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Liverpool Footballer Fined $16K for Calling Teammate 'Gay' on Twitter

Liverpool footballer Suso has been fined approximately $16,000 for referring to a teammate as "gay" on Twitter, Sky News reports:

SusoSuso last month posted a photo of Enrique having his teeth whitened with the comment: "What f*** is he doing? This guy is gay... he does everything except play football."

The attacking midfielder later deleted the tweet and uploaded the photo with a different comment: "I dunno what to say..."

Suso has been reprimanded for the remark.

The FA said in a statement: "Following an independent regulatory commission hearing Monday, Liverpool's Jesus Fernandez Saez (Suso) has been fined £10,000 and warned as to his future conduct for a comment posted on Twitter.

"The charge, which the player admitted and requested a paper hearing, was that
he acted in a way which was improper and/or brought the game into disrepute in that the comment was posted on his Twitter account and included a reference to a person/s sexual orientation and/or disability."

Enrique defended his teammate: Is amazing how FA can fine my friend Suso Fernandez for a banter thing. Was just a joke!!!’

The photo Suso was referring to in his tweet, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Homophobic Assault in Liverpool Shatters Man's Jaw


Merseyside police this week released CCTV images of three teens thought to be responsible for a June 21 attack by a group of seven teens on a man in Bootle, north of Liverpool:

"The victim, a 27-year-old man, was with three friends standing outside the shop at around 9pm when he was verbally abused by a group of seven men, who were drinking alcohol. One of the group then also punched him in the face. The victim was taken to hospital where he received treatment for a fractured jaw. The main offender is described as white, 5ft 8in tall and aged around 16 or 17 years old. He has short dark hair with a metal train track style brace on his teeth. DC Peter Tynan, from the Sigma Hate Crime Unit, said: 'The Force is committed to making Merseyside a safe place for all regardless of ethnic origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and to the belief that everyone has the right to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect.  Those who carry out hate crimes targeting people because of their difference should be left in no doubt that their behaviour will not be tolerated and that robust action will be taken to ensure they are arrested and prosecuted for their actions.  We ask anyone with any information about this unprovoked attack to come forward so we can bring the offenders to justice.'"

Causer  In related news, a vigil is scheduled in Liverpool to remember Michael Causer, the victim of a fatal homophobic attack in August 2008:

"The vigil take place ahead of the first Liverpool Pride and will mark the unveiling of The Michael Causer Foundation, a group that seeks to assist vulnerable queer youth. A range of speakers belonging to Merseyside’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community will speak at the vigil, including two of Causer's friends."

News: Kellan Lutz, PETA, Iowa, Susan Boyle, Top Gear, Jesus Luz

 roadGay bashing brawl under investigation in Clear Lake, Iowa. "A man was reportedly dancing when he was slammed to the ground and beaten by another patron who made rude references to the man’s sexual orientation. A friend of the victim then reportedly tried to pull the attacker off of him and that resulted in other patrons getting involved. Peterson described the scene as 'mayhem.'"

Churchcouple  roadBlack gay couple walk out of Mount Calvary Holy Church during anti-gay sermon: "Mack and Garrett, 32, contacted DC Agenda about their decision to walk out on Owens’ sermon and are believed to be the first gays to publicly disclose their departure from a church that activists say has a large number of closeted gay members, mostly black."

 roadSusan Boyle has new airport meltdown: "The source went on to explain that while SuBo was waiting to board a flight to Chicago, she suddenly grabbed a cleaning product out of a janitor's cart and used it as a fake microphone..."

 roadJesus Luz shows some bush.

 roadDrug resistant HIV poised for surge, self-sustaining epidemics: "When the team used the model to look into the future, it predicted a rapid upsurge in the spread of resistant strains. The model suggested that 60 per cent of the resistant strains currently circulating in San Francisco could cause "self-sustaining epidemics", says Blower, in which each infected individual spreads the resistant strain to more than one new recipient."

 road700 Club issues non-apology for Pat Robertson comments.

 roadKelis tells PETA off: "I would eat pterodactyl if you found some and you told me it was meaty and delicious."

Reed  roadDetails: High school quarterback turns lesbian filmmaker.

 roadD.C. sees second slaying of gay man in two weeks: “There is no indication at this time that this homicide occurred as a result of a hate crime."

 roadMaryland delegate introduces anti-gay bill: "Del. Emmett C. Burns Jr.'s measure would also declare that marriages between individuals of the same sex are against the public policy of the state of Maryland. The House of Delegates Judiciary Committee has rejected similar measures introduced before, which prevented the bill from going to the House floor for debate. In neighboring Washington, D.C., gay couples will likely be able to apply soon for marriage licenses. The district's City Council passed a bill last month legalizing same-sex marriage."

 roadGlee's Matthew Morrison to release debut album.

 roadDocumentary about killing of gay Liverpool teen Michael Causer to be screened at Istanbul International Film Festival: "We are all really excited that such an important film is being shown in Turkey. The international struggle for LGBT equality and acceptance is one which is the central message of this film. What happened to Michael Causer was a travesty of justice and was plainly ignored by many in the national media."

Kellan  roadKellan the Barbarian?

 roadPope defends invitation of Anglicans disaffected by gay policies to convert: "Benedict told members of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that the invitation wasn't an attack on the church's reunification efforts with other Christians but designed to help them by bringing about 'full and visible communion.'"

 roadBruce Weber's All American.

 roadBritish auto show Top Gear slammed for not allowing gay couples in studio audience: "It’s very odd, but what do you expect from pigs that grunt? Regrettably, with Jeremy Clarkson involved, it’s not surprising. The show itself is full of stereotyping of both men and women – but it’s funded by gay and lesbian licence fee cash as well as everyone else’s. Arguably, this is a breach of the Sexual Orientation Regulations 2005."

Liverpool Police Reveal CCTV Image of Gay Teen's Young Attackers


Liverpool police have released a CCTV image of four boys responsible for a November 18 attack on a gay student. There were reportedly six boys involved in the attack, all between the ages of 12 and 14. Their victim was 19-years-old.

Liverpool Daily Post reports: "They left him covered in blood and needing surgery on a broken nose. The victim, a Liverpool community college student, was walking up Lord Street towards James Street station shortly before 7pm when he passed the gang of youths outside Tesco. The group followed him up the street and, when he reached the Pret A Manger sandwich bar, they attacked him from behind, punching him in the back of the head. They shouted homophobic insults at him during the assault. The victim suffered cuts and bruises to his head and a broken nose. Speaking to the ECHO last week, he said: 'I was bombarded with punches. I did not know where they were coming from. They were shouting, ‘what the **** are you wearing?!’ I cannot even get on the train without suffering abuse. It is everywhere I go. I wear colourful stuff and lipstick, but if I didn’t, it would be restricting how I want to be.'"

The attack comes less than a month after a gang of up to 20 youths attacked gay police trainee James Parkes as he was leaving a nightclub.

1500 Demonstrate Against Anti-Gay Hate in Liverpool


More anti-hate demonstrations in Liverpool, UK over the weekend:

"More than 1500 people braved wintry conditions to join yesterday’s march in the city centre. It was organised following a spate of 'gay bashing' attacks in Liverpool, with the murder of gay teenager Michael Causer and the assault on Merseyside Police constable James Parkes, 22, who was left fighting for his life after a beating outside Superstar Boudoir, on Stanley Street, last month. Among those attending the march yesterday was Michael’s mum Marie, from Whiston. She said: “It’s been a fantastic turn-out. This is what we need. 'We’re here to get the message across that enough is enough and that homophobia isn’t acceptable, not here, not anywhere.'"

Watch scenes from the march, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Voguing, Alex Pettyfer, Bearforce1, James Jones, Liverpool


NY Senator Savino on marriage equality vote: "I'm hopeful it's Tuesday."



Alex Pettyfer strikes a profile in Vman.


Beaver watersports on The Early Show.


Anti-gay Liverpool attack inspires fast-tracking of hate crimes laws in UK: "A new law imposing two years imprisonment for those who incite violence on the grounds of sexual orientation will come into force by mid-December, several months ahead of schedule. And local police forces nationwide will be encouraged to follow Merseyside in setting up ‘frontline’ action teams to combat such crimes."


Kathy Griffin to play lesbian activist on Law & Order: SVU.


Philippines election committee (COMELEC) rejects gay party on grounds of immorality: "In a ruling dated November 11, the Comelec said that although the party presented proper documents and evidence for their accreditation, their petition is 'dismissable on moral grounds.' Page 5 of the ruling states that Ang Ladlad's definition of the LGBT sector as a marginalized sector who are disadvantaged because of their sexual orientation "makes it crystal clear that the petitioner tolerates immorality which offends religious beliefs."



FOX News goes after gay YouTube newsclipper (who we use constantly here at Towleroad, and provides a great service) with takedown notices but leaves right-wing sites alone.


Mug shot of the week.


Dolce & Gabbana purchase NYC condo: "A source dishes that over the weekend the fashion duo bought a two-floor brand-new apartment on 10th Ave. in Chelsea — in a building where one-floor units start at a whopping $5 million. They celebrated with model Adam Senn (who is starring in the new D&G ads along with Madonna) at Il Bastardo in Chelsea on Tuesday night."



Warhol Brillo box goes for $842,500 at Philips de Pury auction.


Daniel Radcliffe denies smoking weed.


Dutch bear band Bearforce1 breaks up.


India creates third gender for voters: "Indian election authorities have granted what they called an independent identity to gays and transsexuals -- a third gender -- on the country's voter lists. Members of these groups were referred to as male or female on the voter rolls in the past. Now they will have the choice to pick "O" -- for others -- when indicating their gender on voter forms, the Indian election commission said in a statement Thursday."


Tonight: The Ugly Betty episode that AfterElton says you must not miss.

Vogue New York is Burning: Voguing ball returns to NYC's Irving Plaza. "This Saturday, the House of Xtravaganza will host their first ball in over five years. I live for balls, and I’ve always lived for the Xtravaganzas; this ball will consist of 26 different competitions."


Author James Jones was forced to remove expletives and homosexual scenes from the 1951 novel From Here to Eternity: "One character, Maggio makes extra bucks by hanging out with older, rich gay men who live in Honolulu, who pay good money for his company. The original manuscript goes into great detail about what kind of sexual favors soldiers like Maggio are willing to provide. The soldiers act as if it’s simply their company that these older men are paying for, but there’s an underlying, secret understanding that many of them will provide sex. Maggio sees nothing wrong with this at all, since it is a means to an end – a way to make quick money so he can go back and hang out with the whores."


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