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Matt Lauer Thanks Ellen For Helping Him Meet New Leather Friends With '50 Shades' Prank: VIDEO

Matt Lauer on Ellen

A couple of weeks ago we showed you the interview on The Today Show between the stars of Fifty Shades of Grey and a very enthusiastic Matt Lauer. Today we bring you a clip of him appearing on Ellen to thank the perky talk show host for all of the new friends on Twitter that he gained after her prank hit the air:

So, to the people like @RoughNReady and @IveBeenAVeryBadGirl, I just want to say thank you very much for your kind tweets.

Matt has promised revenge down the line, but as a peace offering Ellen sent him home with a special gift to hang on his wall.

You can watch the conversation between Ellen and BDSMatt - with a bonus appearance of Leatherman Al Roker - AFTER THE JUMP...

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San Francisco Planning LGBT Leather-Themed Public Greenspace


The city of San Francisco is in early talks about the creation of a small park located near the site of city’s old Eagle Tavern that would be inspired by and dedicated to the queer leather community. “Eagle Plaza,” as its being called now, would be located in the heart of the city’s South of Market neighborhood, repurposing sections of Harrison and Bernice streets.

More green space the park, Eagle Plaza would become an official LGBT cultural heritage landmark and feature gathering public gathering spaces, a jungle gym, and an area for food trucks.

"There is a lack of public space like this in this area. It is very much needed," neighborhood bar owner Alex Montiel explained to the Bay Area Reporter. "Something like this is very much needed for anybody who lives around here. There are no parks nearby."

Stylistically the park would bear subtle nods to its leather-themed namesake, featuring benches styled after those found in bars, and a general blue, black and white color-coded motif.

Ellen Puts Matt Lauer in a Leather Harness: VIDEO

Matt Lauer Fifty Shades of Grey

Milquetoast BDSM-romance movie Fifty Shades of Grey hits the theaters tomorrow, and everyone is getting revved up for it. Ellen DeGeneres seems to have a passing interest in the film, but she takes time to point out that others are far more excited. Specifically, Matt Lauer of The Today Show, of whom she shares a clip from this morning's show all decked out for his first Folsom Street Fair.

It's simultaneously hilarious and cringe-worthy, and you can give it a peek, if you dare, AFTER THE JUMP...

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The Cast Of 'Looking' Leathers It Up For The Out100 - PHOTO


As part of Out Magazine's annual Out100 honors, out gay actors Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett and Russell Tovey of Looking channeled the first Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco circa 1984. The boys seemed to have formed quite a bond working on what Out named the TV show of the year:

Groff and his rowdy band of brothers — [...] Raúl Castillo, Murray Bartlett, Frankie J. Alvarez, and Russell Tovey — taunt and tease and riff off each other like they’ve been playing dress-up together their entire lives. Without missing a beat, Alvarez dubs Groff’s impish attitude “hashtag chapswag,” and the nickname sticks. The show’s creators and many of the crew are queer, but you’d need a cheat sheet to remember who’s not actually gay (Castillo and Alvarez, if you must keep score).

Cathedral City Police Raid Barracks Bar on Closing Night of Leather Pride Weekend: VIDEO


Barracks Bar in Palm Springs was raided by police last night during a beer bust for Palm Springs Leather Pride, which was happening this weekend.

CcpdLeatherati writes:

Breaking news...we just received a text indicating the Barracks Bar in Cathedral City, CA was shut down this afternoon by the local police department for "capacity" issues. The closure came during one of the busiest Sunday beer busts of the year with the town crowded with attendees to Palm Springs Leather Pride. The Barracks has had ongoing difficulties with the Cathedral City police department over capacity issues and displayIng porn in the bar. We'll update as we get more info.

A video posted online supports Leatherati's claim. As of yet, we have heard of no reported arrests.


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News: Dennis Hopper, Tammy Baldwin, Coney Island, Gulf Oil Leak

Dennis-Hopper-19702_20100517103549_640_480.JPG road RIP Dennis Hopper.

 road UK politician David Laws outed, resigns after it was revealed that he has been allegedly funneling money to his gay lover.

 road All a Twitter: 5 million people now follow Britney Spears on Twitter.

 road The cast of Glee plays Radio City Music Hall.

 road BP knew about safety issues with the Deepwater Horizon rig: "Documents show that in March, after several weeks of problems on the rig, BP was struggling with a loss of 'well control.' And as far back as 11 months ago, it was concerned about the well casing and the blowout preventer."

 road Just gross.

 road Apprently 16-year-old Justin Bieber has a potty mouth.

 road Tammy Badlwin and her long-time partner have called it quits.

 road Here's a reason to smile about being a momma's boy: Those who had a close relationship with their parents as children might make better romantic partners as adults.

 road Coney Island gets a facelift  111

 road Indian-American author Rahul Mehta: "If you’re gay, your whole life, in many ways, is going to be different. I think any of us who choose a different path from the mainstream — or even the same path as the mainstream — need the support of those we love and those who love us. This is a fundamental part of living a healthy, happy life: being supported by your family."

  road New Facebook group: "Plugging the Gulf oil leak with the works of Ayn Rand."

 road International Mr. Leather has banned "marketing that promotes unprotected sex.”

 road Heidi and Spencor are no more.


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