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AL Senator Sessions: Judges Ruling on Marriage 'Based on How They Feel'


Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, a Republican on the judiciary committee, blasted judges ruling in favor of same-sex marriage following the Supreme Court's decision yesterday not to extend the stay of a federal judge's ruling striking down Alabama's ban on same-sex marriage, effectively making same-sex marriage legal in the Heart of Dixie.

Sessions told CQ Roll Call that he believes judges' rulings in favor of marriage equality have more to do with sentiment that an accurate interpretation of the U.S. Constitution:

“I think it’s an unhealthy trend that judges feel that they’re somehow reflecting popular opinion when first of all, it’s not popular opinion, and secondly, who are they to be ruling on cases based on how they feel."

Sessions went on to lambast what he saw as an "activist judiciary" that needed to respect the law "as it is":

“The attorney general of the state of Alabama has appealed, which I support. And while a number of courts have held the way [the] Alabama court has, others have not, and to me this line of cases … represents an activist judiciary,” Sessions said. “No Congress has ever passed a law or a constitutional amendment that would ever would ever have been thought to have this result.”

“So, I think the proper role of the federal courts is to follow the law as it is, not as they wish it, might wish it to be.”

Sessions has been a vocal opponent of marriage equality. He also grilled then Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan on her opposition to Don't Ask, Don't Tell during her senate confirmation hearings and said he would do crack cocaine at Sonia Sotomayor's hearings.

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JEFF SESSIONS: Says he's "very troubled" over Defense of DOMA during questioning of Solicitor General of the United States candidate Donald Verrilli, Jr.

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Kagan: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy is 'Unwise and Unjust'


Senator Jeff Sessions, as predicted, aggressively went after Elena Kagan and her position, while Dean at Harvard, opposing military recruiters because allowing them went against the school's non-discrimination policy.

Sessions started out with Kagan and DADT.

Said Kagan: "Senator Sessions I have repeatedly said that I believe that the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy is unwise and unjust. I believed it then and I believe it now. And we were trying to do two things. We were trying to make sure that military recruiters had full and complete access to our students, but we were also trying to protect our own anti-discrimination policy, and to protect the students whom the policy is supposed to protect, which in this case were our gay and lesbian students."

Later, Sessions got into the military recruiting issue.

Said Kagan: "I'm confident that the military had access to our students and students had access to our military throughout my deanship, and that's incredibly important. [The only issue was that the recruiting was done through a campus veterans' organization, rather than through the school's Office of Career Services.]  This was a balance for the law school. On the one hand, we wanted to make absolutely sure our students had access to the military at all times, but we did have a very longstanding, going back to the 1970s, antidiscrimination policy."

Sessions later accused Kagan of "punishing the military."

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Senator Sessions Says He'll Do Crack Cocaine at Sotomayor Hearings


Senator Jeff Sessions announces his intentions to do crack cocaine during the Sotomayor hearings.

The AP explains: "The top Republican at Judge Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court hearing was talking about trying to schedule a Judiciary Committee hearing on the disparity between the sentencing of powder cocaine abusers and crack cocaine users."


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