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Joan Rivers Rushed to Hospital After She Stops Breathing During Surgery: REPORT


Joan Rivers is in critical condition after being rushed to a NYC hospital after she stopped breathing while having throat surgery at a clinic, TMZ reports:

We're told Rivers was undergoing the throat procedure in a clinic (specifically on her vocal chords) ... when she stopped breathing during the surgery.

Sources say 81-year-old Rivers was rushed to Mount Sinai hospital in New York.

We're told her daughter Melissa is on her way to New York.

According to TMZ, a 911 caller said of Rivers: "We have somebody in either cardiac or respiratory arrest."

ABC News adds:

The New York City Fire Department transported a woman matching her description to Mt. Sinai Hospital earlier this morning after receiving a call that the woman was in cardiac arrest at an Upper East Side clinic, Yorkville Endoscopy, an FDNY source said.

The NY Daily News adds:

“She’s not conscious, but she’s stable,” said an obviously distraught Graham Reed, the comedian’s assistant. Reed refused to provide any details when approached by a reporter.

But the family source said friends were gathering Thursday inside Rivers’ apartment. “She would want us all to laugh,” the source said. “But at the moment, we are all praying.”


What To Watch This Week on TV: Meyers Helms Emmy Awards, Handler Says Goodbye - VIDEO


Check out our weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and the stuff you won't admit you watch when no one's looking.

— Joan Rivers and company set their lasers to stunning as they pick their favorite Emmy Awards ensembles on Fashion Police, Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern on E!. Then they’ll sharpen their knives and cut the red carpet misses to shreds (which we all know is much more fun).

Chelsea's last show on E! and Amy Poehler's visit to SwedenAFTER THE JUMP ...

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Joan Rivers Officiates Her Second Same-Sex Marriage In New York


Joan Rivers, the self-proclaimed "Queen of the Gays" and all-around funny lady, was ordained by the Universal Life Church and may quickly become the go-to officiant for New York gay couples. After performing a ceremony atop the Empire State Building in 2013, Ms. Rivers was again asked to perform her duty last week.

HuffPost reports:

On Aug. 15, the 81-year-old comedian, author and icon married William "Jed" Ryan and Joseph Aiello at New York's Plaza Athenee, Out magazine is reporting.

As it turns out, it was the second time down the aisle for the couple. In June, Rivers agreed to marry Ryan and Aiello on the spot at a Barnes & Noble signing of her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva, in Manhattan. Although photos and footage of that ceremony were picked up by numerous media outlets, the couple didn't have a proper marriage license at the time, so Rivers vowed to arrange a second ceremony so the men could legally tie the knot.

Thanks for the love and support, Joan! Now, what celebrity officiant would you want presiding over your wedding? Sound off in the comments below.

Photo via Out Magazine.

Bianca Del Rio Gets In Bed With Joan Rivers: VIDEO


In her latest installment of “In Bed With Joan”, Joan cuddles up next to RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio. On the agenda? How to go to the bathroom when you ‘tuck up,’ which Broadway divas are the douchiest, Conchita Wurst, the Catholic Church, coming out, and how Bianca lost her virginity (hint: she’s not a gold star gay). The pillow talk is topped off with Melissa jumping in bed to make the duo a trio. 


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Tyler Oakley Gets in Bed with Joan Rivers, Asks if She Knows About Twinks, Bears, and Otters: VIDEO


Joan welcomed gay vlogger Tyler Oakley to her 'In Bed with Joan' web series. She begins by asking Oakley if he prefers being called a YouTuber, a blogger, or a power bottom; what it was like coming out of the closet at 14, how he did it, and how he had the nerve. Oakley says his parents wanted to send him to therapy. Joan asks if he has a significant other (he doesn't) and what kind of relationships he has had; how many followers he has, and what it was like to interview President Obama. Also discussed, when Oakley lost his virginity.

She continues the questioning by asking what kind of negative comments he gets, the wildest vlogs he has posted, which member of One Direction he would choose to sleep with, and other celebrities he has met.

Oakley then quizzes Joan about gay slang - what are twinks, bears, and otters?

Joan then allows Oakley to apologize to someone, and tell someone else to "sit on it and rotate".

Melissa Rivers then hops in bed for a game.


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David Letterman Walks Out on Joan Rivers: VIDEO


After discussing her combative interview with Fredricka Whitfield on CNN over the weekend, David Letterman takes a page from Joan Rivers' book when she starts talking about losing a Depends endorsement on The Late Show and storms out.

Unfazed, Rivers continued to interview herself: "How's your sex life, you old bitch?"

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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