hand in New York same-sex marriage cases.

Homecomingkingroad.jpg Shawnee Mission East High School loves its gay Homecoming King.

road.jpg Investigators say photographers won't be charged for photos of teenage water polo players that turned up on gay porn websites: "The Orange County district attorney's office says a four-month investigation determined Scott Cornelius and Allen Rockwell didn't commit any crimes. Cornelius, a University of California, Irvine, police employee currently on paid leave, is still being investigated by the university to determine if he violated college policies. Photographs of youths as young as 14 taken by Cornelius and Rockwell appeared on homosexual pornographic Web sites. But district attorney's office spokeswoman Farrah Emami says 'legally there were no criminal charges we could file.'"

Orcadolphinroad.jpg Killer whales photographed hunting dolphins for the first time ever.

road.jpg Matt Foreman's new perspective.

road.jpg Your money's worth: Mario Lopez embroiled in Broadway bicep controversy.

road.jpg Two card stud.

road.jpg Alabama legislature passes two pro-gay bills: "In an email from State Rep. Patricia Todd, she announced that the Alabama House of Representatives passed the Hate Crimes Bill sponsored by Rep. Alvin Holmes of Montgomery by a vote of 46 to 44, mostly along party lines. While the fate of the bill is unsure as it moves to the Senate, this is huge progress, as the legislation was defeated last year. Also passed (unanimously) was an anti-bullying bill sponsored by Rep. Betty Carol Graham of Alexander City and Sen. Parker Griffith of Huntsville. This is also going to to the Senate."

road.jpg Truce Off: McGreevey's fail to reach a settlement in their divorce trial.

road.jpg Don't sit on the benches in New York subway stations unless you want bedbugs.

News: Polaroid, McGreevey Trial, Banksy, Van Hansis

road.jpg Anti-gay evangelical preacher stabbed to death in Perth, Australia.

Mapplethorperoad.jpg Photographers, artists bitter over Polaroid's demise: "'Now what the hell am I supposed to do?' asks John Waters, who’s shot a Polaroid of each person who’s come into his apartment since 1992—friends, interviewers, deliverymen, everyone. 'Digital isn’t instant gratification, and those cameras don’t make that sexy sound.'"

road.jpg Self-described 'YouTube Superstar' Tricia Walsh-Smith may join The Real Housewives of New York City.

road.jpg Is Jake Gyllenhaal getting Nailed?

road.jpg Till death: McGreevey divorce trial begins Tuesday. "Legal analysts expect New Jersey's former first couple will approach new lows, even for divorce court. 'I'm not going to tell you this is going to be the worst case ever in the history of New Jersey divorces,' said Charles Abut, a matrimonial lawyer who operates the New Jersey Family Law blog. 'But I think if you asked longtime matrimonial lawyers, 'Give me the your top 10 worst,' this one is going to appear on everyone's list.' The proceedings, which are expected to last up to six weeks in Elizabeth's Union County Courthouse, have been divided into three sections. Superior Court Judge Karen Cassidy has said she will rule separately on each part: Custody of the couple's 6-year-old daughter, Jacqueline; the amount of child support and alimony McGreevey must pay Matos McGreevey; and, finally, Matos McGreevey's claim McGreevey defrauded her, tricking her into a marriage of political convenience even though he knew he was gay."

Lalliroad.jpg In March I posted about the appointment of Yale music professor and singer Richard Lalli to Yale residential college master, one of the school's highest recognitions. Now the Hartford Courant has profiled Lalli.

road.jpg Frank Rich wonders why the media is ignoring John Hagee...

road.jpg Indiewire talks to gay filmmaker Arthur Dong: "As a gay Asian American filmmaker I'd be naive to think that anti-gay bigotry and racism has not affected the opportunities or lack thereof in terms of my work. But the way I confront it is to first acknowledge whatever factors I think might be there, and then forge ahead anyway with that knowledge. We all have thrust upon us unwanted external forces that we have no control over, whoever we are, and if we allow them to be barriers (excuses?) to our goals, then we may as well give it up because perseverance, passion, and stamina is a must for independent filmmakers."

road.jpg Inside Banksy's CANS Exhibit.

Mayerjohnroad.jpg John Mayer asks for hair Haikus.

road.jpg T.R. Knight and Mark Cornelsen already planning for children. Knight: “I wouldn’t rule [adoption] out at all. I think it would be adopting versus any other route. But yeah. I mean, there are a lot of kids who need homes.”

road.jpg FOX News radio host John Gibson mocks MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, lesbians.

road.jpg As the World Turns' Van Hansis reportedly dating fellow actor Tyler Hanes.

road.jpg Australian Capitol Territory forced to back down on civil partnerships: "The ACT decision comes as the deeply religious Mr Rudd faces growing attack from Christian groups over his Government's decision to remove discrimination against gays from all other federal laws. Mr Corbell yesterday accused the Rudd Government of breaking a commitment to the states and territories to allow them to legislate as they saw fit. The legislation, which was quashed by the Howard government in 2006, would have allowed gay couples to have their relationships recognised in a legally binding ceremony."

road.jpg Gay powerlifter Chris Morgan reaches World Championships.

road.jpg Israeli court denies restraining order against gay man's former partner because nation's family and domestic violence laws do not apply to gay partnerships: "The complainant told the court that the former lover, a younger man who had lived in his Ramat Gan home with him for two years, was abusing him psychologically. He argued that as common-law partner he was entitled to the protection of the family court."

News: Barney Frank, Bullied, Missing Emails, Steve May, Birdwatcher

road.jpg White House has new excuse for missing emails: we threw away the hard drives.

Perryroad.jpg Mangina: Make Me a Supermodel's Perry demonstrates how to do "a proper tuck".

road.jpg Ryan Phillippe gives Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon his blessing.

road.jpg Arizona Republican Steve May rescinds Congressional bid after mom and pop refuse to release him from family business: “(My parents) always see my behavior as erratic because they’re dishonest. Sobriety showed me that they were engaged in … evil behavior that I want nothing to do with."

road.jpg Judge anticipates more dirt in McGreevey divorce trial: "If Dina Matos McGreevey presses a claim that she was duped into marrying New Jersey's gay ex-governor, she'll likely endure a mountain of embarrassing evidence exposed at the trial. 'This week was just the tip of the iceberg,' Union County Superior Court Judge Karen Cassidy cautioned the warring former first couple at a hearing Thursday."

road.jpg Kate Beckinsale tells Allure she'd rather eat vagina than sushi: "I have to say, sushi freaks me out more than almost anything. At least a vagina would be warm. [laughs] My publicist has literally turned a funny color and is going to go have a lie-down. He's throwing up now, as well. I find a lot of things kind of funny and I often say what's on my mind, and then get nine texts from all my friends going, 'What's the matter with you?' But I haven't ever made a big attempt to have any particular image. And I don't really worry about it."

road.jpg Good news, Wentworth Miller fans. Prison Break has been picked up for a fourth season.

Demilleroad.jpg Mr. DeMille, your estate is ready for its close-up.

road.jpg Barney Frank calls for decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana on Real Time with Bill Maher: "Frank offered no details on his legislation, and it's not at all clear that he could ever get it to the House floor for a vote. A Frank aide was unaware of his plans other than his statement on HBO. Frank has introduced legislation in previous years to allow the use of 'medical marijuana,' although the bills never made it out of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Asked by [Bill] Maher as to why he would push a pot decriminalization bill now, Frank said the American public has already decided that personal use of marijuana is not a problem. 'I now think it's time for the politicians to catch up to the public,' Frank said. 'The notion that you lock people up for smoking marijuana is pretty silly. I'm going to call it the 'Make Room for Serious Criminals' bill.'"

road.jpg Hire your own paparazzo.

Wolferoad.jpg Bullying Billy: The NYT explores the case of one Fayetteville, Arkansas boy whose parents say has become a target for torment.

road.jpg Mika steps up security after death threats: "Apparently the 24-year-old crooner has been forced to step up security after receiving some dodgy death threats from over-zealous fans. But the Grace Kelly star seems determined to put on a brave face, insisting: 'I'm absolutely fine - don't worry about me - I'm not scared.' In fact, far from shying away, he's promising to be much more flamboyant. 'I want to make my shows even more dramatic,' he told us."

road.jpg Rediscovering God: Britney Spears negotiating to sing gig at Mel Gibson's Holy Family Catholic Church in Malibu.

road.jpg Welsh TV birdwatcher Iolo Williams says his tight-fitting shorts have found him a new audience: "The dad-of-two, married to wife Ceri, told Wales on Sunday: 'A friend of mine, a girl who lives in Newport, told me about one of her mates who is gay, and said they have an informal gay club. One thing they did was tape my S4C programmes wearing my tight shorts and would get together in a bar to watch it. I was a little bit surprised at first but absolutely delighted. If they all watched my programmes it would probably double my audience!' Game-for-a-laugh Iolo said he’d would be more than happy to pop out for a pint with his newfound fanbase."

road.jpg I Love My Boo: NYC safe sex campaign targets young Black and Latino gay and bisexual men. "One of the elements of this campaign that I love is that the language reflects it's target audience. It's current and even a little hood. ... Beautiful images of brothers loving and respecting each others bodies and souls. Now that's not something you see everyday."


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