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Rand Paul Tells Hillary Clinton He Would Have Fired Her: VIDEO


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) laid into Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi attack, telling the Secretary of State that she would no longer have a job if he was in charge of her:

“Ultimately, I think with your leaving, you accept culpability for the greatest tragedy since 9/11...Had I been President at the time and I found out you had not read the cables...I would have relieved you of your post."


Hillary Clinton Rips Into Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) Over Benghazi Attack: VIDEO [tlrd]

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Hillary Clinton Rips Into Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) Over Benghazi Attack: VIDEO


Hillary Clinton boiled over at a line of questioning from Republican Senator Ron Johnson during hearings about the Benghazi attack

Said Johnson: "Again, we were misled there was supposedly protests and something spraying out of that, assault spraying out of that. That was easily ascertained that was not the fact and the american people could have known that within days and didn’t know that."

Blasted Clinton: "With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans! Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided to go kill some Americans?! What difference at this point does it make?! It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again."

At another point in the hearing, Clinton got choked up talking about receiving the bodies of the four slain State Department employees:

"I stood next to President Obama as the Marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at Andrews...I put my arms around the mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters."


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Gay Libyans Speak Out About Anti-Gay Militia Attacks


The post-Gaddafi climate in Libya is no better for the gays than when the dictator was in power. In fact, some say it's gotten worse.

London's The Times this weekend ran a lengthy story in which gay Libyans told of how the capital city Tripoli's largest militia, the Nawasi brigade, has been harassing and attacking them with impunity.

Since The Times is subscription-based, Pink News UK offers a summation of the situation:

The city’s largest and most powerful brigade officially work under the authority of the Ministry of Interior, and, according to witnesses, were taking people away just for being gay.

Ahmad said he was witness to recent events during which the Nawasi drove past a birthday party, saw a man dressed in a wig and dress, and beat him until he admitted he was gay, at which point he was taken away.


After the men were taken away, a picture of detainees from the party appeared on the Nawasi brigade’s Facebook page, in which they had their hands above their heads, and their heads against a wall, with their backs to the camera. Text accompanying the image read “flog them hard”, “ride them like camels” and “let’s see the bullets fly”.

The bridge admits to taking the men away, but says it did so more because of noise-complaints and alcohol consumption.

"These guys are not straight, but that’s not the main reason we arrested them," said one militia member. “The main thing was the big noise they were making to the neighbours, as well as the large amounts of alcohol and hashish we found."

FOX News Guest Shuffled Off After Accusing Network of Hyping Benghazi, Operating as a Wing of the GOP: VIDEO


Pultizer Prize-winning journalist and author Tom Ricks delivered a delicious smackdown to FOX News today for hyping the Benghazi attack and operating "as a wing of the Republican Party"...

...after which the interview ended abruptly.


In related news, UN Ambassador Susan Rice is to meet with Senate Republicans:

Ms. Rice, the president’s ambassador to the United Nations and a front-runner to be the next secretary of state, will meet with Senator John McCain of Arizona and two other Republican senators who have excoriated her, saying she provided a misleading account of the attack on the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya...Also attending the meeting will be Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, officials said. Ms. Rice will be accompanied by Michael J. Morell, the acting C.I.A. director.

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Libyan Militia Posts Alleged Photos of 12 Men It Says It Plans to Mutilate and Execute for Being Gay


A Salafist militia has posted photos on Facebook allegedly of 12 men it says it captured in Libya and says it plans to torture and kill them for being gay, Gay Star News reports:

Libya2The twelve men were, apparently, having a private party in Ain Zara, a suburb of Tripoli, the country's capital, when the militia captured them, late on Thursday night (22 November).

The group boasted by posting the pictures of the men on Facebook, describing them as the ‘third sex’ (a term used in the Arab Gulf area to denote ‘queers’) including one of the men who had a henna ‘tattoo’ on his back.

One of the pictures was accompanied by the Quranic call 'there is no power but the power of Allah!'

At the time of writing, the picture of the men received 121 likes, 118 shares, and mainly violent comments such as ‘flog them hard!', ‘let them see bullets!’, ‘free Libya! [ie from gays]’, ‘ride them like camels’ and so on.

Human Rights Watch Libya also shared the photos, identifying the group as the Al-Nawasi militia.

 A Libyan LGBT activist nicknamed Khaleed told GSN: "Many of us fear that some of the militias [there are over 250 of them in the country], which are extreme Islamists who are very well armed and financed, will focus on the LGBT community and hunt us down. The police is largely absent or powerless so Libyan civil society has a real problem; the militias often take the law onto their own hands. ‘That the Al Nawasi militia claims they are now part of the Ministry of Interior is very worrying; this move should be unacceptable to the public and to civil society groups."

Rachel Maddow Rips GOP on Foreign Policy, Tells McCain to STFU: VIDEO


Rachel Maddow delivered a searing look at the GOP's lack of leadership on foreign policy last night, looking at the situations in Iraq, Libya, and Israel:

"The Iraq war was not a good idea. If that is confusing to you. If you have not bothered to figure that out, that implies that you are not  thinking very hard or very clearly about the role of America in the world and the idea of what counts as a good idea for a war. And the GOP has not been thinking about about these issues for the past ten years...."

She ultimately delivered a major smackdown to John McCain and the position he's taken "for lack of any competition for the title" as the Republican Party's most prominent go-to guy on foreign policy when he just has no clue:

“How did John McCain get to be the Republican Party's northstar on foreign policy in 2012? ... There is a basic level of interest and competence required even of the opposition party on the subject, even if the country has decided they don’t want to put you back in the White House, not after what George W Bush did with it. Even if you’re just in congress, even if you’re just the opposition, you need to know what you’re talking about. You need to have a basic level of competence. And doing what John McCain says is not a reasonable substitution for basic competence on this subject.”

Watch Maddow's evisceration, AFTER THE JUMP...

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