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Gay Rapper Le1f Is In The Running For Hip Hop Site XXL's Freshman Class - WATCH


Openly gay New York-based rapper Le1f is vying for a spot in XXL magazine’s coveted Top 10 Freshmen list for 2015. Every year XXL hand picks and highlights ten up and coming artists bringing something fresh and innovative to the broader hip-hop scene. In past years the magazine’s put the spotlight on Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Angel Haze, to name a few. 

Though Le1f’s sound may be familiar to those listening to avant-garde trip-hop--and those watching David Letterman--being featured in XXL could bring the artist’s work to a much broader audience. Even more important is the recognition of Le1f's talent that would come along with being featured.

Le1fDespite his being a polarizing white guy, Eminem is widely recognized as being one of the most gifted rappers of his age. Though his lyrics are oftentimes questionable, his talent is relatively unassailable and it's made him a hip-hop fixture. Le1f's mixtapes and EPs have drawn comparisons to Eminem's early work not for their musical similarities, but rather for the way that his raw genius could make him the first gay rapper to find mass mainstream success. 

Starting on the 16th of March fans will be able to cast their votes for who they think deserves a spot in this year’s Freshman class via XXL’s 10 Spot voting page. Check out Le1f’s pitch video explaining why he deserves a top spot in XXL’s  2015 Top 10 Freshmen list AFTER THE JUMP...


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Guy Candy: 16 Famous Men Who Got Shirtless on Instagram This Week - PHOTOS


What are James Franco and Seth Rogen afraid of?

The bare pair showed some skin on Instagram this week along with Chris Salvatore, Miguel, Antonio Sabato Jr., Rep. Aaron Schock, Ashley Parker Angel, Brad Goreski, Ryan Cabrera, Idris Elba, Jack Falahee, Alex Minsky, Derek Theler, Terry Miller and Le1f.

Check out this week's guy candy, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Le1f Seeks Out A Mysterious Light In 'Sup' - VIDEO


Gay rapper Le1f just released the video for his song "Sup." It doesn't have soda-doused men, burger-slingers or sexy Pikachu like his other videos, but it does feature him on the search for a far-off power.

See the video AFTER THE JUMP...

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Le1f's 'Wut' Inspires Some Amazing Dancing From A to Z: VIDEO


Krumping. The Rumba. East Coast Swing. They're all types of dance that get us excited and moving. Now thanks to Diesel Jeans (and a cast of very talented dancers), you can see 26 dance moves from A to Z that'll make you wanna hit the dance floor.

You may also recognize the video's music as gay rapper Le1f's song "Wut" — it's the song he accused Macklemore of ripping off.

Watch the video AFTER THE JUMP...


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'Hip-Hop Conservative' Claims That Le1f Is Feminizing the Genre; Le1f Responds

In a recent New Yorker profile, self-proclaimed “hip-hop conservative” Lord Jamar (pictured) said that the openly gay rapper Le1f’s performance on The David Letterman Show was “just the beginning” of the hijacking of hip-hop and the jettison of its essentially macho origins.

Lord_jamarLord Jamar has become a controversial figure for making such statements in the past. In particular The New Yorker notes:

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have been a particular source of anger for Lord Jamar, in large part because of the success of their pro-gay-marriage single “Same Love.” That song, in which Macklemore admonishes hip-hop culture for not being more tolerant of homosexuality, encapsulates everything Jamar believes is wrong with the current hip-hop landscape; it struck him, he said, as the equivalent of someone walking into a stranger’s home and trying to redecorate the living room.

In September, he gave an interview on VladTV in which he addressed white rappers directly, telling them, “You are guests in the house of hip-hop… Keep it real with yourselves: you know this is a black man’s thing. We started this. This is our s--t.” Macklemore, Jamar said, may love hip-hop, and some of his songs might even be pretty good. “But he’s trying to push an agenda that he, as a white man, feels is acceptable,” he added. “Those proclivities and sensibilities are not at the core of true hip-hop.”

In regards to artists like Le1f and Kanye West ruining hip-hop with their flamboyant styles and lyrical content, Jamar said:

“You can’t just arrogantly wear whatever the f--k you want to wear on some ‘self-expression’ bulls--t… in order to preserve a culture there are certain guidelines and boundaries that have to be there… [Hip-hop] started with the alpha males. And now it’s being given to the beta males to try to flex their s--t.

“I have no problems with pushing boundaries… But everything has its limits. How far do you go with this pushing of boundaries before you’ve turned it into something else? That’s what I want to know. How much water can you add into the whiskey before you no longer get drunk?”

2_le1fIn response to Lord Jamar's comments in The New Yorker profile, Le1f wrote on his Facebook wall:

dear Lord Jamar,

Choose your battles. If the whitening of rap is a concern to you, please leave my name out of it. If you think being gay is the same as being white, you are as ignorant as your enemies. I'm darker than you. I'm african. I'm a black man and I experience all the same racism you do, if not more, on top of homophobia, including from black men just like you. Are you proud of being a hateful member of a majority? Rap started out as a creative response to oppression, and no matter my outfit, I know oppressions you will never understand.

All respect,


In the past, Le1f told Newsweek that he does his best not to focus on other people's expectations for his music:

"At this point where I’ve gotten so much pressure, like ridiculous stuff, I don’t care...The headlines and things I’ve gotten for some real serious press. At this point I know that I’m making the music I want to make regardless of how people talk about my music on the Internet. I don’t feel pressure to make anything because of how people talk about me."

Le1f Smokes, Werques And Goes 'Boom' In Latest Video: VIDEO


Gay rapper Le1f has been blowing it up recently what with his TV debut on Letterman and now with this video for "Boom" that's as pleasing to the eyes as it is for the ears, ya heard?

Watch the video AFTER THE JUMP...

And if you want more Le1f love, check out his videos for "Wut", "Soda", and "Spa Day."

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