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'American Horror Story: Coven' RECAP - 'Head' [Spoilers]


I've spent a lot of time fawning over Jessica Lange's Fiona (well, at least when she's not being all mopey). However, if there's one takeaway from last night's action-packed mid-season finale, it's that Frances Conroy can teach a master class in completely owning a scene. Despite the episode's sizable body count, it's Myrtle's twisted dinner party that'll have folks talking. Not only because it was deliciously gruesome, but because Conroy commanded every moment, bouncing from giddy to vicious to cool to completely unhinged. The Coven will not be the same. 

That's only one of last night's many, many big developments. As we head into a brief hiatus (new episodes resume Jan. 8), find out the state of the Coven before this season's final four episodes, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Leslie Jordan Goes Bold in Gay Super Bowl Ad Touchdown Attempt: VIDEO


Surely this will be a contender for this year's Super Bowl Doritos ad .

Written and produced by Gary and Larry Lane (the gay twins who appear at the beginning) and featuring Tim Pocock from CAMP, and male supermodels Joel Rush and Nick Ayler.


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'American Horror Story: Coven' RECAP - 'Fearful Pranks Ensue' [Spoilers]


Was it just me, or was this week's episode a little Law and Order: Hex V.U.? The fourth episode of American Horror Story: Coven piled mysteries on top of mysteries, and unfolded like a courtroom drama sprinkled with fairy dust.

Frances Conroy stepped squarely into the spotlight for "Fearful Pranks Ensue," and she definitely proved she can stand toe-to-toe with the other series leads. By now we're starting to see the typical Ryan Murphy deluge of storylines begin to reveal themselves, but I'm much more on board to ride along with the crazy if it keeps delivering so many incredible performances. When these actresses face off with one another, the resulting energy is enough to make any ridiculous plotline compulsively watchable.

See how Conroy fared against the reigning Supreme and what else Halloween holds for the coven, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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What To Watch This Week on TV: Leslie Jordan joins 'Horror Story,' Big Freedia Bounces - VIDEO


As the TV season gets into full swing, check out our new weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and the stuff you won't admit you watch when no one's looking.

— American Horror Story: Coven gets an early jump on Halloween Wednesday at 10 p.m. Eastern on FX. If you thought the camp factor couldn't get any higher, don't miss Leslie Jordan joining the fun this week. (Catch up on last week's episode with our recap!)

More picks and clips, including Big Freedia's plans for a children's show, an SNL spooktacular and the return of the Atlanta Housewives, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Tori Spelling, Paw Paw, NYC Nightlife, ACT UP, Jason Mraz

road.jpg New York may soon no longer be the city that never sleeps.

Mrazroad.jpg Jason Mraz on his new album and why he surrounds himself with gay people: "To me it’s not an issue of gay or straight; it’s just a coincidence that the people I hang out with happened to be … gay folk. And I, as a writer, have always written from a feminine side. I take yoga, and I practice my spirituality, to balance my heaven and earth, to balance my masculine and my feminine, you know? And I think what I find hanging out in the gay community, there’s more of a balance in the masculine and feminine qualities in the lifestyle than in a typical straight relationship or just in a straight person."

road.jpg Tori Spelling anoints herself a gay icon: "I'm a huge fan of gays. They love me; I love them. They consider me kind of a gay icon, which they've labeled me as."

road.jpg Justice Department confirms inquiry into whether U.S. Attorney Leslie Hagen was fired because she is a lesbian: "Assistant U.S. Attorney Leslie A. Hagen was informed in 2006 that her contract working on Indian affairs in the Justice Department's Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys would not be renewed for a second year — despite receiving the highest possible performance reviews. When NPR first reported Hagen's case earlier this month, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) asked the Inspector General's Office and the Office of Professional Responsibility to confirm that they were looking into Hagen's case."

road.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal stands underneath an umbrella - ella - ella.

Jordanroad.jpg Leslie Jordan, who stars in the upcoming Sordid Lives, headlined a fundraiser on Monday night for NYC's Harvey Milk High School scholarship fund.

road.jpg Harvey Milk City Hall Memorial Committee seeks donors to help fund cost of unveiling event on May 22, what would have been Milk's 78th birthday. More on the Memorial here.

road.jpg In other Milk news, what is recognized as the first public tribute to Harvey Milk after his death, a mural painted on the side of the Duboce Park recreation center named in his honor, will soon be painted over. The city plans to paint a different work (also honoring Milk) on the rec center's east-facing wall, and place another memorial inside the building's lobby.

road.jpg A FIRST LOOK at Project Runway winner Christian Siriano's appearance on Ugly Betty.

Baileyroad.jpg Next week, Law & Order: SVU will feature pro football player who is outed when his lover is murdered. This Bailey Chase, the player.

road.jpg Animated Disney hunks become underwear models

road.jpg Martha Stewart remembers her Chow, Paw Paw, who died last Saturday.

road.jpg "Fearless" exhibit of openly gay athletes opens at San Ramon Valley High School in San Francisco's Bay Area.

road.jpg Robert Downey Jr. sucks a mean thumb.

road.jpg Jay Blotcher recalls the lessons he learned on the front lines of ACT UP. He'll be appearing tomorrow at NYU with other ACT UP alums at NYU's Cantor Film Center: "This wasn’t some haphazard group—our media committee had members that were publicists at major firms. Michelangelo Signorile, my predecessor as media coordinator, applied showbiz-PR tactics to ACT UP and got us a lot of attention."

Leslie Jordan on Homosexuality and Sobriety

Leslie_jordanVeteran actor Leslie Jordan, whom I noted last week made the first of a series of appearances on the new Kevin Williamson prime time soap Hidden Palms as recovering alcoholic/fairy godmother/drag queen Jesse Jo, talks to the Associated Press about how being sober has helped his career. The AP notes that the hard-working character actor has been sober now for 10 years following a car accident that landed him in jail with Robert Downey Jr.

Says Jordan: "If there is anything that kids could walk away with it is that people who use drugs and alcohol are masking something. With me, it was my homosexuality. It was just easier to be gay when I was high. So I stayed high for 33 years. It was recreational, then it just evolved ... I don't know when it went from recreational to medicinal, but that's the line you cross where I needed a drink to get to a party, to be funny, to be me."

Jordan says he plans to publish a memoir, My Trip Down the Pink Carpet: Or How I Became Insufferably Satisfied With Myself, in April of next year: "I read some of it and I was thinking, my mother will DIE. She told me one time, 'Leslie honey, if I live to be 105, I will never understand this deep-seeded need you have to air your dirty laundry.' She said, 'Why can't you just whisper it to a therapist?'"

Leslie Jordan comes clean on sobriety [ap]


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