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The Rise of GetEQUAL.

 roadPolitico's Ben Smith profiles SLDN executive director Aubrey Sarvis, 'Don't Ask Deal's Unlikely Activist'...

Horns  roadRecently-discovered dinosaur was extremely horny...

 roadJeremy Piven is a waxing fanatic.

 roadTexans hold "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" protest outside Fort Hood: "More than two dozen people from all over Central Texas held up signs that read 'Gay or straight, all are heroes' and 'Stop unjust discharge of gays and lesbians.' Organizers say they gathered there not only to honor gay and lesbian soldiers who have served and died, but to show their support for gay and lesbian soldiers who are currently serving as well. 'They can't reach out to us. They can't be out to tell us. We have to reach out to them,' organizer Irene Andrews said."

 roadTed Koppel's son found dead after daylong drinking binge.

 roadSenate confirms Laura Duffy as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California in San Diego: "Duffy, an out lesbian, is known for her successful efforts fighting drug cartels that operate on the U.S.-Mexican border. Her prosecution of Tijuana’s Arellano Felix cartel resulted in a life sentence for its leader, a notorious drug kingpin."

 roadPuerto Rican activist Pedro Julio Serrano has cancer biopsy.

Burtka  roadNeil Patrick Harris threw a surprise party for David Burtka in NYC.

 roadThe artist is no longer present: Performance Marina Abramovic finishes sitting at the MOMA.

 roadIs the real Atlantis beneath the isle of Santorini in Greece?

 roadNew Hampshire to celebrate first anniversary of marriage equality: "New Hampshire Stonewall Democrats are celebrating the one-year anniversary of Gov. John Lynch signing gay marriage into law. The group and other supporters will celebrate Tuesday in Concord. Lynch signed the law a year ago this coming Thursday... Senate President Sylvia Larsen, House Speaker Terie Norelli and other legislative leaders are expected to attend as is Democratic Congressman Paul Hodes. The celebration will be a 105 N. State St. at 6 p.m."

 roadBackpacker shoots Grizzly with handgun in Denali National Park.

 roadEllen and Portia spend Memorial Day in Mexico.

Cooper   roadBradley Cooper does Details.

 roadThe NYT looks at the vetting of priests by the Catholic Church: "Beyond his assertion that 'I know it when I see it,' no one interviewed for this article was able to describe exactly how screeners or seminary directors determine whether someone’s sexual orientation defines him. Some Catholics have expressed fear that such vagueness leads to bias and arbitrariness. .. 'And not the least irony here,” he added, 'is that these new regulations are being enforced in many cases by seminary directors who are themselves gay.'"

 roadA League of Their Own inspiration dies.

 roadMale model fix: Bruno Rosendo.

 roadDavid Silver is looking good.

 roadSweden named Europe's most pro-gay country.

 roadBritain's youngest mayor is a gay man: "Apart from their red robes and gold bling, mayors are known primarily for their venerable age. But Retford, in Nottinghamshire, has taken the radical step of appointing the youngest mayor in the country, 23-year-old Ian Campbell. Campbell was this month elected as a Labour district councillor for Bassetlaw, beating his Conservative rival by just 15 votes. Surprisingly, the Conservative-controlled council then nominated and voted Campbell to be mayor for the year...Campbell rose to prominence as a gay rights activist after being thrown out of his family home for coming out. In 2009, he was named Nottinghamshire's young person of the year for his work visiting schools and colleges nationwide, and running workshops to counter homophobic bullying. His sexuality was not an issue during his campaign to be elected a councillor, which pleased him.

News: #uknowhowiknowuregay, Sharks, Steve Hildebrand, Maine

Road1,000 take to the streets in Friday protest over homophobic attacks in Rome.

Jesusmars RoadJesus on Mars?

RoadJeremy Piven hits the beach.

RoadHas-been rapper Fabolous behind offensive #uknowhowiknowuregay Twitter trending topic.

RoadObama advisor Steve Hildebrand thrashes President, Dems: "I gave up a lot to elect Democrats, and I expect them to give it up for me. I’m going to speak loudly. The Republicans don’t have power unless the moderates and the Blue Dogs give it to them — which is what they’re doing now."

RoadDes Moines, Iowa man claims he was removed from a bar for being gay.

RoadTed Haggard apologizes for violating an entire congregation.

RoadNampa, Idaho's transgender candidate Melissa Sue Robinson, who recently announced she was suing Twitter over fake account defamation, gets profiled by AP: "This farming and manufacturing town of about 83,000 residents, where a sugar factory and a local hospital are among the biggest employers, doesn't seem to be all that concerned that Robinson previously lived as a man."

RoadNew Zealand transgender MP visits Nepal.

Greatwhitesharks RoadBeach closed: Great White Sharks tagged off Cape Cod.

RoadUSA Today on Judy Shepard, her new book, and a federal hate crimes law: "Shepard, who loves playing mah-jongg and drinking martinis, admits to being 'flummoxed' at times about the gay and lesbian world. But, she adds, 'It's not important that I understand it. It's important that I accept it.'"

RoadBritney Spears shocks concert crowd with actual singing.

RoadWashington Post ombudsman on Brian Brown NOM puff piece: "Hesse said she decided to let Brown tell his story, as opposed to extensively quoting what others say about him. Her editors didn't object to the concept. Having Brown's story told in his "voice," Hesse reasoned, would allow readers to best assess his arguments. Fine in theory. But it deprived readers of hearing from others who have battled Brown and find him uncivil and bigoted. To them, he represents injustice. They should have been heard, at length."

RoadNOM's Maggie Gallagher spews lies on Maine radio show.

Dornan RoadCalvin Klein model Jamie Dornan launches international male model search.

RoadScientists identify trio of genetic mutations linked to Alzheimer's disease.

RoadSchwarzenegger's phones blitzed over 'Harvey Milk Day': "So far, the governor’s automated phone line for constituents has received more than 100,000 calls about the bill, most against it, according to Mr. Schwarzenegger’s office."

RoadReal World's Scott Herman shows off his assets.

RoadLittle Britain's David Walliams is nominated for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize for his book about a cross-dressing schoolboy. The prize honors the funniest books for children.

RoadChurch of Scotland selects gay man, Scott Rennie, to train as a minister.

RoadMaine Archbishop Richard Malone asks churches to fill coffers for fight against marriage equality: "The bishop has asked churches to take up a special second collection next weekend to support Stand For Marriage Maine, the group leading the effort to repeal Maine's same sex marriage law."

News: Oprah, Lebanon, Bruno, Guatemala, Boy George, Cheney

road.jpg SPOUSES ONLY: Lesbian couple stopped, questioned while shopping at consignment store. "They started an online protest, and now the organizers of the biannual Kids Exchange sales say they will change a decade-old policy."

Cheneyroad.jpg Veil lifted on Cheney's former evil lair.

road.jpg Jeremy Piven throws tantrum at photo shoot, rips off shirt: "This isn’t my first time on the merry-go-round. You want mediocre? I can give you mediocre."

road.jpg Gay men beaten by Lebanese Army after they were discovered “engaged in lovemaking, in the lobby of an uninhabited building.”

road.jpg Police seek two in Minneapolis for hate crime beating of lesbian: "According to police, Kristen Boyne, 32, was walking to the Rainbow Foods grocery store at 11 p.m. Thursday when she was accosted by two men at Lake Street and Dupont Avenue. Sgt. William Palmer said the men beat her until she lost consciousness. Boyne, who told police she is a lesbian, suffered head injuries and was taken by ambulance to Hennepin County Medical Center, where she was treated and later released."

road.jpg Carol Adair, spouse of U.S. poet laureate Kay Ryan, dies of cancer.

road.jpg Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich considered Oprah for Senate seat.

Jakeroad.jpg The Prince of Persia's mane is shorn.

road.jpg Sacha Baron-Cohen's Bruno pic pushed to July.

road.jpg REPORT: At least 20,000 same-sex couples raising children in Israel.

road.jpg GUATEMALA: HIV prevention non-governmental agency OASIS direcctor Jose Lopez charged in attack on transgender woman? Blabbeando: "The charges...seem ludicrous considering his long-standing efforts as an advocate for transgender folk. At least one human rights organization is calling for an international response demanding an impartial review of the charges brought against him...In a news brief, La Hora reports that the Guatemalan Public Ministry released an arrest warrant against López for 'his alleged participation in the attack against a transgender on July 4th in Zone 1.' According to Telediaro 3, the Public Ministry alleges that López was among a group of people who beat up a transgender woman so badly that her arms almost had to be amputated. López says it's a government vendetta: All three papers report that López surrendered yesterday and defended himself before the media as he made his way into the courthouse."

Georgeodowdroad.jpg Boy George moved from prison cell for being too popular: "Inmates lined up for his autograph and guards were caught being "too kind" by bumming him cigarettes. Boy George
had his own personal guard because his cell was a hotbed for starry-eyed murders and rapists wanting to hang with the former Culture Club singer. 'It's ironic that he was worried about getting beaten up in Pentonville but all that happened was people showered him with so much attention and kindness that they had to move him anyway,' a prison source said."

road.jpg Top Dems support investigations of torture and criminal acts by Bush.

road.jpg Simon Baker from behind (nsfw).

road.jpg Gay author Steven Gaines smacks down South Beach: "I didn't feel old in the Hamptons. But on South Beach, it seems everybody is 21. Everybody wanted to have dinner at 10. And I'm no stranger to drugs. I'm a gay man who grew up in New York City. But I never saw people so dependent on drugs as part of the culture."

road.jpg Congrats to Josh Helmin, TowleroadTV correspondent and one half of Josh & Josh are Rich and Famous, who just had his first fiction piece published in the collection Fool for Love.

On the Stage: All My Sons and Speed-the-Plow


GuestbloggerHere is the second part of this week's theatre review by Kevin Sessums, continuing on from yesterday's look at A Man for All Seasons. You can also catch up with Kevin online at his own blog at

Ams2Director Simon McBurney — whose work with London’s Complicitie theatre company has been rightly and internationally praised — has taken a completely different tact in his approach to Arthur Miller’s first great Broadway hit, All My Sons. His reverence for the play doesn’t frame it — congeal it really — in a proscenium’s constraints as Hughes has chosen to do with A Man for All Seasons, but instead uses so many directorial arrows in his quiver that we almost lose sight of Miller’s always lovely, sometimes lacerating realism. This production never lets the audience forget that IT HAS BEEN DIRECTED. At times I felt as if I were watching a conductor hoist his baton in front of an orchestra instead of being able to forget there is a director’s invisible hand at work. I was always enraptured but seldom moved. The stagecraft of the production impressed me — as did the acting — but I was never able to forget I was watching a play being performed instead of inhabited.

Ben Brantley of the New York Times kept referring to the Greek tragedy qualities that this production highlights, but I kept being reminded how influenced the young Miller had been by Ibsen. There are obvious parallels in this early Miller work with The Master Builder and The Wild Duck and An Enemy of the People in which the results of a factory owner’s war profiteering disrupt his life in a tragically personal way.

Ams3But let’s go ahead and get this aspect of the production out of the way. Katie Holmes, in her Broadway debut as Miller’s toughened yet tenderhearted ingenue, Ann Deever, is first-rate — or will be with even more performances under her belt. So many screen actresses can only summon their talent in emotional segments because of the technical stop-and-start intricacies involved when working on a film and seem stranded when not losing their balance completely as they attempt to walk the uninterrupted dramatic through-line required of great stage acting. Holmes more than keeps her balance. And when she’s emotionally stranded onstage, it is her character Ann Deever’s predicament she is making us so expertly feel. There is such a primal scream of misplaced love and angry loss that comes from her in the second act, it hits the audience in its collective solar plexus. It’s a moment that must please her husband, Tom Cruise, as a fellow actor but perplex him as a husband. Pleased or perplexed, I am certain he must be proud of his wife for she is proving, just as her character proves throughout the play, that she is no shrinking violet and should not be underestimated.

Ams4John Lithgow is giving a Tony-worthy performance as the factory owner. Dianne Wiest, a bit miscast as his midwestern housewife, is still able to hone in on the horrible hearbreak and equally horrible knowledge that she must live with day-in and day-out. Patrick Wilson, as the couple’s surviving son, is at his stolid best and, in the climatic scene with Lithgow, more than stolid: he is stunning. The rest of the cast is at the baton-wielding whim of the director. At times McBurney’s production was like watching Our Town as if it had been written by Clifford Odets or Bertolt Brecht. At other times I kept thinking of Dogville, the Lars von Trier film which starred Tom Cruise’s former wife, Nicole Kidman, for McBurney has turned All My Sons into the kind of heightened neo-artistic indictment of the American dream so coldly distilled in Dogville (their tacked-on endings of images of our country's unwashed-masses even mirror each other) instead of Miller’s more heartfelt and, yes, homegrown version of that same indictment. But trust me on this: the production will never bore you.

T T T (out of 4 possible T's)

All My Sons, Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, 236 W. 45th Street, New York. Ticket information here.


Stp1The three happiest faces in New York were those of Jeremy Piven, Elisabeth Moss and Raul Esparza — the three stars of the Broadway revival of David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow — as they came back for yet a second curtain call during the audience’s standing ovation at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre on only the second night of previews, which was when I caught the revival of this production. The three actors had just given a performance of the play that made it seem as if they were already in the second month of their run. They were hitting on all cylinders as they mined the acrid ore of Mamet’s singular cynicism.

Continued, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jeremy Piven Pulls a McSteamy


Jeremy Piven had an Eric Dane moment on Sunday night's Entourage and we thought we'd give the actor, who's "gayer than Liberace in 1972" some equal airtime.

Said Piven recently, "I'm the pretty girl for the moment. I understand women now more than ever. Especially in LA, women will not look up if they feel male energy in a room. They won't give you their eyes. And once you've been approached a lot you do get a little weary of strangers. So I kind of know a little bit what it's like to be a woman. I used to think 'Why would they do that?', and now I understand why they are a little skittish about that stuff when you get a lot of attention all the time."

Seems everyone understands women these days.

Jeremy_piven_shirtless_2 Jeremy_piven_shirtless_3

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Jeremy Piven: "Gayer Than Liberace in 1972"


Jeremy Piven jokes in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine about why he's still single at 41: "I'd love to have a girlfriend - if I weren't gay. That's right, I'm gay! I'm gayer than Liberace in 1972."


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