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Kathy Griffin Pinches an Inch of Ryan Lochte: VIDEO


Kathy Griffin "wreaks havoc" at iHeartRadio, riding Ryan Lochte and getting into it with Miley Cyrus.


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Cher Plays Peek-a-Boo: PHOTO


At least everyone thinks that's who attended Book of Mormon with Kathy Griffin.

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Kathy Griffin Releases Dance Mix of Her Talk Show Theme 'I'll Say It': LISTEN


Not my cup of tea but I'm sure there's a superfan out there who will be pleased as punch.

Via Ryan Seacrest:

The theme song from Kathy’s outrageous Bravo talk show has been turned into a brand new dance mix that salutes her favorite people. Featuring sound bites from her hilarious comedy shows, Kathy doesn’t hold back in the remix. From Lindsay Lohan to Mel Gibson to the cast of “Jersey Shore,” Kathy reminds us of her favorite targets in her act. In addition, Kathy can’t help but give a shout-out to her gay fans.


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Kathy Griffin, Other Celebs Celebrate Anderson Cooper's Coming Out


Scores of gay stars are offering Anderson Cooper congratulations for coming out. Most of them used Twitter to do so — Ellen Degeneres @ed Cooper with the message "I'm proud of you" and Neil Patrick Harris wrote "Good for you, @AndersonCooper. You're awesome." — Cooper's best pal Kathy Griffin used 1125 words to offer her take at The Daily Beast.

Her introduction sums Cooper up:

My friend Anderson Cooper is the scion of one of America’s great shipping and railroad families, the Vanderbilts. He’s covered the military coup and eventual unseating of the democratically elected (albeit bat-shit crazy) Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He’s covered the small wars in Africa that use children as slave soldiers. He knows more about the women of The Real Housewives than perhaps even I do. He’s covered the seemingly endless large wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And by “covered,” I mean he’s really gone and covered them—with a security detail and without; embedded with troops and unilaterally—not from the relative safety of the Green Zone in Baghdad or the international zone in Kabul. He’s sat down with despots in countries like Somalia, covered the atrocities in the Balkans and Burma. And he also happens to be gay.

Griffin also discusses what it was like before Cooper came out, like when she would gripe about constantly having to talk around his private life. Cooper would reply, "Kathy, I don’t get asked as much about my sexuality as you get asked about my sexuality. But here’s my standard party line: ‘I want to report the news. I don’t want to be the news.'"

Anderson Cooper Throws Down on a Plane: VIDEO


Anderson Cooper made an appearance on Kathy Griffin's Bravo talk show last night and talked, among other things, about how he's"lately, become emboldened" to confront people, in particular a man who was seated in front of him on a plane this week, who was trying to surreptitiously take his photo.

So he grabbed the man on the shoulder and said, "Bitch, what the f**k are you doing?"

No word, however, on the reaction of Johnny Weir, who was seated next to him on the plane.

Watch that clip, and one more, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rosie O'Donnell Asks Kathy Griffin How She Got In with The Gays: VIDEO


"In high school, I was just that girl who dated the gay guy who wasn't out yet."


(via joe.my.god)

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